Is Billy Corgan some passive aggressive sociopath?

I’m coping and pasting this particular “Mirroring” from his end that I have written about on my other book blog. Because this is what seems to happen that the Divine masculine like to communicate through Indirect messages since social media came around. Or is it? Twin Flames can Mirror each other so well, that it could come off this way. Especially in this day and age with the internet and social media. One can not tell what is pure nor if it was deliberate and intentional. For me, I’d rather find things prior to social media, since we both are … Continue reading Is Billy Corgan some passive aggressive sociopath?

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Ultimate Timeline – update February 20, 2019

Time. Is never time at all. We are woven together by the hand of God. Showing the work of God Through our mirrors This is an attempt to show a timeline of life events, mirror images and whatnots. One significance between True Twin Flames is parallel lives. As what I have been trying to show, teach, whatever you may choose to call it, with this blog is only one entire factor between Twin Flames. For my Twin and I, it also seems we live mirror to each other as opposites. For example, he’s a tall male. I’m a petite female. … Continue reading Ultimate Timeline – update February 20, 2019

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My Introduction to this Blog

WHY THIS PAGE? I created this page because while I was discovering everything about twin flames, I started to find some naysayers who would say, no, your twin flame is not famous. I created this blog to show yes, you can have a famous Twin Flame. Everything they say a Twin Flame is, I believe I’m showing it here. I have created collages showing our mirrors side by side. I can only show the physical world and through photography. I can not show the inner world, like dreams or telepathy that happen between Twin Flames. Overall, I believe the telepathy … Continue reading My Introduction to this Blog