Updated: December 18, 2021

I debated on creating this topic. I began on my journal blog, which I have made private a while back and I haven’t typed anything in it. So, I was going to use it to document this new person showing up.

I haven’t gotten far with it. It’s trashed now and I decided to just put it on this blog. When I’m ready with it, I’ll make this post public. If you see this, you know that I have made it public. Elon seems to be a person who might get me a lot of hits with just his name being here. He’s like the top notch guy.Before I get negative messages, attacks or anything else, I want to make sure I have enough content here. Because, if you have been following for a while, you know I like to edit and re edit. Check back for updates.


It’s sad. I can’t recall the first time I heard of Elon Musk. He somehow started making his way into my awareness and then all of a sudden BOOM he’s everywhere. I can’t say it’s the same as with Billy Corgan everywhere, but a different way. I don’t see the name Elon anywhere. It’s a very rare name for me. Billy Corgan is still all over my world and permanently so, with his first name, William. But, with this blog I’m sure you can just browse around yourself, as I don’t need to repeat it. If you are here because of a search and the name Elon Musk, please take a look around my blog before getting all bat shit crazy.


These are questions to ask oneself in terms of synchronicities. Elon is not in my life anywhere that I could find off the top of my mind, not like William Corgan. I can only think of my first license plate. His first and last initials were a part of an memorable tag. EM69Ok. My one friend back then and I would occasionally make jokes about it. I have to find something with it on it. It seems like a legit synchronization between us because of him being in the car industry. But when I read about Tesla, it wasn’t his original idea, so I’m not sure how to go about this. I could make some assumptions though because it seems to lean that way that I’m thinking, but I’d have to expand more along the way of this post.


I believe Elon officially started taking route in my mind through a YouTuber who was documenting Johnny Depp relationship troubles with his ex wife, Amber. I decided to follow some other celebrity news that had nothing to do with Billy Corgan so I can learn about other celebrities and take my focus off of Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan. One of them was Johnny Depp. Apparently, his ex wife was having an affair with Elon so that’s how he started to show up for me, in a rather bizarre indirect way. I’m not heavily involved with keeping up with “the Depps” and all the details involved nor do I have the time. I started getting to know Elon more in this way. I then would slowly break away and begin reading up on him more. There were things I started to see and read about him that made me curious during 2021. Of course I would start with the wiki.

I would read he had a brother named KIMbal, his interests seems to go with mine especially when I was younger. Robots, Sci-fi type of stuff. I also read he went to UPenn which also stood out to me. I would take mental notes and kept them in the back of my mind.


Let me show you this article about the Deptford Mall in New Jersey. I do recall watching these charging stations being put up. I thought it was a brilliant idea for electric cars. It sounds like some I would think of. Shop and charge. I go to the mall just to eat sometimes before work. I mean, if I had an electric car, I would love this, but I don’t. I can’t say if I knew the name Elon or anything associated with electric car companies. It was a oh, cool. A place for electric cars to charge, not that it was a particular company. Actually I can’t recall what I actually thought. I mean, my mind was still all over with Billy Corgan and as you can tell from this blog, my mind was still pretty much occupied during this time period.

Deptford Mall Tesla Car Superchargers Are Finally Operational

Anyway, fast forward back to 2021, I decided to go to the mall on Saturday, November 20. It was one of those rare days that I went on a Saturday and without my children. I went up to see my kids earlier as my sons birthday was the 18th. I took off work that Friday because Bill was going to install the motor for my car window. It stopped working and I couldn’t use the window. I ordered the part online and he was going to install it. He was also doing towing that weekend and had the truck so we couldn’t meet like we usually do. That’s also the reason why I took off Friday. Add to the fact my mother wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t want the kids at the house.

My daughter was also feeling a little sick. I was helping her get better also. I had her stay home from school on Friday. (or was it the following week she was sick?? nope, just checked. I took a picture of a price for some elderberry because the register wasn’t scanning it in. It’s also another synchronicity number sign. Here’s the picture from November 19, the day after Julian 12th birthday.

