Astrology update January 20 2020

These are our charts and how we line up. Many people like to look at astrological charts and seek out if there’s anything that points to being a twin flame. I have seek out information as well. Can anyone help me understand what I was looking at. I was given information of some things that could point to being a twin flame in a chart. I have included everything that I learned. Also, It seems artist will give “clues” unconsciously, in their art work. Song lyrics that I remembered that may point to who I was. Always remember consistency is … Continue reading Astrology update January 20 2020

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Ultimate Timeline – update February 20, 2019

Time. Is never time at all. We are woven together by the hand of God. Showing the work of God Through our mirrors This is an attempt to show a timeline of life events, mirror images and whatnots. One significance between True Twin Flames is parallel lives. As what I have been trying to show, teach, whatever you may choose to call it, with this blog is only one entire factor between Twin Flames. For my Twin and I, it also seems we live mirror to each other as opposites. For example, he’s a tall male. I’m a petite female. … Continue reading Ultimate Timeline – update February 20, 2019

Physical characteristics mirrors

It is said that Twin Souls resemble each other, almost like real biological twins in appearances. Facial features, dental, ears even body type. You will sometimes even parallel each other with bodily changes, for example hair length or weight gains/loss. Some of these characteristics might only be noticeable from a certain angle. When I started reading about scriptures and mythology that are most likely about Twin Flames, even though they didn’t have the word twin flame itself, it’s because very often the pairs are brother-sister/husband-wife. These stories you will find as a part of creation stories and the start of … Continue reading Physical characteristics mirrors