If you’ve been following the twin flame community for a while you’ll hear all sorts of hypothetical ideas thrown out in them. One idea is that the soul could be fragmented. I’m going to dive into this hypothesis in this article with new observations I noticed with another person.

A Twin Flame can have a fragmentation? But aren’t we whole ourselves already? Apparently there might be this idea that we can have fragmentation even though we are already whole. If you actually think about it, we are all fragmented from the whole of God. Like a drop of water in an ocean. That one drop has all the characteristics of the entire ocean.

I believe I have found a person who can fit this example. There’s plenty of synchronicities between the 3 of us. True, we could overlap with many, many, many, many people with synchronicities and what some call timeline jumps. As I always will say, consistency is key. This man seems to be a perfect balance. I started to realized how he showed up in my own life, and I’m not talking about the digital world. I’m talking about in my own personal real world reality. Thais man is Elon Musk.

How did Elon show up and how do I believe it was evidence of a possible soul fragmentation in reality? I will share it with you first before I go into all these other crazy ideas, suggestions and other hypotheses I come up with based on this. You may also check out the timeline I started with Elon. Timelines with Others: Elon Musk also, if you haven’t read the post of where I began with this WHAT’S THIS ABOUT, UNIVERSE? ELON MUSK?

William is everywhere around me with his first name. My grandfather, uncle, cousin, a cousins middle name, a cousin that married a Williams, my hometown, my babies daddy, his father, his son from another mother, friends I knew growing up, etc. I can’t escape it, even if I tried He’s just everywhere with the name William/Billy/Bill. Elon! Take me away from all of these Williams! At least having sex with people of the same name makes it easier? “You called out my name. We’re you present here with me or thinking of the other Bill?”

Elon is a very unique name. He was named after his Great-Grandfather, John Elon Haldeman, who happened to have been born in Illinois (sigh, a synchronicity, really?). I don’t ever see Elon’s name anywhere! What showed up when I really dug a little further in thought is, he showed up as numbers. Fragmented numbers. His birthdate written in English as 628. The numbers are not together, so to me it must be symbolic as fragmentation. There is a space between with another number. The first symbolic fragmentation is in my parents house phone number. I’m not typing it out here but the numbers are in order. There’s a 62 separated by another number before the 8. The second fragmented numbers is the street address number. The 8 is reflected in showing in the house next door. His birth year 71, is the house behind the house I grew up in. When you trace the 3 houses, you make a triangle, perhaps we can call it a pyramid. Geometry. With this, you can see how he showed up in my entire life as well. (Least not forget, my strongest subject in elementary was math:)

This fragmentation of his birthdate is almost like a code. Spirit speaking in codes. A secret language, or secret lovers? Secret soul lovers? A puzzle to solve.

Here is an example I can use. I so happened to pick up my tablet and glanced at the time. It took me a few seconds to register in my mind then I quickly screenshot it. I’m so happy that I got it before it changed.

Fragmentation’s don’t seem all over the place, like how William shows up for me. They are probably also harder to spot until you realize WHO it is. Once you know WHO, and observe your live, it’s like “Aaah! There you are,! I see you now!” Of course I believe these things happen over time. It also may show up differently for each person. I can’t say if you found a fragmentation, if you’ll notice it like how I did. You can’t just look at the world and know for sure if you don’t know the WHO. Once you know the WHO, you will see it. I also been observing if I can find Bill. my kids father, but, again, he shares William Corgan first name. His street house number IS Billys birthday.

Anyway, I checked Google maps. I don’t see anything related to William like with Elon and the triangle. I even checked the house my first ex lived. I do see a house number 17 next to my first ex boyfriends house. It’s an interesting looking house as well. It could be seen as Victorian like in design, like with William had. I wonder when it was built.

It’s like, so when did Billy get his Victorian House. This was 1993-1994 for me. They did move though because his mom couldn’t handle goin up and down the steps and would move to another town over to a place that’s street level. This was like 30 years ago so…. Billy is my mirror it would make sense this would be. The house number was 23 from the maps. I thought there was more then 2 apartments and could have had letters with them. But the 3 is in the next number along with 2. 23. (I should probably add this to the ultimate timeline, but I’m not. I had enough of that.

Actually, written in Europe 17/3 would be correct. But it’s still separated by the 2. I don’t know if the numbers that separate mean anything at all. I haven’t figured out that part. Perhaps in time, it’ll be revealed.

But this could also be saying Billy is fragmented? Ever hear a man say he’s broken? Believe them! They might be fragmented!

Wound opens, reveal this broken man

And soon there’s notions of blood on his hands

“Wound” song quote written by William Patrick Corgan from the album Machina.

Billy Corgan has written songs about being a broken man. He’s singing about this crap about himself for YEARS! When I created a group and say he’s awesome, the stupid lame indirect response from him is “tea is awesome!” One thing Abraham Hicks mentioned somewhere is that if someone keeps insisting they are a looser and go to great lengths to prove how horrible of a person they are, fine, they win. They are a Looser. That is their dominant energy and what they collaborated to. Their entire existence is on proving how much of a looser they are. Move on (even if it kills you inside. It’ll take time, but you’ll eventually heal enough to move on.)