7 numerology number. Well, actually both Elon and Billy but the 79 though. Well, actually…nevermind. Bad example. But, this was the correct weekend I was thinking of.. On another note, since they are BOTH numerology number 7. So, a synchronicity for both?

Anyway, I couldn’t stay all weekend, there’s too many animals for me there. I actually have allergies to both dogs and cats but I learned how to handle myself over the years, I’m not going to die from my allergies. I had 2 cats of my own. (You can read about this on my book blog). The thing is, I learned how to keep it clean and I some people told me in the past that if they didn’t see my one cat, they wouldn’t know that I had any. They couldn’t smell that animal smell. This is not the case with Bills household. I found myself starting to sneeze a lot, a sign that it’s time for me to go or I’ll be getting sick. I left and drove to the King of Prussia mall. I wanted to check out the Lego store and see if they had anything different on their back wall from the Cherry Hill mall. My son wanted me to find him certain pieces because he wanted to make his own version of traffic lights.

When I pulled up and found a parking spot, before I got out of the car I noticed that I parked behind a Tesla. Oh look, now that Elon has been making his way into my awareness, I’m actually stating to see more Tesla, or that I had to get Billy Corgan to sit down so I can notice him.

I don’t think the tag numbers had any meaning to them at this point in time.

I decided to take a picture because I wanted to start documenting these synchronicities. I don’t know what it is that this is taking me. These synchronicities seems a little more different from Josh and Patrick for me, so it was this day that I thought I should start.

After I found the Lego store and looked inside, when I came out and did a little turn, I seen it. It was a Tesla store. “Oh Wow!” Is the initial shock. And right across from the Lego store! Next to Apple, hahahaha.

I went in and took a look around. There were many people in there, it was pretty busy. So I left and took a walk around the mall and eventually got a smoothie. I would then somehow see a notice about Elon sending out a notice to his employees. Funny thing is, it was sent on my birthday. The topic? Music.

Well, I decided to go check out the Tesla store again. This time, I actually sat in a car just like the one that I parked behind. It had a 3rd row seat and I loved that. I put all the back seats down and laid in it. It was a perfect fit for a petite woman like me. I could lay down for a nap.

I sat in the drivers seat. Hmmm, no dashboard. You have to use the monitor. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean, I sometimes miss manually winding down windows. Yeah, I had to get the window motor fixed! The only picture I took was inside what should have been the engine. Wow! More storage space! That’s so me. I guess Elon is growing on me. I’m not sure if this is where I’m supposed to be though, but if my Twin Flame isn’t responding, I don’t know. I’m just going along with it.

Soon I would break into Astrology and things like that. I learned there was more synchronicities and mirrors then I previously thought. I also went looking into Grimes, oh boy! She is birthday buddy to Billy Corgan! Amazing. I have made a collage of this revelation.

This is very impressive to me. I started seeing the both of them differently. What is this telling me? I believe they are bridges. Unless it means something else for me. His energy I can see Billy in it yet, symbolically he bridges us both.

Then it happened. Courtney decided to get her claws in him. Well, no wonder there Courtney. I know she cyber stalks me. I guess maybe something happened between them and now she needs to bark up someone else’s tree. Of course she wants to do it with someone that matches me and Billy energetically. No surprise there!

Elon Musk: Correcting The Record About My Divorce

Courtney Love says she has Elon Musk’s private emails

Courtney Love just threatened to doxx Elon Musk unless he pays his taxes

Well, I’ll still be moving forward with all of this. Let’s not let Courtney attempting at extortion/blackmail distract us.

I have also learned that Elon was at UPenn from 1992-1997. I would be going to school in Philadelphia from 2000-2005. This still falls into that 4 year linear timeline. I believe I started working at a club in Philadelphia in 1998. I was starting to go into the city more. This is interesting. I wonder if he went to any of the clubs.

Another thing I started doing was charts of other people associated with this circle. Johnny, Amber etc. the thing is, I can’t get a chart for Amber. I don’t have a time. There’s only so much there that I can do.

I have tried to run physical charge between me and Elon, it’s a start.

Well, those are naturally perfect teeth or veneers I don’t know. I’m going to have to dig more into that as well.
Well, can I say that it looks like Grimes and Elon’s ears DON’T match…..

