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If it’s true, we all have a polarity on this earth plane with us, and we probably couldn’t be in this world of duality without the other, our quantum entanglement, I would not be surprised if this man was actually Courtney Loves Twin Flame. I believe he holds the key to this answer. So I’m going digging. He’s been there the entire time, in plain sight, but under the radar. I’m looking at you, Patrick.

If anyone would like to help with these mirrors, just post in the comments. I think I need assistance with a Courtney Love super-fan for this. Thanks so much!

Also, please excuse the messy beginnings. I had to learn about a new person. Like with Josh, I have “notes” leaving my trail of research.

Patrick Campbell Lyons

Songwriter & producer, famous for being part of the core duo behind Nirvana [UK].
Born on 13 July 1943, Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland

Patrick Campbell-Lyons (born 13 July 1943, Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland), is a composer and musician who is one half of the cult symphonic-rock band, Nirvana,[1][2]formed in London in 1967.

The band was formed in 1967, the year both Billy and Kurt were born.

Where to start, my go to, is usually the Wikipedia:

He was the vocalist and a founder member of a locally-popular R&B band Second Thoughts whose lineups included future record producer Chris Thomas, Thunderclap Newman founder/drummer Speedy Keen and two future members of prog-rock band Jade Warrior (Jon Field and Tony Duhig). Second Thoughts split up in late 1965 and after a year living in Sweden, Campbell-Lyons returned to London in late 1966.

In early 1967 he formed Nirvana with Greek musician Alex Spyropoulos. The duo (augmented in the studio and live by a floating line-up of session musicians) created a series of critically acclaimed baroque, orchestrated albums before disbanding in the early 1970s.

Campbell-Lyons then pursued a career in the music business as an A&R executive and producer – while continuing to occasionally record solo albums including Me & My Friend, The Electric Plough and The Hero I Might Have Been.

In early July 2008, Campbell-Lyons started to write a book, Psychedelic Days, about his life and times in 1960’s London and beyond.

There’s some conflict with the band wiki page. I left a screen capture.

Greek composer Alex Spyropoulos (born George Alex Spyropoulos, 1941, Athens, Greece) and Ray Singer (born 4 July 1946)

We see a 1967 and 1965. Courtney was born 1964.

Other sources say 1967. I wonder if 1964 is when Patrick started getting into music?

I’m intrigued by the Psychedelic days in the 1960’s. Courtney father was giving Courtney LSD as a child. This is a great linear timeline.

Their first album was released October 1967, a concept album.


Courtney seems drawn to London. I know they most likely crossed paths because Nirvana UK took Nirvana USA to court. COURTney.

In 1985, the band reformed. The members of the band took the popular American rock band with the same name to court over the usage of the name, eventually reaching a settlement.

I’m loving his last name. Lyons. Lying?

Here we see Billy, most likely unconsciously, pointing to Courtney Twin Flame while being consciously indirectly towards me.

His first name is William’s middle name. Also, his first two initials, PC are Billys middle and last initials. So we have PCL and WPC. Courtney and I share middle and last initials MH. One thing I don’t understand is the hyphen so I wonder what his middle name is. I haven’t learned why he has a hyphen.

Can’t find a birth time. But he’s sun cancer, like Courtney. Birthdays are 4 days apart. Numerology he’s 10/1. They are both almost 22 years apart minus 4 days.

Another mention: July 13. In English it’s written, 7/13. Can you see Billy Corgan’s birthdate reversed? 3/17.

They say his net worth is 1-6 Million. It’s probably not enough for someone with a big greedy ego….

There’s not much other information I can find about him right now. There’s no birth time. The most for a chart is this:

Can’t really go by it, as you can view with Josh before I had a time to punch in. We can’t get an Ascendent either. Moon Scorpio. I doubt we will get a time considering his age. Many people never bothered with birth time.
Mellow Cello. Anyone else seen Mellon Collie when they read that, or just me? Hahaha

Another book I may have to get….. (and I actually did)


A interview I found here: https://www.psychedelicbabymag.com/2011/05/interview-with-patrick-campbell-lyons.html

What was your first contact with music?

Patrick Campbell-Lyons: I describe it in sweet flowing detail in the first chapter of the book ‘Psychedelic Days: 1960-1969’. I was inside my mother’s womb getting ready to pop out very soon. My parents were dancing (they loved it and did it all the time) and I could hear the songs they were dancing to, mostly songs from the USA pop charts of the time.

Were you in any other bands before forming Nirvana? 

The first band I had for 2 months only I might say was called the Teenbeats (took a lot of time to think of that name indeed!). Then I had a really hot R&B band called the Second Thoughts. Speedy Keen who was later in Thunderclap Newman was the drummer, and he was one of my best mates at the time, Chris Thomas (later a top record producer) was the bass player.

