The difference here with Bill is, there really isn’t a timeline. It’s more like synchronicities. Trying to find an actual linear timeline is like zilch.

The interiors and layout are so different as well. You can probably say that I became friends with Kim some time after Bills youngest sister was born, within that 4 year linear space. Kim has 2 older brothers and one younger. I forget the distance between them. It might be 7/8 years. Kim’s birthday is March 15, 1977, yes 2 days before Billy Corgan’s, so another Pisces. Intriguing that the street address is Maye Musk birthday.

DOB 5/19/1967

Life Path number: 11/2

Born same year and day as my brother Bob and Billy Corgan, Friday 1967.


DOB 1/12/1976 (same year as me)

Path number 27/9 (same as me)

Chinese Year: wood Rabbit (born in January, Dragon year started on January 31, 1967)

My father’s confirmation name: Paul

Stephanie is originally from NJ. But moved to PA after her parents split.

She has an older sister and a younger half brother from her father.

Their Children:

  • RACHEL D WRIGHT DOB: March 4, 1996 Life path: 32/5
  • WILLIAM J WRIGHT DOB: June 17, 2001 Life path: 17/8

Their Children are the same ages as my brothers children. They have one each, daughter born first then a son.

My oldest brother Tommy and his wife also changed the name of middle name for their son so to not make him a 3rd. Andrew. William Joseph as opposed to William Franklin.

My brother Tom and his wife also went through a divorce around same time as Bill. The difference was, his wife wanted the divorce and my brother didn’t. Steph made herself out to be a swinger and having sex with other people. Supposedly Bill wasn’t. He claims that she didn’t bring anyone home that he wanted.

FARMS: Bill grew up on a dairy farm. My father grew up on a fruit farm mostly peaches and apples.

LAZY EYE: Bill was born with Lazy eye. My mothers baby sister also has lazy eye.

LONG MARRIAGE: Bills parents are still married. As mine are also.

I can not vouch if they are truly happy though. They seem content. Bill would comment how he wonders how his mom puts up with his dad for so long. Then I have to say, well, I could probably say the same about my parents. His parents did get along with my parents very well. Our families are such a perfect match!

3 Kids: Bill is the middle child of 3. I am the baby of 3. Big age gap between the babies from the older 2 siblings. My brothers and 10 and 9 years older. Bill and his baby sister are 13 years apart.

Bill’s parents :
  • William E Wright DOB: Friday, September 17, 1943 Life Path: 34/7
  • Mary Wright DOB: Tuesday, October 1, 1946 Life Path: 22/4


  • Bills material grandfather: Joseph Patrick.
  • Bills paternal grandfather Earnest Joseph. He didn’t like his middle name and got rid of it. <<— This is Bills words not mine.

COLLEGE: I completed college, the only in my family. Bills baby sister also completed college, the only in their family.

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Bill has a learning disability so went to special ed. I also grew up in the special education system.

Bills jobs usually are associated with driving. Tow truck and now school bus driver. He also got a job delivering baby chickens.

Well…. I like driving…….