I still see all sorts of signs a s synchronicities with WILLIAM Corgan. I mean even when I was playing Uno with my children and my daughter passed out the cards on Sat Dec 12, look at what was my hand I was felt. His birth time.

After some thought, it hit me that 5+4+1=10. Hahaha

William Patrick Corgan still feels more natural to me then Elon. He’s still everywhere in my life. My babies father address. His birth time is actually on my debit card. So when I order something online, I’m also constantly reminded. Just that license plate is what I can find so far with Elon. Elon can quickly disappear in my day. William, never.

As we can see, both me and Elon have equal amount of Air and Water. If I don’t count Lilith he would drop down in air and I would drop down in Earth. I usually count 15 items in a chart for those numbers. Both of our Ascendant is in Gemini.

Perhaps we would be better off with the amount of Air and Yang energy in us? Maybe we can’t be with someone that has so much Yin?

Well, they both lack air.

Wow! The amount of numerology 30/3 in Elon’s life. His mother, brother and sister, along with Justine his first wife and mother to his twins and triplets!

Here is Grimes and Kurt

I read a comment somewhere that someone seemed to have been talking about Chinese astrology and the topic was about their supposed separation. They said that she’s wood and he’s metal. He will cut through her. I’m over here like, well, I’m fire, Ill turn her into Ash and I’ll melt him. Lol.

Elon’s mother made a post sharing proof that Elon was a car guy. And it also appears an actual linear timeline synchronicity. Bill and I are not linear with Special Education because he’s 9 years older and it goes beyond my 4 year linear timeline for TF. This is very interesting with Elon now.

This date is is interesting. I’m assuming it’s in European date with day then month and year. Because there’s no way he would be dressed like this in December in Philadelphia, and/or the camera date is entirely wrong. If it is May of 1995, this was before I knew who Billy Corgan was and before High School graduation.

Wow! What a plot twist! Elon Musk didn’t get his first car until 1993! My parents got me my first car then. I turned 17 in 1993. He was 22 with his first car?

Elon’s Mom Shows Her Son Has Experience Replacing Broken Windows

My window is broken, Elon will replace him.

So, with the article Courtney was pointing out, was posted on November 14, my cousin Kris birthday. He has a son Xavier and is probably around the same age as Elon’s sons. I don’t know his birthday but he’s definitely older than my son. Kris had his 2 before I had my first. Xavier has a twin brother and both born in 2004. I haven’t found much on Elon’s sons. I’m sure it’ll pop out soon in the future. They are nearly adults now.

My cousin Kris also went to an all boy high school. I believe it was a Catholic High School. Can’t think of he name.

He has a son Damian. I had a character in my mini movie I named Damian. This was made during my video production class so about late 2001. Damian is a part of a triplet and born in 2006. Definitely within the linear timeline.

You know, in my Jealousy article I threw out that I thought Billy Corgan was smarter then all this crap. And now, I’m having Elon in my awareness. I may have to change that one blog now. I’m going to have to create a private one for Elon. Hahaha.

I don’t know how much further I want to go with this page, as usual. All I can say, whomever God sends me. On occasions it almost feels like they are spiritually battling it out. I can’t play these little childish mind games. It would be a nice change if Elon was sent from the name William though. Elon is so far from away from the name William.

What I gather is, if my Twin Flame and I don’t reach physical union, God already has my replacement lining up. I’m to reject him to be with Elon. Elon and Grimes broke apart and his siblings and mother disowned his father. Even though Grimes is the mother to his child and always will be, his father will always be his father, my Twin Flame will always be my Twin Flame but he’s broken and loves it that way, so I am to reject him and Elon will replace him. His name is Elon and I’ll never have to say the name Bill, Billy, William ever gain except in reference of my children’s father.

In the astrology chart, if I remove counting Lilith, symbolically the so call original partner of Adam, Elon becomes less airy and his masculinity drops a notch (perhaps his Ego) . We will be as equals but he wants me to stay airy and not of this Earth. I will be less fixed.

Billy can keep Courtney and Chloe and all the drama and sadness he wants. He’s so in love with being miserable. (Song: Zero). Billy can stay broken and live his miserable life. I have someone who will replace his dumb ass.