We were all living in West Ealing London at the time. It was a jumpin and jivin place for sex, making music, and doing drugs, all told in great and surreal detail in two chapters of my latest book.

Hat and Tie was never a band. It was just myself and Chris Thomas as a recording songwriting duo. It was well worth it though as the Everly Brothers not much later recorded one of the songs called ‘I’m Finding it Rough’. We were lucky fuckers, how many songwriters can say the first song they ever wrote was recorded by one of the biggest acts in the world.

Can you elaborate the formation of Nirvana?

It started in a cafe in Denmark street in Soho London on the day I met Alex Spyropoulos from Athens (but just moved from Paris to swap a career in law for one in film/music). Our first session was in Regent Sound in the same street a week later when we demo’d a version of the song ‘Busy Man’. We had 3 hours in there which we got for no payment other than to buy the engineer a few drinks in the “ship” pub the next time we were there together, the Rolling Stones came in later in the afternoon at about 4.00pm. Bill The Engineer said “fuck off guys, the Stones are outside and they want to get their gear in”. So that’s what we did.

‘The Story of Simon Simopath’ is one of the first conceptual albums. It’s a true masterpiece.

Well thank you for the accolades, and I don’t mind saying we deserve them, because we did work very hard at trying to make (as you say) a masterpiece. We spent a lot of time over the craft of the songwriting, the artwork and arrangements, and later with the help of the wonderful Syd Dale we got it ready for recording, where we had the best in production to work with us. None of it would have been possible if the unique presence, belief in us, and money also, of our label boss and founder Chris Blackwell (Island Records) was not there to manage and guide the project, that is why I devote a complete chapter in the book ‘Psychedelic Days’ to him and his story in music. ‘The Story of Simon Simopath’ is the first concept album, and we were the first band to use phasing, and we were the first band with the name Nirvana… and we are the only band to have performed live with Salvador Dali… that chapter in the is one of the reader’s/and reviewer’s favourite.

Who created the art for the album cover?

David Browning of CCS advertising in London. It’s based on our ideas.

What about ‘All Of Us’?

I remember that time as being the most creative of my life, everything was buzzing, we were on a constant high, we were traveling to Germany/France, Holland and Scandinavia as our recordings were beginning to sell in those territories. We were at the top of our game and ideas were coming forth like champagne from a soda fountain.

The artwork for ‘All Of Us’ is very creative.

More than interesting some might say… maybe even disturbing to some, but we went with it after we found the picture in an old bookshop in Delmenhorst (near Hamburg) in Germany. It is a montage film still from a movie (‘Propaganda’) made by Lenni Reifensthal for the Third Reich. What more can I say? As a contrast to the ‘Simon Simopath’ cover (first LP release) it was a wonderful flash image, that’s what we liked about our ideas, they always worked as “flash” pop……pow!

Did you do any touring at the time?

If I give you everything in this interview no one will buy the book… So I will just say, two of my favourite chapters as the author and worth the price of the book alone are “fucking around in Belgium” and “into Morocco”…

‘Dedicated to Markos III’ was released in 1970. Arrangements became even more sophisticated. 

Yes I agree with your observations, that’s what we thought too and still feel the same today… but unfortunately Chris and Island felt we had become to “orchestral and lush” … his words! So the relationship with Island was over, and we moved on to pastures anew. C’est la vie.

Well, we at least know he has a daughter……

In 1973 you recorded a solo album ‘Me and My Friend’.

It is a work that is inspired by where I was at time of my life, which was the island of Majorca in Spain, the painter Liz Montgomery, and my beautiful daughter.


Nirvana were essentially the duo of Irishman Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Greek Alex Spyropoulos – who, following a chance meeting in London during the summer of 1966, took a long, strange trip together. ‘Songlife’ represents the first time the band’s recorded output has ever been collated together on one release and is an engrossing body of work to explore. These albums sit comfortably with some of the other great works of the time (the Zombies, The Kinks and the Pretty Things included). Four of the original albums have been remastered from their original ¼ inch tapes and the box itself comes with a 52-page booklet featuring liner notes from renowned author Peter Doggett, interviews with Patrick and Alex from Nirvana, full discography, rare newspaper clippings, previously unseen photos, posters and sleeves, and an exclusive Gered Mankowitz print signed individually by the band. Of key interest to fans will be the ‘Secrets’ album which was only recently unearthed in its entirety, its origins began as a musical score that Nirvana had planned on bringing to London’s Theatres and stages in the early Seventies.

