DISCLAIMER: If you are here because of a search result with the name Elon Musk, please check out the rest of my site to understand what this site is about. This site is all about mirrors and synchronicities. This post is one of Elon Musk whom happened to show up as I was diving into my own research with my Twin Flame mirrors. I’m aware that Elon is a part of the very top 1% and I felt a need to create a disclaimer. If you are new to the idea of Twin Flames and other spiritual “mombo jumbo” language I’d advise you to do more of your own research. This is not a clickbait article. I have nothing to do with conspiracy theories but if something shows up along the way, I explore it. As of right now, this timeline isn’t very smooth but you may want to see my Ultimate Timeline with Billy Corgan because I spent a few years working on it along with the rest of this site. I believe that timeline is very clear and smooth. View that page and other portion of this site to see what I’m doing with this page.

Honorable mention goes to: Elon Musk.

Twin Ray, False Twin, Multi-flames, Twin Flame replacement, whatever you want to call these “others” this is a page dedicated to a person that seemed significant with synchronicities that point towards both William and I, with timelines I can stitch together in such a way, it can raise a lot of questions.

As I was showing some items with Elon in my previous post WHAT’S THIS ABOUT, UNIVERSE? ELON MUSK?, I wanted to develop a page that shows mirrors with “others” and Elon logically seemed to be “the one.”

There’s enough here with Elon to create this. I didn’t feel drawn to do any timelines with Josh nor Patrick. I have created a post with my children’s father showing synchronicities between us. Timelines with Others: My babies daddy. I have heard someone talk about jump in timelines and this could be that with these “others” whom may be a fragmentation of your soul. Yes, there’s an hypothetical idea your soul can be fragmented and living in the same time period each reincarnated together. These I believe, may be considered other potential “perfect” high vibrational soulmates. Some people think they have more than one twin flame thus the idea of multi-flames. Whatever you may want to call these “others” I have decided to put something together in honor of them! Elon seems to be special to me and William in some way.

Trying to make this timeline smooth might take me time. Remember key factor in creating these is a linear timeline, like I mentioned between me and Billy Corgan timeline. Synchronicities doesn’t seem to matter because we can have synchronicities with many people. It’s lining up linear timelines. Linear can be up to 4 years but no more than 5. Anything after that in nonlinear.

Please note: I have found a few other synchronicities that point to the idea of a fragmentation. I can not post these because of them revealing too much personal information especially of my parents. It does deal with numbers. I can however speak to a person in person about this and show you.
Something I started wondering about in my post with Josh. If the two positive polarities who are in same soul family unite because of failure to union with the beloved could rise together. The two negative will continue into their spiral descent. Live in their chosen miserable lives, “burn in hell”. ZERO can stay in love with his sadness. What I have found is that a Gemini rising has a Sagittarius descent.

Oh, that’s weird. I think someone is changing his birth time in his charts. I originally had 601 am and now they are different. I just did a recheck to make sure. . . Some now say unknown and 630 am and now one has PM and another 2pm. 🤔 If it was unknown, I wouldn’t have been able to pull up a chart before. I think somebody is nervous about something. Who’s stalking me?

Well, Elon, you still keep your Mars Atmakaraka but the one position number is still 27….

In case it was my MY error, here is that chart with 630 am. Changes the 22 for HIM but not mine…,

2+9=11. But there’s still a 27 in there. I need to actually find out what each of those numbers mean…. Add (Elon’s Ascendent) 29+20+27=76. My birth year. Adding individual numbers 2+9+2+0+2+7=22.

Where did I get 601? Well, that’s why we also look at other things such as physical characteristics and timelines etc. looks like someone out there wants to throw people off……

You might get confused with what I’m about to present: soul fragmentation. You may want to check out my article: FRAGMENTATION OF THE SOUL? HOW THIS COULD BE A POSSIBILITY AND HOW IT SHOWS UP IN REALITY. to understand more of what I’m showing here in relation to residential and name fragmentation. You may want to also visit Residential Syncs/Mirrors

“Bang bang you’re dead”….. Silverfuck by the Smashing Pumpkins.
There are parts in this song that had me thinking of Zwan. Where it the song got a little quiet. About 3:30…? And towards the end. I believe it was Jesus I, and how the song switched Mary Star of the Sea. Haven’t heard it in a while. So, I’m not comparing since I’m no longer listening to them… I actually like this song and decided to make it a part of my set at work.
Elon seems to have so many synchronicities with William but on a nonlinear timeline. Many things can be questionable if they know each other or not and when and if someone is copying another person, in this case Elon coping William.
Anyone know who that woman is standing behind Elon would be helpful. Thanks . She could be significant with spirit message / symbolism.
Elon was born the year of the Pig in Chinese zodiac. He’s a 34/7 in numerology. My father was also born the year of the Pig and is 34/7

I tried digging a little more with Claire but not to take away from examining with Elon, I have one collage I created. I even tried my new scrabble method…

🤔 could SEI, be a sign for gold digger investment?
Elon has No then her name has this. . . On or No. She’s/He’s only an investment …. I know Oaks PA. It’s near Philadelphia. Pointing to another direction?