Well, I shall attempt to replace William with Elon in my mind.

To be honest, watching some of these car videos are boring.

I learned Grimes was actually born on new moon. And both Elon and Grimes ATMAKARAKA are actually in Mars. Hahaha. Perfect. I’m a saturnine. So is Marilyn Manson. Billy is a Moonman. . . So. . . Moon men are Ass men? 🤔

Well, at 6 pm on Monday December 13 I felt sad inside. I was at work. My eyes were teary.

45 minutes later, I felt better.

Still moving forward.

It just occurred to me that Talulah is also sun Libra. Amused.

No time for her either. I can’t get a chart. I mean I’ll try and look again….

There it is. Found it! I found Elon’s downfall. His strong leaning towards man over God will do him in. “Science” over God/Source will bring him down. Talk about risky behavior…..

So, yeah, being promiscuous is also considering risky behavior. I have seen plenty in my line of work with this plandemic. Dudes wearing mask then they want to whip their unprotected dicks out asking for sex. Um, what??!!!

Apparently the world is a strip club

Weeks After Musk’s Tweet That Spelled The Acronym ‘TITS’, Allegations Of Rampant Sexual Harassment Surface At Tesla

*yawn* yeah. . . Sounds like they need a bouncer.

Elon Musk seems to be in trouble again as 6 more women files lawsuit against Tesla for sexual harrasment

And then you remember OOOOOH. My out of this world news report!!!

Out Of This World News Report

Yeah, that was back in 2005. I’m intrigued.

The bartender/Manager at my new club put a huge bag of clothes in the dressing room for us. Me and two of the dancers had a grab fest. We just dumped out the bag and went through it all. Well, apparently there were these socks in there and I snatched them. They spoke synchronicities to me.

Don’t worry. I washed them. They were in good shape and I just had to have them.

I’m wondering, if Elon’s not the one to fill in for Billy, and because I have took a celibate route, if I’m to help him find this Twin Flame. So, if anyone here feels that they are, please message me. And Elon is science based, so evidence please. I can’t be dealing with super-fans who want to force a twin flame connection. Thanks.

Also, I’m keeping mental notes of numerology. I’m looking at a particular number and it’s not with any of those others, as far as I can tell. I could be wrong but I’m open minded.

Anyway, I’m also wondering if more synchronicities started happen between me and Elon when he gotten involved with Grimes. Based on that article from the Deptford Mall and seeing they began a relationship in 2018? Thi is what I’m think

Oh my. Hahahaha

Elon’s mother, Maye, has a twin sister, Kaye. This article is showing all sorts of synchronicities with each of us. Even Josh Bernstein.


I’m calling it! The first male born on Mars should be named Marvin.

You heard it here first!

There actually quite a good amount here with Elon, perhaps I could create a timeline. The problem is, I don’t have a baste amount of photographs of him like I have of Billy Corgan. I need more, especially before he became well known. I want to create something so that, the question I ask is, how can I show others who may be experiencing this? I don’t feel the same, is what I can say. But Billy seems to have an unfair advantage over Elon. I was an actual fan of his for 20 years and thus been collecting things over time. I also have t met Elon in person. This is an entirely an early development.

Elon could be a common soul fracture between us. I don’t feel so drawn to him like I did with Billy Corgan during those first 5 years of fandom. Maybe because I’ve already experienced that with him, I’ve been “broken in” so to speak. It’s sort of like how parents have a second and third etc child.

It’s why I call these people bridges . We have overlays in timelines and synchronicities. You can find them with anybody, it’s common to find synchronicities but we are seeking out massive overlays. As stated, I share things with Bill, my children’s father as well. I should start there before moving forward with Elon. Maybe I can find a fan message board or something of Elon.

I’m trying to find something to associate Elon with since I have so much with Billy Corgan, like shamrocks (his birthday, St Patrick’s Day) and green, (again, birthday). What color can I associate with Elon? I can’t go by birthstones because there may be 4 associated with June. But, June, another name Billy uses. Bye June!