Nirvana’s story remains a wonderful tale of artistic ambition and entwined within it lies a roll call of supporting cast heroes that includes The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Traffic, Chris Blackwell, Salvador Dali, Francoise Hardy, Tony Visconti, and many more.

It’s really nice to have. What a long strange trip must have been. More than 50 years ago you met in London, during the summer of 1966.

Patrick Campbell-Lyons: I remember walking into a crazy house of musicians, songwriters, film students, groupies from Carnaby Street Hustlers of Soho. Some of the cast of the musical ‘Hair’… It was very bohemian. I met Jimi Hendrix there, Noel Redding introduced me, Noel was a friend. It was a magical place.

Alex Spyropoulos: We were signed to the same publisher, Kassner Music, Denmark Street Tin Pan Alley. I was sitting in the famous “Gioconda” cafe with my co-writer Sally Topham. Patrick came in with his co-writer Chris Thomas. We were introduced, we connected. Nirvana was born at that moment.

What influenced you to become a musician?

Patrick: My parents dancing, Gilbert and Sullivan, school opera society, the Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, the Clipper Carton Show Band, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Reed, Jim Marshall music shop West Ealing London, The Second Thoughts and…Girls!

Alex: I played classic piano from an early age moving on to Jazz and eventually got enchanted by the British Rock scene of the 60s.

Were you inspired by psychoactive substances like LSD at the time?

Patrick: I was inspired by everything, anything and everyone, and thank god I lived to tell the story….back then life was a happening!

Alex: My endorphins were enough!!!

How are you currently coping with the world pandemic and what are your predictions for the music industry?

Patrick: Songwriters the same as all serious creative people are loners so this is normal for me. It’s the way I live, I just have to keep myself safe and healthy god willing, as for the music industry, music will always be there forever, industry I do not understand so the publisher and the record company are there to work on that for us.

Alex: About time we took care of our precious planet and the exploitation of of our garden. As for the future of the music industry…who knows….

What currently occupies your life?

Patrick: Walking, sleeping, eating, reading, writing songs, currently released song: ‘Don’t Make America Cry’ for project Planet Of Love. Always trying to move forward and make things happen.

Alex: Creating forever!


  • “Tiny Goddess” (July 1967)
  • “Pentecost Hotel” (October 1967)
  • “Rainbow Chaser” (March 1968) – UK Singles Chart No. 34[11]
  • “Girl in the Park” (July 1968)
  • “All of Us” (November 1968)
  • “Wings of Love” (January 1969)
  • “Oh! What a Performance” (May 1969)
  • “The Picture of Dorian Gray” (September 1981)[12]

What I find interesting is his music partner named Alex Spyropoulos. Spy. Some people believe Courtney and/or her father has ties in the CIA. This is great. I love this!

Interesting. I was unaware of any siblings of Courtney. She has a brother Josh. Ooooooooo. I was trying to see if she had any family named Alex. This is why I need a super-fan.

  • Father – Hank Harrison (Publisher)
  • Mother – Linda Carroll (Author) April 7, 1944 Linda was 20 when she birth Courtney
  • Blood Siblings from mother – in birth order, all half siblings, same mother. 3 different fathers. Courtney is the eldest and the only child between her mother Linda and Hank. Linda had a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, in fall of 1962, before she had Courtney from Hank.
    • Nicole Rodriguez (August 1967)
    • Jaimee Rodriguez (March 1970)
    • Elki Michael Menely (March 1974 – June 1974)
    • Tobias Menely (October 1975 )
    • Daniel Menely (October 1978)
  • Blood siblings from father – mentioned from Hank’s book
    • unnamed brother
  • Non Blood Siblings actually I don’t know who these people are that were listed on websites. They might be Tim Barraud sons from his wife Mary. Tim is Linda’s 4th husband.
    • Joshua Barraud (Film Art Director)
    • Benjamin Barraud (Film Art Director)
    • Joshua (Mitchell?) adopted by Linda and Frank but being raised by Linda and Mark for 3 years until he was basically given and adopted to another family with other adopted boys on a large farm in New Zealand at around 6 years of age.
  • Grand Parents
    • Paula Fox (Maternal Grandmother) (Author)
    • Paul Hervey Fox (Maternal Great Grandfather) (Writer)
    • Elsie Fox (Maternal Great Grandmother) (Screenwriter)
    • Edith/Emma (Paternal Grandmother)
  • Others –, Douglas Fairbanks (Great Uncle), Phil Lesh (Godfather)
  • Linda’s adopted parents: Jack and Louella Risi

Excuse me. I need a laugh….

Love took classes in film and acting from San Francisco Art Institute in California.