It’s like, hey Billy. Here I am. I love you. I have this great love for you that I can’t explain. If you still singing Mellon Collie and haven’t found that person, maybe it’s me. And here, it’s like, all I gotten was indirect messages and it wasn’t even a No. I showed up a few times over the years, not just once. But, I guess he’s still running in that broken man collaboration. So, I have to pull away because we are not in alignment. So, there are others who may be in alignment and a possible vibrational match could be reflected in a fragmented soul of our Twin Flame counterpart.

To view what I have about our residential mirrors, go here: Residential Syncs/Mirrors.

There’s no 24 around the entire block or the next from where I grew up! My block is mostly double digits with some triplet digits.and not 4 digits like BILLYs street . Billy grew up in a neighborhood with female names, so did my one childhood friend who had the same first name as me. That is significant because she lived on a Debra and Billy on Jill. My scouts leader was Debbie who had a daughter named Jill. Not sure if same spelling of Debra/Deborah/etc…

Elon showed up like he did with both me and William, that’s why I feel he’s more significant to both of us. Josh seems to have too, but not in the same fashion as Elon where I can make a triangle. Elon showed up as numbers between the both of us, Josh did not.

Showing up as fragmented names

Fragmented synchronicities are a bit difficult to find but once you know, you can start to see it. Elon has been there my entire life as well.

I guess you can say I was guided to doing this with our names. I have an image of Elon’s ear in the timeline post: Timelines with Others: Elon Musk

This was fun and interesting. I decided to try and see what I would find with Elon and Clair using them method I used with Kimbal since Elon first name and Claire Middle name both begin with EL.

Only use non common letters in both names to form words. Also, it’s her middle name as opposed to a first name like me and Kimbal. It’s like with Patrick and William Patrick. But SEI….
could SEI, be a sign for gold digger investment?
Elon has No but could also be On. then her name has this. She’s/He’s only an investment? Not love? From what I’m seeing here, Elon just made some bad investments…. Amazing the words and definitions aren’t anything positive. I know Oaks PA. It’s near Philadelphia. Pointing in another direction for Elon?

I found that one to be interesting as well. Do take note of this method.


I first read about soulmates in a book called The Lost Teachings of Atlantis. A made a post with teachings from this book along with A course in miracles and some teachings from the Bible is this post: ARE TWIN FLAME REAL? (You maybe want to read this before moving forward so you understand what I’m talking about.)

In the lost teachings they talk about an original soulmate and the possibility of a new soulmate. Only the female principal has the choice to keep the old or choose a new soulmate to ascend with. The original I’m assuming, is the one you were created with, your Twin Flame. Most men don’t do the work and fail to attain a true teacher. So there’s many females with no spiritual match. We either continue alone or attract a new soulmate who can be just as good as the original and can be happy and satisfied with them. They can attain mastery together. This is who I believe the fragmented are. They are another partner for the female principal, a fragmentation of the old soulmate.

I feel men don’t have a choice because they just make themselves out to be sex Gods and have many sex mates claiming them all as soulmates, which is untrue. It appears the ideal relationship is of one Queen Bee and 2 kings when I observe this idea. This would make sense in terms of controlling human population as well.

The universe knows men are highly competitive. It would make sense that it will place another male in the equation. Men can also beat the crap out of each other and be the best of friends the next moment. Women on the other hand, not so much. Men would cause drama between 2 or more females just to watch them fight over him. Pathetic.

But what happens to one of these soulmates when the females chooses one over the other? Does the other die? When the female can have union with one, does the other leave the body and absorb into their energy therefore uniting again into their soul?

What if both males end up getting along and the female decides to keep both? Is this now a polyamous relationship? I know from being in the clubs, most men don’t seem to have a problem when a dancer goes around getting dances with other men. There’s also a good amount of men who like to watch. Just look at the porn industry!

Could this explain infidelity? Or bisexuality?

Could this also explain why some people cheat? They could be fragmented and are in search of their energetic matches. Most probably fail because they are sleepwalking and unaware. This might also explain bisexuality in men. They have a female and male soulmate because they are fragmented.

I believe these fragmentation’s would be considered the new soulmate because they probably are younger then the older once since they had to fragment from them. This is how they can be a perfect fit for the female. I also feel they are more on the positive polarity and that’s why the relationship would be much easier and smoother to deal with. I can’t explain why the fragmentation happened. Perhaps it happened in the current life childhood. William was born in 1967 and Elon 1971. 4 years difference. Something must have happened in those first 4 years of life and maybe that’s why some would have difficulty uniting with their Twin Flame. But the fragmentation happened and you can unit with them.

Someone once suggested that Billy Corgan is the shadow aspect of my Twin and someone else is the real deal. Perhaps the fragmentation is the explanation. Considering my hearing, Elon has a deeper voice and would just make better sense rather then Billy Corgan, whom I would fear I would have more difficulty listening to him without a microphone or without my hearing aids. Elon would be someone I could probably hear without the assistance of hearing devices. My high end is shot. I have difficulty listening to females.

