These are very unique mirrors. I’m just showing what is between me and him, not any type of conspiracy. Take them as they are.

Can mirrors between Twin Flames solve a murder/suicide mystery? Or perhaps the truth on someone’s biologically when possibly living a life in a lie? Until more truth comes out about this subject, we can never know for sure. Pink Elephant Mirrors is left standing there in the room. The elephant isn’t just this big animal standing in the room, it’s pink! Perhaps I can call it yellow, or maybe I should just call it an an orange or green striped elephant but I’m just calling it pink. Perhaps I can even named them an upside down pink Elephant that’s dancing on the ceiling mirrors, but I decided to keep it simple and a four letter word. You really can’t miss it! It makes you question so many things! You are left with a what’s the meaning of this? I believe true Twin Flames can have these types of mirrors. If one counterpart has been living a lie, Pink Elephant Mirrors can show truth and clarity.

The timelines of both death for us is nonlinear. But the fact I was with a man that has the same first name as Billy and other synchronicities bridges us. Because Twin Flames are one, you could possibly view me as either William himself or his wife that he married in 1993.
Quite significant here. I believe we can see Frances as a spiritual niece.

As I see it, just because brother in law Dave merges both Courtney and Grohl, I don’t see it as the person(s) who may be responsible for a possible murder. They just happen to bridge them together to link them. That’s how I see it.

I have found mirrors and synchronicities with Elon Musk. The story can be found here: WHAT’S THIS ABOUT, UNIVERSE? ELON MUSK? I have also started creating a timeline with him and that can be found here: Timelines with Others: Elon Musk. Because there are mirrors with him, there are some questionable ones that can be placed on this page. That is why they are here. Thanks for being here!

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