^^^^^^ I was unaware of that. I wondered when that happened. Recent? Recent would be too obvious. It doesn’t say that she graduated but took some classes. I don’t know if Chloe graduated either.

Ok, so reading Courtney “Love” mother’s book and I see some errors with the sibling list. Nicole and Jaime are her half sisters from Frank Rodriguez. Josh is adopted. Her mother birth 2 boys by a man named Mark, also one child that died at 3 months of age named Elki. I have updated the above list to reflect what was in Courtney’s mother’s book.

WOW! Courtney has some small feet! She’s 5 10 with a size 5 shoe! Damn!

That’s some small feet lady! I don’t even know my bra size. Lol. I think I’m a 34. I believe 32 was too tight so I go with 34. Well, she had surgery…..

I can’t believe her foot is that much smaller than mine. This must be a typo. I simply can’t believe that image I have of her foot is that small. I’m a 6 1/2. Size 7 in stripper shoes. My mom is a size 9 in shoes. She has big feet and we are about same height.

Interesting about her mother….. can we say ironic?

Linda Carroll

I wonder if she ever spoken at Pebble? Well, my mother was 18 when she had my brother. She worked at a church located on Carroll Ave for 38 years. My parents have a long time friend that I grew up calling her Aunt Linda.

Well, I have no interest in getting any coaching from Courtney “Love” mother any time soon nor in the foreseeable future. I might pick up her one book and see what she has to say about Courtney. Courtney being a first born. One person reviews said that he can see where Courtney gets it from. It was a two star review. There were five star but one many never know if they were created to give it positive reviews.

Looks like I found something to work with. She’s the only child from her parents but have 2 half sisters? A brother that died as a baby. Warning: since I’ve been updating since reading Linda’s book, you’ll see this is all wrong information.

Now, why would you send one of your children back but keep the other two? Went back to her step father but his two biological children are still in another country? Yeah, I’m going to take relationship advice from this woman trying to make up for lost times.

Must be an interesting read from her mothers book. . .

Well, hello. I am from the future and have read her mother’s book. There’s so much false information in this article. I don’t even think Hank and Linda lasted a year of marriage. This article stated that they divorced in 5 years. No. Linda already married a man named Frank and had Courtney half sister when she was around 3 years of age. How can I read any more of this nonsense from someone who didn’t do their homework?

From MySpace article:

It must have been a rude surprise for Kurt Cobain and company to be hit with a lawsuit over the name of their band once they became internationally successful.In the finish, however, the result was relatively amicable, with the original Nirvana getting together long enough to record a version of Cobain’s “Lithium” for a 1996 collection of previously unreleased material. 

Nirvana appeared in 1967, starting as a six-piece led by Patrick Campbell-Lyons from Ireland, and Alex Spyropoulos from Greece. They were quickly signed to the fledgling Island label, which had formed out of Chris Blackwell’s street-level R&B and rocksteady label operations, when Blackwell recognized a need to hook into the exploding psychedelic genre of the time. The first LP to emerge was the science-fiction concept album, The Story of Simon Simopath, which yielded their second single, “Pentecost Hotel” (their first and third singles appeared on the follow-up, All of Us.) 

The band’s early performances yielded something of an audience, but this did not translate into explosive sales in England or America, though the band achieved some success in Europe. Winnowing down to the core duo of Campbell-Lyons and Spyropoulos, Nirvana continued to release singles from All of Us, with the title track going on to be selected as the theme song for The Touchables, while “Rainbow Chaser,” an almost-hit, came to be considered a classic psychedelic outing. 

Life at Island Records did not go so well, unfortunately, with Chris Blackwell refusing to release their third album, Black Flower, so the duo picked up and moved on to Pye Records, home of the Kinks. Black Flower was bought back from Island and worked over, finally being released as Dedicated to Markos III. The result was disastrous. The constantly beleaguered Pye (which would eventually founder) managed to shift only a few hundred units, while the U.S. label to which the album was licensed promptly went under with no more than a few promotional copies having been sent out. Dedicated to Markos III eventually received another release in 1987, restored to the original title of Black Flower, with the 1993 Edsel CD release including a re-recorded version of “Pentecost Hotel” and a newly recorded track titled “Shine.” 

With the release of Dedicated to Markos III, Spyropoulos quit to pursue other musical work. Nirvana had become very much Campbell-Lyons’ venue by this point, and Spyropoulos had had enough of feeling constrained. Campbell-Lyons then signed to Philips’ new progressive label, Vertigo, recording and releasing Local Anaesthetic, a heavily jazz-influenced album featuring only two cuts: “Modus Operandi,” and the somewhat less epic “Home.” The album was quick to disappear from view, as was Songs of Love and Praise, which featured several re-recorded cuts, including both “Rainbow Chaser” and “Pentecost Hotel.” 

