This should also benefit non celebrity twin flames as well.


When i say activated, I’m speaking of your chakras. Have you been activated? Have you felt the “bubble”? Once you met your Twin Flame, what did you fee? Of course, when it happens may be different for everybody. You could have met them indirectly through media but haven’t been activated. It may be the timing of things of why you haven’t felt it yet. I can’t recall if I felt this many years ago. It’s been way too long, or if I felt it during our first eye contact CHAPTER 05 (ZERO-5): MY FANDOM AND FIRST MEETING. I can only recall 2015 and doing the research on the topic.m

Once you have been activated, I believe your counterpart has been activated simultaneously, but chose to deny and “run”. Our famous celebrity twins are in a different matrix then us. I call theirs Hollywood Elite Matrix. It’s a different brain washing you get once you achieve a certain level of status and income it seems. There’s so much more “stuff” in their brainwashing and it can be very dark and sinister.

Once you become “active” and “online” this is where we need to shift our focus. We shift it to only ourselves and drop our celebrity Twin. Sounds harsh, I know. Just let the celebrity Twin be your catalyst for internal spiritual growth. You have to let them go, the physical body that is. Things will get messy if you keep a hold of them with social media and knowing things about the physical body of your counterpart.

What is this activation online I speak of? Simply that “bubble” we go in. Have you felt it? The warm fuzzy feeling. The feeling like we may be drunk or high but no substance was consume. No alcohol. No drugs. You feel like you are on “cloud nine”. You feel like you are flying but yet, your feet are on the ground. Lol You feel happy and light. This feeling. Have you experienced it?

Often many people like to associate lust and infatuation with “love.” Just stop. This is not that. If you are associating your infatuation with someone and using some synchronicities that point to your “proof” of some spiritual connection, you probably haven’t felt it. Synchronicities and mirrors are only bonuses to the bubble. I did not realize all of ours until after the “bubble.” I’ve had quite a few people trying to show up and show synchronicities over the years and how our meeting was kismet. Sometimes I want to say “fool, you know nothing!” I felt nothing with any of those people. After years of being in the strip club industry, there have been many who want to create a kismet situation and why I should go out with them, give them my phone number etc.

Yes, you will hear about Twin Flames having more than 7 chakras in the community.

This feeling, is not sexually based. I knew I loved this man for a long time, I would look into pictures of his eyes and it was never sexual. There was just something there I couldn’t explain that I felt. That bubble feeling was an entire new layer and even when I was in it, it wasn’t sexual in nature, but could have been. It was this high feeling, perhaps we could say higher frequency, because it was based in the groin. I never masterbated looking at his images nor listening to his music. I have heard others do so when I was in the groups, but I found that disgusting. There was something pure with the feeling, and then all of this mess happened. I officially find it difficult to bring myself to listen to his music anymore.


What happens to many of us, after we felt our bubble, become curious to what we felt, we seek answers on the internet. We may have even disregarded it until someone tells us about the term Twin Flames. Perhaps we just classified them as soulmate. I was told we were twin flames so I went out looking for information because if he felt that way too, why is he behaving this way? Then we get caught in these endless cycles. Of the Twin Flame community. I’m going to give you some answer here with my experiences what to do after the bubble.


As long as this connection seems so one sided and they aren’t doing a thing to be with you, drop them. Look to their actions. After the “bubble” and your activation, take your focus off of your persons physicality. Stop watching them on social media and “taking score.” Just stop. Soak in this feeling. Just bathe yourself in it. This is what I believe Abraham Hicks calls the vortex. It is done. I’m sure you hear her say. It is done. Stop worrying, relax and just be in the vortex. You were chosen to wake up and this is how it happened for you.

It is simple, now isn’t? I’m sure many so called twin flame “teachers” will be upset. They just love to cash in on the market. I don’t want to cash in on any of you in your times of confusion. I have no desire to coach and charge people money for simple answers. I’m simply just sharing what I’ve learned and experience. I’m not going to create clickbait and say hey, I have all your answers but you must send me money through a paywall before I tell you and then I’m just going to sell you more stuff you can buy! Nah.

You also should drop the groups. They will trigger you in endless cycles. They can literally keep you stuck in an endless cycles. The other issue is they keep you focused on their physical body and what they are doing not doing and who they are with and not with (you). Then everyone wants to hear your dramas so they can compare notes, take score and see where they are at in relation to you. Everybody is in Ego! It’s also a battle of who is or is not in Ego. “I’m the teacher, this is my group. I’m not in Ego, you are. Now give me money for this healing kit.” Or, “this is my channel, these are my cards, my cards don’t lie, this is what they say to me, pay more money for an extended reading and don’t forget to buy this energy healing kit.” I believe that sums it up.

Abraham Hicks teaches to ignore 3D reality. After you are activated, everything now becomes inside the vortex. You are to just feel. Knowing what your twin flame is doing etc will trigger you to leave that state and damage that special connection. Ignore the 3D reality they are showing you. Ignore what their 3D body is “doing” and get back into alignment with their “higher self” is the term they use in the community. Ignore what you are observing with your Twin Flame and just get into the vortex, feel their higher self loving you, not their physical body.


