Twin Flames in Scriptures, Religion, Art, Folklore and Mysticism updated 5/12/2019

This is my new write up on the topic. Using the Gospel to teach about Twin Flames This page has been moved to its own separate blog! Everything being organized by category. See it here Twin Flames In Scriptures ************************************** Continue reading Twin Flames in Scriptures, Religion, Art, Folklore and Mysticism updated 5/12/2019

Is Billy Corgan some passive aggressive sociopath?

I’m coping and pasting this particular “Mirroring” from his end that I have written about on my other book blog. Because this is what seems to happen that the Divine masculine like to communicate through Indirect messages since social media came around. Or is it? Twin Flames can Mirror each other so well, that it could come off this way. Especially in this day and age with the internet and social media. One can not tell what is pure nor if it was deliberate and intentional. For me, I’d rather find things prior to social media, since we both are … Continue reading Is Billy Corgan some passive aggressive sociopath?

The non authentic twin flame Comparisons! Updated Jan 20, 2019

Just because they aren’t YOUR twin Flame, doesn’t mean that they aren’t an authentic Twin Flame to someone else. Many people have different names. Karmic Partners etc. I’m just simply calling anyone who isn’t my Twin Flame Non-Authentic. I don’t like the idea of Karmic because everyone is Karmic in one form or another. Also calling them Karmic is basically denoting them as negative. It’s the impression I get when I hear the word Karmic Partner/Soulmate. *********************************************************** *********************************************************** My non-authentic and his Authentic Continue reading The non authentic twin flame Comparisons! Updated Jan 20, 2019

For anyone into Astrology update March 21 2018 1:35pm EST

I am showing the Twin Flame of my kids father. I know many in the past have been trying to figure out if Twin Flames show up in a chart. Bill doesn’t know his birth time. So, his chart can’t be more detailed. But in numerology they are both life path number 11/2. Both have Native American heritage. All 3 of us, born the same year. And you should see me and her charts. The geometric shape of our charts look almost identical. So, do False Twin Flames show up on a chart? Karmic? Prepper Twin? Would he have been … Continue reading For anyone into Astrology update March 21 2018 1:35pm EST


I just seen this last night and I’m thinking the hell is he doing? I woke up this morning and the image popped in my head and the dentist popped in my head and my X-rays and I’m thinking FUCK! Is he picking up on my dental? It looks like Billy is picking up on my dental. I was told I might have an issue with that took if I don’t take better care of my teeth, ex floss every day. And I’ve been doing so much. Trying to get stable. And now he has me worried. FUCK!!!! Continue reading Eek.

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Ultimate Timeline – update February 20, 2019

Time. Is never time at all. We are woven together by the hand of God. Showing the work of God Through our mirrors This is an attempt to show a timeline of life events, mirror images and whatnots. One significance between True Twin Flames is parallel lives. As what I have been trying to show, teach, whatever you may choose to call it, with this blog is only one entire factor between Twin Flames. For my Twin and I, it also seems we live mirror to each other as opposites. For example, he’s a tall male. I’m a petite female. … Continue reading Ultimate Timeline – update February 20, 2019

The Continuing Saga of GLASS part 1

Here is my story to add to William’s story. GLASS, never truly healed his torn heart. It was all a temporary thrill but soon he started heading back to old thinking habits. He went sulking back into the dark corners inside his mind after the band MACHINES OF GOD, broke apart. He would form a new band that didn’t receive well with the public. He fully step into writing messages from the voice of GOD he heard through the radio. GLASS would still endlessly seek externally the love and approval of others and of the Ghost Children. When the Ghost … Continue reading The Continuing Saga of GLASS part 1

Billy Corgan’s story of Glass and June

Billy Corgan has always been interested in a Twin Soul concept for a very long time. He developed an entire storyline with the album Machina. The album was released back in February 29, 2000. I found the full story online. There are websites that examined a lot of his work on Machina, meanings of symbolisms etc, They don’t seem to examine the Twin Soul concept, that’s supposedly be between Glass and June. These are the websites I have found. The NACHTKABARETT Pumpkin Net Form with Machina story SP Freaks Glass story I post these 3 sites as they are long … Continue reading Billy Corgan’s story of Glass and June


The list of MIRRORS/SIGNS/SYNCS NAMES WILLIAM PATRICK CORGAN * March 17, 1967 KIMBERLY MARGARET HYNDMAN * October 3, 1976 (ANDREA – Confirmation) My Children JULIAN PATRICK WRIGHT November 18, 2009 ANASTASIA MORGAN WRIGHT July 26, 2012 His Children AUGUSTUS JUPPITER CORGAN My Family Father THOMAS AUGUST HYNDMAN Sr (Paul – confirmation) Mother JOYCE ANN TAYLOR HYNDMAN – church secretary (MARY – Confirmation) Brother THOMAS AUGUST HYNDMAN Jr Brother ROBERT FRANCIS HYNDMAN – HVAC Grandfather RICHARD FRANCIS TAYLOR – Navy, Firefighter, Plumber, boating, fishing Grandmother MARGARET EMMA PRICE TAYLOR Grandmother’s sister, (Grandfather’s 2nd wife) BEATRICE LOUISE PRICE TAYLOR Mothers brother RICHARD … Continue reading The LIST

Billy Corgan’s Doppelgängers

Disclaimer: If you found this page through a search engine, this page is a part of my entire blog which was a focus on the Twin Flame topic. I was made aware of being a Twin Flame to this man and decided I was going to dissect us. One of the topics I thought about was Doppelgängers. Do doppelgängers point to someone’s Twin Flame? Would they have a mix of both? I found with the ones I have viewed, even though they could resemble Billy Corgan, I did find things that would point to me. But I’m not doing a … Continue reading Billy Corgan’s Doppelgängers