It seems Elon’s is Tau Day. So, I guess I’ll be reading about this Pi error. That’s Elon’s birthday. The Tau Manifesto

When you go to the mall wanting to buy something else for the kids and decide if you want to buy a large pop thingy and when you look, behold! A green pumpkin! Wow. Seriously?! I was thinking of a unicorn but there is a green pumpkin. You leave the site because wtf?! Only later to go back and say, ok. I’ll buy it just because no one will believe me. And it was a ten dollar one. I asked the man while holding the pumpkin, how much? Ten dollars. Yep. I was correct. Deciding I’d I want a large one too and picked up the swan, because, you know, symbolism. How much for the larger ones? As I threw it down. Ten dollars. Really? OK. Tells me he’s selling the 20 dollar one for ten to me. Ok. I guess they are having a sale. So, I got them. Anastasia is getting the swan. I’m hiding the pumpkin.

Like, wow. More synchronicities. Just what I always wanted. Yay.

Let’s say this, maybe for every daily synchronicities I see for William Corgan, let’s give a random number, 20. Maybe out of 20 synchronicities, could get one or two for Elon. Real world stuff I’m talking about, not technology and online stuff. I seen a tractor trailer yesterday that with a green trailer and an orange truck. Walking inside the mall I would see license plates with WC and W34 on them. I haven’t been seeing E628 or such. I think i did see a EM somewhere. And I might actually be trying to look for them! I do have it in my conscience now, but like Josh, it’s a rare event. It’s also why I’m trying to figure out another symbolism and synchronicities for Elon. But one thing is still certain, my children’s father address and his name and my hometown. Elon is not on my debt card and bank account numbers but damn sure William is there. Routing number, debt card number he’s fucking every where. I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to do the let go thing when he’s so in my face with synchronicities. How am I supposed to forget about him? Maybe for 2 seconds I can find peace of mind but then it’s like, BAM!

Sometimes I cry, especially when synchronicities is too much. I try to laugh. Sometimes I wish God would just kill me because I fell cursed. I don’t know if any coaching can help me. What could they actually tell me that I already don’t know? I have to pull myself out. I guess it gets less.

It did happen. William and Elon have a picture mirror. Back when William had hair.

Oh look! I found captions that said Musk and I guess it was supposed to be must but instead it was a K. I don’t know if I can love Elon like Billy. Can I bang my head against the wall and spilt it open? I don’t know if I ever could go through with it. That’s why God must kill me off. Maybe it’ll be of a broken heart. “Until I die of a broken heart”

Perhaps that’s how Elon shows up., by his last name. so, now I have to think about where do I see musk? Still Billy shows up more. He’s in my kids fathers house street number, my bank account routing and debt card numbers. I can’t buy anything online without punching in the numbers. Musk? No. I mean I could consider my parents house phone number there is a 628 in it but the 2 and 8 are separated by another number. Today I happen to look at the clock at 3:17 and also 5:41 but not see 6:28. Seriously. I can’t go anywhere without being slammed by synchronicities of Billy Corgan. If I see a hundred of synchronicities with Billy Corgan, maybe 10, if I’m lucky, to see anything of Elon or perhaps I could possible Elon. Now that Elon is in my awareness, it seems the synchronicities with Billy Corgan has taken another form, like making sure I don’t confuse the 2. There might be a W34 for example. I start seeing this shit and it’s like DAMN! Billy really wants me to know it him. Gas station I passed today was 3.34. Ok. March and 34 numerology. I get it. Yeah, so things like that. It’s only an example I’m giving.

Oh yeah, so earlier today I caught a live chat on YouTube with this one guy I sometimes watch, I believe I mentioned that earlier in this document, where I started to follow news about Johnny Depp etc. well, the live chat, at the end, the total was 17. So 17 of us was watching the premiere video. Yeah, 17, NOT 28. Ok? Anyway….

I’ve heard of people talking about fragmentation of the soul and I think because he numbers that show up with Elon, even another old phone number we had back in the day had 728. One number off. So I’m seeing things like his numbers being split or incomplete might point to Elon being a fragmentation of our one soul. He’s another piece incarnated with us.

