The Continuing Saga of GLASS part 1

Here is my story to add to William’s story. GLASS, never truly healed his torn heart. It was all a temporary thrill but soon he started heading back to old thinking habits. He went sulking back into the dark corners inside his mind after the band MACHINES OF GOD, broke apart. He would form a new band that didn’t receive well with the public. He fully step into writing messages from the voice of GOD he heard through the radio. GLASS would still endlessly seek externally the love and approval of others and of the Ghost Children. When the Ghost … Continue reading The Continuing Saga of GLASS part 1

Billy Corgan’s story of Glass and June

Billy Corgan has always been interested in a Twin Soul concept for a very long time. He developed an entire storyline with the album Machina. The album was released back in February 29, 2000. I found the full story online. There are websites that examined a lot of his work on Machina, meanings of symbolisms etc, They don’t seem to examine the Twin Soul concept, that’s supposedly be between Glass and June. These are the websites I have found. The NACHTKABARETT Pumpkin Net Form with Machina story SP Freaks Glass story I post these 3 sites as they are long … Continue reading Billy Corgan’s story of Glass and June

Doppelgängers and Birthday Buddies

Disclaimer: If you found this page through a search engine, this page is a part of my entire blog which was a focus on the Twin Flame topic. I was made aware of being a Twin Flame to this man and decided I was going to dissect us. One of the topics I thought about was Doppelgängers. Do doppelgängers point to someone’s Twin Flame? Would they have a mix of both? I found with the ones I have viewed, even though they could resemble Billy Corgan, I did find things that would point to me. But I’m not doing a … Continue reading Doppelgängers and Birthday Buddies