I went to William a few times before the World Wide Web and social media, before learning about Twin Flames and every time I read about these things and listen to some Abraham Hicks teachings and a few other teachings, I came to realize how I did it right the first few times. I went and made myself known and when nothing came from his end, I left. I was not doing a forever chasing situation with him. The last time before all of this was when he did the Zeitgeist tour. Chapter 10 (ONE-ZERO): My Second Billy Corgan music concert. Nothing came about from that. There was no movement from him, so I had to go my way and was with the man who became the father of my children. Hey Billy, that could have been us, but you did nothing so, I had to move on.

I felt that this time around, I got sucked in with social media. I held on too long by being in the fan groups and also after that with hanging out in the Twin Flame community for much longer. There’s just so much that can keep you stuck and in an ongoing loop.


I have said, Ye are gods;
and all of you are children of the most High.

Psalm 82:6 KJV

You don’t need any other teacher because we are to go within and listen to our own intuition. This feeling right here, the activation, the vortex, is where it’s at. You don’t need to go any further. Just live in it. Vibe in it. Even tarot readers, although some might be meaning well, they can influence your thoughts and hold you back, especially ones that do exclusively love and romance readings. One reading can be so positive and the next will have you hating your person. There seems to be exclusive bitter readers as well. Their bitterness and negativity can interfere with your own vibration. We are to be our own Guru, not be co-dependent on an outside source. We are to look within for the answers.

The passage right after this quote says this:

But ye shall die like men,
and fall like one of the princes.

Psalms 82:7

We are born of flesh and blood. The body is not meant to live forever. But we can create like God, in our feeling inside the vortex. When you are activated with your Twin Flame, I believe it’s source way of saying, you are one, trust, have faith, it is done, it will manifest. This is our counterpart that we co-create with, energetically and unaware. Wither conscious or unconscious when we are activated and become aware of this other person we learn the overwhelming “coincidences” between each other.


You are to just visualize and dream. Live with that figment that hasn’t manifested yet into your life. Love them from afar in your mind. You are one. You are both online. You are both aware. Don’t chase their physical bodies. Love your vortex lover from within, within the vortex once you’ve been activated. Don’t follow their body on social media and know what they are doing. Our celebrity Twins are in the matrix world of the elite. They will “attack” and trigger you to lower your vibration to their level. Sure they have money and seem to have it all but it’s backwards. They are on a low vibration not a high vibration. Their drive was greed, control and manipulation. It’s why there can be so many rabbit holes you really don’t want to go into with them. If you do, be aware and on guard. The Hollywood Elite Matrix is very low vibration and our counterparts need to do the work for themselves. You can’t assist them. Just love from a distance. You work on strengthening your connection with source energy/ God in the vortex.

Also, because of what I found of the possibility of soul fragmention (FRAGMENTATION OF THE SOUL? HOW THIS COULD BE A POSSIBILITY AND HOW IT SHOWS UP IN REALITY.) I’m going to throw out this idea that I wouldn’t be surprised if a person could be activated with a fragmention of our Twin. Or perhaps, a fragmention can be activated by a set of Twins, but after the Twins have been aware and activated.

Abraham Hicks also likes to say to speak less and feel more. But there have been many teachings for thousands of years about silence, even in Buddhism. Feel what? That bubble we went into. Zone it. Get back into it. Silence is better then speaking a million words. Words get in the way of the zone. Just feel it within your heart. Become strong in the vortex and only work on trying not to be triggered by the outside world. We bypassed all those years of meditation of getting into the vortex with our Twin Flame. And now, even if I did all those years of meditation, I often wonder if meditation only would have gotten me into that bubble if I hadn’t felt it with my Twin Flame. Just dance like the Sufis!


When it comes to healings, it’s not needed. Oh, I’m sure the ones making money off of this will be upset that I’m busting their cash cow bubble. Even Neale Donald Walsch teaches that there’s nothing you need to heal. (One day Im going to have to find this in one of the Conversations with God books.) The only healing you need to do is so we can get back into the vortex and our inner being (Abraham Hicks terms). That’s the only healing we need to do. Being in all those groups and watching tarot readers, can really mess up our connection with source/God and that feeling.

Stop wasting your hard earned money on these scams. They really are once you realize healings are also an illusion. Psychic healers are not going to heal you, you heal yourself by connecting to your inner vortex. That is our only goal. Climb up the vibrational scale. Don’t let even your Twin Flame bring you down. Unconditional love, but you don’t stick around for their toxic energy that they are vibrating at.

Drop all the physicality of your Twin Flame and like I mentioned in my HELP! WHAT DO I DO IF MY TWIN FLAME IS A CELEBRITY? article:

  • Be ok with not knowing or understanding where you are with your connection to your souls counterpart.
  • Be ok for not knowing what you know now.
  • Be ok, with not being in physical Union.
  • Be ok with not knowing anything about who they are with nor what they are doing
  • Be ok to being blind to their physical body.

Just feel and soak in the energy of the Vortex.


Don’t be afraid to ascend higher than your twin flame. As they are on the Hollywood Elite Matrix, and on a lower frequency, they should meet up with you. If not, you’ll just ascend higher with the divine source. Bathe in that ascension energy that your Twin Flame caused. Ascend higher.

That’s all

This is all I have.