William was mirroring my step daughter with children. William was having children with a female that could be his daughter. Bill was having grandchildren. She has a third child. I stopped following WILLIAM. I don’t know if there was a third or more. If he had only 2 children, and not a third, it appears the third showed up with Elon, our other fragmentation. It happened when he was with Grimes, a birthday buddy of William’s. You can’t just pick and choose people at will and claim this. It’s going to show up in timelines and other synchronicities. It’s more than just a few things.

So today, the day after Christmas, I would see this gem of a synchronicities when I went to Whole Foods. My parents gave me a gift card from there, and that’s why I was there. I normally don’t go anymore especially since they are now a part of Amazon.

Same type of car I have but I believe it’s a newer model. I happen to notice it when I got out of the car. I almost didn’t take a picture but I took out my phone and snapped it. Also it was from Wyoming, my stage name Cheyenne, the capital.
Look at the numbers of when i took it. 143 = I love you back with page codes as I mentioned in another article. And Billy Corgans birth time 5:41.

Also, I just got my first Elon time synchronicity. I was able to get a screenshot. I think 15 might be significant as well. I still don’t know what it means but it’s there in the percentages when I captured the screen. Not sure if 26 is anything either. I’d have to look through my notes.

Just a mention that I see synchronicities with my babies daddy as well. I haven’t decided who’s more Elon or Bill. Elon is still new in my awareness, so it’s too early to tell and I need to work on what are signs for Elon to observe in my daily life.

I can start some type of timeline with Elon. I was going to a modeling school while he was still in Philadelphia. He’s not in MY black book list of people so we never did anything on that level if we did cross paths on the streets or something.

Bill’s birthday May 19. Patrick’s birthday July 13.

Well, Elon has been showing up in my dreams…… just saying.

This could be another synchronicity. Billy Corgan having kids with someone that could be his biological daughter. Elon dad actually having a child with a step daughter. And Bills daughter having kids.

I totally understand why Elon don’t want to believe in God. So many people want to misuse God to validate their actions. I get it, Elon.

Elon is actually seeking a soulmate type of relationship. There’s an article here from the rolling stone. Well, I didn’t seek this article back then in 2017….. no wonder why there…..

Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow

Looking for a short person? Lol. Numerology 9. Well, I’m seeing synchronicities with Elon. See?
He’s not looking for one night stands but long term. Great to know! I’m an actual candidate.

Just learned Johnny Depp is also a 34/7. Cool.

It’s Wednesday Jan 5 and I finally decided to book a room to sleep at near the club I’m currently working. It’s an hour ride to and from. Gas and oil mileage adds up. So I found a place that’s about 15 minutes away. What do I see when I walk up? Oh my.

Hello there, Elon. Fancy seeing you here. God been throwing these curve balls for certain. I guess I’m not done with you yet, huh?

I took the day off and decided to walk around a local mall. I was here a few years ago. I know they had one of those chain new age stores so I go in. I ended up looking through these stones with words on them, like kiss, weath, passion etc. At first I grabbed wealth. Then I noticed a Leo ZODIAC sign. Then a Pisces. Oh, hello there. I wonder if they have more. I dug through that basket and the only other sign was a Capricorn. Well, I guess no Cancer. We have one for Elon and one for Billy now.

Yeah, I bought it.

So, today Tues Jan 11 there was a live feed YT recommended with Space X and Elon doing online interview. But the video was blocked with this image. Was this his car?

I missed that part if it was talked about. It’s a weird channel. I seen another a bit ago it did a live video but that was it. I subscribed to it and nothing. I subscribed to this one but the live ended and it’s no where to be found. It got me curious about this and did a search but found 2 other incidents that Elon experienced but not of this car.

I soon found this article about his cars: Before Tesla: 6 other cars Elon Musk has owned apparently the wheel fell off his first car. He did crash a car in 1999. It was uninsured.

Well, what I’m learning is that these channels seem to be fishing for subscribers. I just was recommended another channel playing the same video as a live stream. The 2 others deleted the video and it just sits there. I don’t know what will be up next on them so I remained subscribed until further notice.