Campbell-Lyons came out from behind the Nirvana name for an attempt at a solo album, Me & My Friend, which came and went swiftly in 1973. In 1980, he reunited with Spyropoulos to write a musical, Blood, which has yet to surface. The duo have sporadically performed and recorded as Nirvana, which led to Bam Caruso’s 1987 reissue of Black Flower, as well as renewed interest in the group. Most of the original albums have been reissued by either Edsel or Repertoire (Songs of Love and Praise is the sole exception), a collection of demos and outtakes, entitled Secret Theatre, has been released, and a new album, Orange and Blue, featuring material previously unrecorded by the band, was issued in 1996. 

From all indications, it would appear that Nirvana, having come together again in the ’90s, intends to be around for some time longer. ~ Steven McDonald

The Story Of Simon Simopath
Released 1967; Island ILPS 9059

1 Wings Of Love (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
2 Lonely Boy (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
3 We Can Help You (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
4 Satellite Jockey (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
5 In The Courtyard Of The Stars 
6 You’re Just The One (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
7 Pentecost Hotel (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
8 I Never Found A Love Like This (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
9 Take This Hand (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)
10 1999 (Spyropoulos/Campell-Lyons)

Produced by Chris Blackwell
Engineer: Brian Humphries
Arranger/Conducter: Syd Dale

All Of Us
Released 1967. Island ILPS 9087

1 Rainbow Chaser
2 Tiny Goddess
3 The Touchables (All Of Us)
4 Melanie Blue
5 Trapeze
6 The Show Must Go On
7 Girl In The Park
8 Miami Masquerade
9 Frankie The Great
10 You Can Try It
11 Everybody Loves The Clown
12 St. John’s Wood Affair

Produced and arranged by Brian Humphries
All songs written by Spyropoulos/Campbell-Lyons


Buried Treasure – Nirvana ‘Dedicated to Markos III’


If there is a grander, more beautiful psychedelic LP than Nirvana’s Dedicated To Markos III, then I wanna know about it. The Irish/Greek pairing of Campbell-Lyons and Spyropoulos made the sweetest melancholia in Old Blighty, filled with full-on orchestrations that would make Morricone and Alexrod weep and melodies so fine that it actually makes you want every other band to just pack up and go home. 

Nirvana (of course I don’t mean that Nirvana you clot) had reached incredible musical heights with Tiny Goddess, Rainbow Chaser, The Girl In The Park and Lonely Boy, but nothing could prepare those who heard the majesty of the Markos III LP. If any album fits the bill of ‘why on Earth wasn’t this a huge hit?‘ this is the one… although… in saying that, once heard, you don’t want to share it with any old dickhead.

From the off, Markos III is a phenomenal long player. The World Is Cold Without you is everything you could ever want from a song. No. Scratch that. ‘A song’ it ain’t. It’s a mini symphony. It’s overdriven drums rattle along loosely under overblown sike-strings whilst the chorus makes every single hair on your head, back and arms stand on end. In the dying throes of the spectacular finale, you breathlessly tell yourself that there is no way this album can keep it up. It’s too good. It’s a track that makes you cuss and cry straight back to the deck or CD tray for a replay. 

As each track rolls by with great cinematic sweeps and broad paint strokes, it’s clear that this was a band on top of there game and making some of the most incredible music ever cut to wax. It may sound like I’m overdoing, but if you’ve heard the album, you’ll know… you’ll just know. It seems unfair that Pet Sounds should get all the plaudits when it comes to far reaching inventive emotive pop. Nirvana at their best outstrip the two dimensional sounds of Wilson. He copied Spector, Nirvana were without peer. This is an LP that deals with real loneliness and rejection in an adult way that Wilson was simply far too fucked on acid to be able to cope with. You need to be a real man (or woman obviously) to be able to take this album. It’s so magnificent that it actually drains you. When I Talk To My Room thunders in, you recall the toytown In My Room by The Beach Boys. Whilst Wilson and Co. wistfully look out of rainy windows, Nirvana are outside in the rain screaming at the sky with their life in tatters. 

Nirvana were clearly a band with huge balls. Their Christopher Lucifer, on the surface, sounds for all the world like a Biblical diatribe about the perils of the devil. Scratch the skin and underneath is a vicious attack on Chris Blackwell, spod at Island records (Nirvana resided in the classic ‘Island Pink’ roster) who shafted the band with a lack of funds and time.  He wanted to know where the singles were… Nirvana had just created the most ambitious and elaborate psychedelic LP ever cut. Where’s the problem? 

