Are Twin Flames real? My attempt at full life examination of Twin Flame Mirrors with celebrity counterpart, Billy Corgan frontman from the band Smashing Pumpkins.


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  • I created this page because while I was discovering everything about twin flames, I started to find some naysayers who would say, no, your twin flame is not famous! I created this blog to show yes, you can have a famous Twin Flame. Everything they say a Twin Flame is, I believe I’m showing it here.


  • Sociopathic tendency’s of the other divine counterpart? A narcissist? Indirect messages? What is going on here?
  • The short answer is No, Twin Flames are not Narcissistic/Empathic relationship. Ta-Dah! You may carry on with your life now.


  • QUESTION: I’m not famous or a celebrity, can my Twin Flame be a celebrity?


  • Why are you drawn to a celebrity and not the car salesman or Doctor or a trusted family friend? Why is it no one else seems to strike a fire within you? You observe this one celebrity over time that you felt drawn to and try to figure it out yet, you still can’t shake them from your mind.


  • I was being shamed in the community of twin flames because I chose to use the name of my Twin Flame counterpart. They all felt that I should be silenced. It’s forbidden to say their name.


  • Are Twin Flames real? Just a direct and to the point question from a skeptical person, such as myself and perhaps you, the reader. The Twin Flame topic seems to be everywhere now. More and more people are aware of Twin Flames, We have people who believe and people who don’t. There’s a lot of information out there on the web about Twin Flames. We also have haters who don’t want to see other people happy for egotistical reasons so will be a wedge between a pair of Twin Flames. Those people are miserable and believe everyone should suffer and reflect how they are feeling so they can feel better about themselves. They are just misaligned and disconnected themselves from the Divine/Source.


  • There are people who say that there are many Twin Flame relationships that have a huge age gap between them. This can be a very touchy subject with so many people. They say age is but a number and it’s true, but at what age is the line drawn for a healthy relationship?


  • Kimberly Hyndman does your stripping make him jealous and does he get upset, and do you have fans getting jealous of your connection with him? Im very curious coz i have women that get jealous of my connection with mine. He is no celeb but I still deal with that, so any info would be helpful 🙂

The Mirrors

Pink Elephant Mirrors

  • Can mirrors between Twin Flames solve a murder/suicide mystery? Or perhaps the truth on someone’s biologically when possibly living a life in a lie?

Physical Characteristics

  • It is said that Twin Souls resemble each other, almost like real biological twins in appearances. Facial features, dental, ears even body type. You will sometimes even parallel each other with bodily changes, for example hair length or weight gains/loss.


  • These are our charts and how we line up.

School Picture Mirrors

  • We are 9 years and 6 months apart. This is on a Linear Timeline. I don’t have all of Williams school pictures to complete this section.

Early Years Picture Mirrors

  • I knew absolutely nothing about Billy Corgan. I didn’t “find” him until after I fished high school and when their song Bullet with Butterfly Wings was made popular. Sometime after July 1995, after I broke it off with my first boyfriend, I found what would be considered my favorite band of all time! These mirrors are probably more of my favorite ones!

Picture Mirrors

  • I found so many pictures of us where it seems we mirror each other. This could also been seen as telepathy. We have the same body expressions. We live in different worlds but still the same. Quantum Entanglement. Parallel lives. These picture mirrors are after I became aware of his existence.

Life Event Mirrors

  • In this section I tried to find significant events in our lives that happened to both of us in a Linear timeline and place them in one area. Rather than just us mirroring in pictures, we’ve experienced things within the same time frame. It’s reflecting the parallel lives twin flames are said to live.

Residential Mirrors

  • Twin Flames may even live in similar homes. We even grew up in similar childhood homes for a period of time in a linear timeline. I’m starting to believe that there’s energy that’s created from Twin Flames when they share similar parallel housings that each homes becomes a Twin Flame themselves. I don’t know how long it last or anything else. I have never seen anyone from the community talk about this or perhaps I just missed it. It may just be unique to us. I don’t know the significance of it either. This is all new experiences and awareness.

Family Ties

  • I’m calling these Mirrors Family Ties. As most people also consider their furry creatures as family members, they are featured in This category as well.

Twin Flame Mirroring Family

  • Not only does the twin flame dynamic mirror yourself, they mirror your family as well! In our case, he was born before me. I have two older brothers who are ten and nine years older. Billy is 9 years older then me and born the same year as my one brother, who is 6 months younger then Billy. My oldest brother is 9 months older then Billy. 

Career/Job Mirrors

  • A break down of our job/careers.

The Non Authentic Twin Flame Comparisons!

  • Just because they aren’t YOUR twin Flame, doesn’t mean that they aren’t an authentic Twin Flame to someone else.

Relationships Mirrors/Syncs

  • It is said, your Twin Flame is also a mix of every person you ever had a romantic relationship with or even people within your family. 
  • These are how I add up to romantic relationships Billy has been involved with.

Doppelgängers and Birthday Buddies

  • When you become aware of who your Twin Flame is, Doppelgängers and birthday buddies seem to have features between both twins, kind of like a blending together of the two.

In Plain Song

  • All across life of a celebrity twin flame, there seems to be little pieces and clues hidden in their artwork that will point towards the beloved or reveal mirrors, parallels, and telepathy. They are meant to be there, even unconscious, to help you find them. Their higher self wants you to find them because they want to be with you.

Ultimate Timeline

  • Time. Is never time at all.

Half/Half Pictures

  • Just having some fun with our pictures. Because Twin Flame resemble each other, we can create a symmetrical face as one being. This could be the image of The Over Soul, don’t quote me though.

Snap Chat Fun

  • Me and Billy are able to physically merge with the help of Snap Chat!

Soul Kiss Mirrors

  • Pictures of us that seems like we kissed or that I sent him a kiss. Maybe this is what it’s like when you have someone else in mind. “Emotional cheating.”

Fused Pictures

  • These pictures seem to blend together. With colors or background settings or clothing worn. We are not just mirroring each other, but everything in them seem to merge forming a unity. We are One.

Intertwined Pictures

  • The images here seem to tell a story when put together.


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