Doppelgängers, Birthday Buddies

Found a copy of Hanks book. It’s a signed copy. Being shipped to me. I’m also moving forward without him. I’m done doing updates here. If I do any, it would be from Hanks book and on the Courtney Twin Flame post. Have a great day!

October 6

Rewritten and made public once again, my article ARE TWIN FLAME REAL? Seems so. But the real question to be asking is if Twin Flames are destined to be together?

September 16

Ultimate timeline, Life Event Mirrors, Chapter 5
Just For Fun, Ultimate Timeline
Relationship mirrors and synchronicities, chapter 05 book blog and ultimate timeline

September 8

Residential Mirrors, Ultimate Timeline
Finding Courtney Love Twin Flame
Finding Courtney Loves Twin Flame

July 30, 2021

Ultimate timeline, In Plain Song Chapter 5

Updated: July 9, 2021

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I believe I know who Courtney’s quantum entanglement actually is anyway. The stuff I was able to find it seems to be showing all the signs. His birthdate, written in American English is Billy Corgans backwards. Billy Corgan being 317. He is 713. You may see what I found here: Finding COURTNEY LOVE’S TWIN FLAME

I also started adding all these interesting conversations I’ve had with a few fans and other unusual profiles and other items found here ALL these things I’ve been told.