Aside from the dramatic crashing dramas that unfold throughout this LP, the band were just as adept at creating gentle and sublime pop. Aline Cherie is a lilting song full of mourning and yearning. It’s heart-breaking. It could almost be the soundtrack to a long lost forgotten film from the forties. It manages to stop short of saccharine by throwing in some truly haunting melodies. Love Suite is another sweet baroque pop masterpiece. At first glance, it’s a simple girl-boy love song. Again, looking closer, you’ll find sorrow, regret, missed chances, hope. It manages to contain more ideas in its three or so minutes than your average film can muster in a couple of hours. It’s as close to perfect as music gets.

Black Flower is the dark twisted centre piece of the LP. Far from the catchiest and most accessible tune on Markos III, Black Flower is an exercise in pure evil. Dark dramatic strings ferociously clatter through deceptively sweet verses. The chorus is a vast wall of sound that sees “Look at the people down below!” rasping and cutting through horns, keys and orchestra before breaking into fuzzed guitars. It’s incredible stuff. This is one of those LPs that continually fails to get the plaudits it so richly deserves. With each listen, more of this album’s buried treasure is revealed. You honestly cannot live without it. It is the highest watermark set by a pop album to date.

I have ordered his book. Just FYI

Black Flower. Interesting name. Courtney is such a drug addict. Perhaps this is reference to that and also how her father was giving her LSD. His flower was being forced to take drugs.

Nirvana USA Band members

Final line-up

Touring musicians

Former members

Session musicians

  • Mark Pickerel – drums (1989)
  • Kirk Canning – cello (1991)
  • Kera Schaley – cello (1993)


Interesting Nirvana USA also had Cellos.

I purchased the book new because I didn’t find used. Guess where it’s shipping from? New Jersey, of all places! Lol Remember, as with Josh, there’s mirrors the bridges all of us. This one may be more difficult to find for me, as my preoccupation was all about Billy Corgan and not the women he was banging. They were just overlooked in most part. I was about the music, it was better to stay focused on the music, not what his body was doing. Loving from afar and in my heart.

I can’t wait to get his book. I want more information about his family and if he had more than one child, a daughter. This would mirror Courtney, of course. But Bill has 4 and his TF has three. So, I don’t think it’s always the case. Or me and Billy Corgan’s mirrors are just so beyond anything and anyone else’s. I can’t say. People on drugs, well, ours is on every drug known to mankind.

I think I’m going to need Courtney dad book as well. I need Hanks book. Well, I have since learned, this is a hard find.

We can’t entirely rely on Wikipedia to be fully correct as I have shown above that there’s a conflict with when the band was form and it has 1965 but other sources say 1967, and I’m going with 1967. Further down it mentions that they filed a lawsuit in 1992 and I’m goin with this when it happened. In 1992, Courtney was 27/28, right in her first Saturn return. Just saying.


Check out the quoted article for July 1994 (birth months for both Courtney and Patrick. Francis. Spelled with an I like my brother but still pronounced. Frances.
After seven months, that’s Billy Corgan’s life path number. I see things pointing to Corgan with this man. Look at the lyrics, sounds like Billy Corgan song Obscured.


Trying to find him smiling. OMG! Smiley! Where have you been? Where are you? Here is the original Mellon Collie, not just the original Nirvana! //// Yeah, I know. I hear the haters in my head already…. Well, if you knew Courtney was your twin flame, would you ever be smiling?

I have the book and I already found some synchronicities.

Yes. The year is in fact 1967. Not the error on the Nirvana Wikipedia.
Courtney numerology life path number is 36/9.
Maybe it means something. Their birthdays are 4 days apart
Mother Philomena. Billy Corgan ends up naming his daughter Philomena.
Intriguing that he remembers 3 to 6. Courtney numerology life path number 36/9. I don’t know too much about her to fully dissect. This is why I need a super-fan.

I believe I read enough here. I might try to find older images of them and see if I can make a half half or perhaps find some physical characteristics that’s another test there. The song titled Rainbow Chaser sounds appropriate for a child who could be forced to take a psychedelic drug. She’s chasing rainbows. I don’t know about the rest of the song lyric, I have to look at it but I see the name itself as symbolic. At what age did he start giving her LSD? I just heard she was very young. Was she a toddler? Sounds like a parent who wanted nothing to do with their child. And I feel bad for her, but she became an adult and it’s her decision to get better or not.

I don’t know if I’ll put in the amount of energy like with Josh. Again, if any Superfans would like to contribute, just leave a comment below.

Look at his eye color. Wow. I need to compare the three of them.
I feel I’m still more drawn towards William despite all the things that conspired the last 6 years.