This is good to see:

I seen another one show up and clicked on it.
This book was released to Bills birthday. May 19. He just turned 48 in 2015.
Asha? OM-!!! Asha and Casha! The first club I worked at. Casha named me my first stage name, Sierra! Wow! She’s a half, correct?
Jana is pictured here last year with her mother Heide cradling Elliot Musk, who is the baby son of her former husband and her daughter. Next to them is her daughter with Errol, Asha Muak. //// Stolen from daily mail EXCLUSIVE – Revealed, the truth behind Elon Musk’s family feud: Tech billionaire’s estranged father, 72, had a baby son with his 30-year-old STEPDAUGHTER

Oooh. I might have something on the twins. A possible birthday.

Now I need Kris son birthday.


I don’t think we will get the correct story as I haven’t seen Maye mentioned her kids going to live with their father. Currently not finished it but I’m near the end. I’m just skimming through part 5 of the book, which she talks about nutrition. I’m quite aware of that. She was overweight but I don’t think as overweight like my mom. She said she use to joke about her family being overweight, which that would be my mother’s side. Hyndman’s are usually slim, thin in most cases, unless they inherited their other parents genetics. My father “in his prime” (meaning before his heart attack at 42, would eat and eat and eat anything, basically and everyone questioned where did he put it all, because it didn’t show. She mentioned Elon is a eater. I wonder if anything like my dad? Lol. My grand mother knew how to cook. I was told every Sunday dinner, she would have ham and Turkey, and I don’t know, but a lot food like it was thanksgiving dinner or something. Dad said when they were first married and would go over every Sunday and she cooked a lot. I also believed she cooked at lot when he was growing up as well. 4 kids, one year apart. I can relate to Maye so much. Also said she never married again and how she attracts jerks. I feel that way as well sometimes.

Lol. Stay single. And celibate.

I’m sure how everyone can see how Jana reflects Chloe here, correct?

Well, I do have some books laying around and haven’t read yet. Think I’m going to try and read them. I have completed Elon’s moms book. Lovely strong woman.

Ok. So I picked up Dead Mars Dying Earth and I think I did start to read it. But I was on my spiritual path and didn’t believe in such nonsense with this global warming thing. I believe the earth heals itself with an ice age. Space is cold. I believe we would equal space temperature not become hot like a sun. Alrighty then. I can donate this book…. Or will I miss it? I like the cover. 🤔 but I have too many books. I’ll just miss the cover.


Elon Musk Iron Man Cameo

You know, I may have seen this movie and wondered what the fuck was this scene for? But quickly forgotten. I think I seen Iron Man….oh wait. That movie came out in 2010? Ooooo. Let me check baby Julian colander. . , nope. Nada. It was all about Julian. If we did go out, it’s not on there. But on May 7, the day it came out, me and Julian went walking around a mall and a farmers market. He was 24 weeks.

Well, when I was at my club in NJ there was a bouncer that worked there and the one DJ once to,d me, I think he looks like Iron Man and I’m like, you think he looks like RD Jr? His name was Ray. He would sometimes hold up a flashlight up to his chest, that he carried around. It’s sad, he passed away though, before I came to the club in PA. I think he was known to party hard and that’s how it happened. I was also told he did get all his vaxx. He lived in a nearby hotel. Hard worker. Always there. RIP Ray.

I now wonder, if the dreams I had that I thought were Billy but showed up with hair was actually Elon but I didn’t know who Elon was so I didn’t identify him as a different person. . . Well, at least I now know.

Been looking through some fan pages and found a good amount with pictures of Elon. I’m not sure if I feel that sexual connection with him. So I don’t know. But then again, I have been celibate for over 6 years now, so there’s that. I’m totally on off in that department. I’m going to need someone to work at me to get past that.

Ok. I actually did the math. Looks like I can’t use the name idea I found with me and Kimbal. Only use non common letters in both names to form words. We can’t use the 3 letters in her name. Also, it’s her middle name as opposed to a first name like me and Kimbal. Like with Patrick and William Patrick. But SEI….
🤔 could SEI, be a sign for gold digger investment?
Elon has No then her name has this. . . On or No. She’s/He’s only an investment …. I know Oaks PA. It’s near Philadelphia. Pointing to another direction?

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I know, I’ll never love this way again…..