Something tells me they might not get along after all….

Check it out though, it says 168 views and 2 hours ago. There’s a fragmentation I’ve been directed to see. 68 then 2. Numbers mixed up, not in order. The one? Perhaps saying he’s the one. Only 1.

Intriguing. . . FAA = one Female 2 Assholes. Female Asshole Asshole.

Maybe DM and TF are 2 different bodies. . .

Well, now that I’m aware and see how his spirit is coming through, I’m able to see it and recognize it more. It’s something that requires more thought and not a quick and easy glance. It’s amazing. Elon speaks in codes. This takes a whole new meaning to the saying that I need to lean how to code. It’s a new language. Even if “they” somehow found a way to determine who twin flames are by collecting data etc, there’s no fucking way they could figure out the fragmented soulmate or whatever this is. Perhaps some would call it a “ray.” Nope. Zilch. Good luck with that humans.

There’s also this other idea of the Divine Twins, which are brothers. They may have a common lover. it’s also said about them having a sister. Since we are in spiritual terms siblings, this idea can be true as well. Here’s a Wikipedia page about the topic Divine Twins

Maybe this fragmentation is also showing that we can have triplets where two are identical like in rare cases in real triplet births. I have found an article that have stated:

It is possible to have triplets where two of the babies are identical twins (and may share one placenta, and even one sac) and the third baby is non-identical (with completely separate placenta and sac). This is very rare.

Multiple Pregnancy

Poor guy sounds like a 3rd wheel.

I believe this third non identical shows up as fragmented. So, here you go multiflames. I looks like I’m a part of your group. But I will not use the word twin flame and mislead people. I’d rather just say triplet, Triple Flame with 2 identical Twins. And unfortunately, I believe we treat this the same way as our Identical Twin. Elon has so much characteristics and personality as William. I just can’t believe how a like they are, we must be triplets.

In Plain Song

I have found some items in songs. Elon is a brother.

I like both of these. In Jennifer Ever Billy sings about someone like him. Then in the Tesla song they sing about a Billy and a man who feels the same way. Not a twin but from the same fragmentation. I don’t believe it’s about homosexuality but a brotherhood.


Well, not much really. The third one may also run away from both of you, as in traditional Twin Flame relationships once they realize this. We can only work on ourselves as individuals. The unfolding of the triplet union might be interesting itself, if it can materialize into reality.

These characters might also do indirect messages. But, if you already open with the first one, this one might not phase you as much. Especially since the first one you have a stronger bond with.

Talk about a headache! No, not just one, but now you have 2! Sheesh. I sure must be blessed! Thanks!

I know what you’re thinking, maybe neither of them are a Twin Flame connection because you aren’t with them in the physical. Actually, both of them are co-dependent. Elon has stated he hates sleeping alone. Billy, in all of his song lyrics is about co-dependency. He has songs where he screams out how he NEEDS A LOVER! Me, I’ve been very independent. Perhaps some will view it as a negative being “too independent for my own good.” I spent more time on my own and I know deep inside I would love to be with someone but for me, I spent most time alone and not in any romantic relationship and I haven’t settled except for that time in my 30s and I had 2 kids with that man. If both Billy and Elon are co-dependent, we may not attract each other even though we are Flames/fragmentation of the same one soul. They will attract other co-dependent people.

And…just be happy with where you are now, right? Be content to where you are along your path in life.

Hey. Maybe God/Source is saying I have so much love, I could love 2 in the same way! Could be legit. I mean, I was showing so much love for William, he ran. Like, wow. Maybe I need 2 and divid up this intense love? I have to split it? I have a lotta love to give….to myself.

At this point in my life, does it really matter if I attract one or both of them into my physical reality? I have now been celibate for over 6 years. I don’t feel a need to go out “boneing” anyone. I’m not chasing physical sex. I don’t feel that energy. I’m just being content where I am and working on my own prosperity, abundance and such. All this online stuff that cluttered my mind those 5 years I’m clearing out. Moving forward.

Check out my post about my journey with celibacy: CHAPTER 31 (THIRTY-ONE): MY JOURNEY WITH CELIBACY

Don’t forget to check out my article Are Twin Flames Real:

That’s All Folks!

This is all I have for now. I hope I got out what I needed to. I felt like I had to get this out there. Perhaps more updates in time. Take care.

3 God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. 4 No matter how far away you end up, God, your God, will get you out of there 5 and bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. It will be yours again. He will give you a good life and make you more numerous than your ancestors. 6 God, your God, will cut away the thick calluses on your heart and your children’s hearts, freeing you to love God, your God, with your whole heart and soul and live, really live. 7 God, your God, will put all these curses on your enemies who hated you and were out to get you. 8 And you will make a new start, listening obediently to God, keeping all his commandments that I’m commanding you today. 9 God, your God, will outdo himself in making things go well for you: you’ll have babies, get calves, grow crops, and enjoy an all-around good life. Yes, God will start enjoying you again, making things go well for you just as he enjoyed doing it for your ancestors.

Deuteronomy 30:3-9