I did. I ordered the Kurt Cobain journal book just for this. It was just because someone mentioned it somewhere so I had to see for myself. So, I ordered this book for these 3 lines:

Last three lines. The page number was 33.

I skimmed the entire book. That’s all I found. Patrick seemed more positive when talking about Kurt and Co but Kurt was very negative. I’m seeing this as a sign that he “knows”. He might not understand it but on a subconscious level he knows and this is his Ego response. I’m sure not everything was scanned and things have been left out. If he was a journal writer, then there must be something somewhere about the lawsuit of the name.

So, I got Courtney mother’s book and I was surprised to learned that her fathers mother’s name is Emma. I’ve been skipping around and speed reading it.

Born April 7, 1944, Linda is 9 months younger than Patrick.

I found it humorous that Linda had to remember all the men she seen with bald heads. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my parents remained friends with a woman Linda ever since like grade school. I always knew her as Aunt Linda and Uncle Harry. And my mother worked at St Mary’s on Carroll Ave. Because I learned all about these mirrors and stuff I laugh at them now. Oh, so a Martha witness Linda and Hanks eloped marriage. . . and a man with a bald head. . .

Reading this book and she tells her story with Courtney, I can’t help but notice how she lacks many stories of her and Courtney. I mean she does have some but she’s mostly concerned about the men she’s dating. There’s just a different feel when she talks about the men and then Courtney. She wants to run away from her. Courtney is crying for her mother’s attention, especially at a young age and her mother was disinterested. She just wants to go on this date with a man that’s uninterested in children and probably have other women on the side. Her mother is working all the time and Courtney is being cared for by others, and this woman is worried about why Courtney is behaving like she was. . .

I’m actually amazed at how many conversations she is able to recall. There’s so much dialogue. Perhaps she kept a journal? I know I didn’t journal much over my entire life. I can’t recall that many conversations!

Oh but look. After the birth of Courtney’s half sister, Nicole, Linda would soon open a child care center in their house. Oh wow. What a caring mother. I’m sorry. I don’t buy this. She’s still having other people fill Courtney attention. She’s not attending to just Courtney, but other children along with hiring extra help. Now with a second child, Courtney is cast aside.

I’m still leaning towards Billy being set up to being Courtney “destiny” by her mother. She had to mention a time when Courtney cut her hair to nearly bald when she was 3. Just because someone who witnessed her marriage to Hank was named Martha, is not enough of a destiny. I’ve shown that in my blog here. I’ve also shown synchronicities with my children’s father and it doesn’t mean shit. I see signs with her as well, as I also mentioned above. Yes, St Mary’s is significant.

I can’t help but think that Billy is being led on to believe that a toxic relationship with Courtney is his “Soulmate” that’s even being written by Courtney mother in her book, indirectly.

Of course a little later in the book she decided to close her own day care center and put her daughters in a Montessori school.

I finally found the part in her book about the LSD, it says Courtney was 4. Who knows, it could have been sooner.

Courtney’s mother first tried LSD in 1963. Even though in the book she states winter, she would have had to become pregnant around October/November to have Courtney in July. So she made an error because this is Fall/Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time frame she met Hank. Chapter 16 starts off “one winter morning in 1963, I walked through the door of Liberty House, a civil rights organization started by students at San Francisco State College.” she would have had to already be pregnant with Courtney but this is the chapter leading up to meeting Hank, she hasn’t mentioned him or their meeting yet.

There is timeline error in this chapter. In that same chapter in a paragraph of her story telling this is quoted “After we said goodbye, I wondered why Judy was so cynical. I had been volunteering at Liberty House almost every morning for months.” There is something wrong with her recall, or is it?

The chapter begins on page 116 but nothing about Hank until page 212 “A man sitting cross-legged on the floor amidst a rapt audience caught my attention.” This is where she smoked her first joint and Hank taught her how to inhale it.

This timeline would make better sense if it was 1962 but she said it was 1963. Further into the chapter and still no baby born Courtney she would type “on a dreary October morning, he dropped me off at the Greyhound station”. So, this would cancel out 1962 idea and also the introduction sentence. The timeline here doesn’t add up.

Looking to Courtney’s mother for mirrors with her Twin Flame before she was born. I can’t seem to get a hold of Hanks book. Does he tell how Courtney was born and how they met? I need his side of the story to see if I can have a good flow for a timeline.

Interesting to note, this book was published in 2005…

Here is the section of her book talking about what therapist said when she was six years old. Also the story of her ADOPTED brother Josh. I have came across a website saying that Linda gave birth to him and Ben when, no, her own book said he was adopted. I don’t see a Ben in the book. Perhaps he was found later but Josh ended up only being with them for 3 years. He ended up with another family in New Zealand.

