Added update to Pink Elephant Mirrors. Check it out!

I don’t know who that person is to the left behind Elon, viewer’s right of image. Perhaps there can be more information presented if anyone knows. Perhaps a reflection of the Hindu gods, or like a twin flame back to back. Or the possibility of a piece of a triad, symbolically of course.

Decided to open up my I Love Billy Corgan blog again. Just because. Even though I feel a bit disconnected for some time, I opened it again. I don’t know how I’m supposed to be about Elon right now. I looked into him enough and see the synchronicities and those few mirrors. Maybe I need four full years to decide, ok, I lo— him too lol. I admire and like him and the things he’s doing especially with Twitter. That’s some amazing move. I believe it’s symbolic because of Nikola Tesla. Tesla really liked birds especially a pigeon. Twitter logo is a bird. Tweet tweet. So, I see it as very symbolic for him.

Just some of my own comedy: