Doppelgängers and Birthday Buddies

Disclaimer: If you found this page through a search engine, this page is a part of my entire blog which was a focus on the Twin Flame topic. I was made aware of being a Twin Flame to this man and decided I was going to dissect us. One of the topics I thought about was Doppelgängers. Do doppelgängers point to someone’s Twin Flame? Would they have a mix of both? I found with the ones I have viewed, even though they could resemble Billy Corgan, I did find things that would point to me. But I’m not doing a … Continue reading Doppelgängers and Birthday Buddies

Physical characteristics mirrors

It is said that Twin Souls resemble each other, almost like real biological twins in appearances. Facial features, dental, ears even body type. You will sometimes even parallel each other with bodily changes, for example hair length or weight gains/loss. Some of these characteristics might only be noticeable from a certain angle. When I started reading about scriptures and mythology that are most likely about Twin Flames, even though they didn’t have the word twin flame itself, it’s because very often the pairs are brother-sister/husband-wife. These stories you will find as a part of creation stories and the start of … Continue reading Physical characteristics mirrors

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My Introduction to this Blog

WHY THIS PAGE? I created this page because while I was discovering everything about twin flames, I started to find some naysayers who would say, no, your twin flame is not famous. I created this blog to show yes, you can have a famous Twin Flame. Everything they say a Twin Flame is, I believe I’m showing it here. I have created collages showing our mirrors side by side. I can only show the physical world and through photography. I can not show the inner world, like dreams or telepathy that happen between Twin Flames. Overall, I believe the telepathy … Continue reading My Introduction to this Blog