Josh also seems to be older than Jaimee.

What I am seeing for Courtney and Billy synchronicities is Martha. A therapist named William. And her mother moving the family to a place in Oregon called CORvallis, as in the 3 first letters of CORgan. I’ve seen things that point to me as well. Oops, and a step father named Mark, so Billys birthmark and “The Marked”. (Me, with a sinister laugh… bawahahahahahahahahahaha how cute. So, have you ever gone through my blog??? Hmmmmmmmm??? Bawahahahahahahahahahaha) Well, I don’t drink beer, so I can’t tell you to hold my beer. How about….”here, hold my celery juice.”

The hell you talking about? ya’ll wanna make yourself out to be the killer, go ahead! He was with Chloe at this time but is this him being all indirect and shit because I was fully in his fan community and I guess he just likes to use Courtney as some form of indirect mental abuse. But hold on to her like this just digs himself more of his own grave as the crazy ex boyfriend and total motive to pull the trigger. You know, I show more synchronicities with Bill, then what I see between you and Courtney. You share ZERO connection with Courtney. These minor things are NOTHING! So, whatever Billy. // Shit, I share more synchronicities with Courtney then you do! I mean she has a grand mother Emma, as I did too! Margaret Emma but known mostly by her middle name.

Perhaps this is what Billy Corgan was seeking calling someone a “Soulmate” That they need to have resided at a location with the letters COR. You may see my new update in my Residential Syncs/Mirrors or to make life easier for you, the reader. . .

Of course, there’s this other “synchronicities” a priest named Patrick, but that also is a nod for PATRICK NOT WILLIAM Patrick.

I probably had to do what I did with creating this blog.

Reading the book from Courtney’s mom and I don’t know what to say other then, she’s been an adult now for years. It’s up to her for her own self healing.

I have heard the mental state of the mother affects the baby. When I was pregnant I tried to make sure I wasn’t in too much of a low mood. Both of my kids are great, at least I think so. This woman didn’t seem to be in the best state of mind while pregnant with her children, especially Courtney.

Ok, so what I also see is this:

Linear timeline, which I mentioned is less than 5 years for twin flames. Linda was married for the third time to Mark. She birth 3 children from him even though their first child passed away in infancy.

Here is the small bit about the name William. The name William ends up being symbolic for them. But notice what it points….

Now I can’t say if Linda or Tim are Twin Flames but could be a strong soul connection. I have to recheck the book. I don’t think she gone into detail. I’m also working with very little knowledge.

Remember that shoe size 5? Well here’s one that seems more realistic with her height.

What the hell with that Dennis guy? The two boys father was Mark. And Josh was adopted. I guess he found his birth parents and Courtney started calling his father a stepfather? Perhaps she thought: what’s one more step father…?

Finding dates for these.

Keeping that list up to date above. You are reading this down here. So, Two children were born in March and two in October…. Amazing!

After going back to Linda’s book, I believe it is possible that this person named Mickey is her Twin Flame and this man, her fourth husband was a vibrational match for her.

She gave his full name, Michael PATRICK Malloy. Patrick most definitely fit in. He was older than Linda. Mickey age was never revealed but she was 14 and he was in high school. The gap isn’t too wide but when your 14, someone that’s 18 or 19 is seen as approaching legal adulthood.

I found Hanks books on eBay and purchased it. It was a signed copy. Originally it was listed for 50 but I only hit he watch button. I noticed I was the only one watching and I would soon receive a 5 dollar discount offer and I thought,well, maybe I’m supposed to have this so I ordered it.

Interesting that Hank states his mother’s name is Edith. I don’t know why there is a Emma in Courtney mother’s book. Perhaps like a Nick name or middle name like my grandmother. I guess I’m going to make a note of it. Nirvana is given, both band names. ⬇️

I have reached the first chapter Hank would mention Billy Corgan, but first, I’m going to look a tad into Alex bit

No body can understand why he keeps going back. How many times does it have to take that you both don’t work? The first break up should have been the last. Trauma. Junkies. Toxic. So, people ask him about the perfect person, correct? Billys logic: keep smashing my dick in my toxic ex girlfriend(s and groupies) thinking it’ll be different and we magically become perfect for each other while my actual perfect person walks away.

I can’t fully focus with Hanks book. It’s all over the place. I started scanning just Billys name and it’s too much for this page and taking the focus off of Patrick. I will post all the names mentioned about him on this page: ALL These Things I’ve Been Told.

I believe this sets the stage as Billy being Nancy in his situation. He will be stabbed if things don’t improve. Again, because we are one, only physically separated, it would make sense that some of me would show up as well. View both Twins as already one when viewing synchronicities.