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Kimberly Hyndman does your stripping make him jealous and does he get upset, and do you have fans getting jealous of your connection with him? Im very curious coz i have women that get jealous of my connection with mine. He is no celeb but I still deal with that, so any info would be helpful 🙂


Oh. I don’t know if Billy Corgan is jealous and it’s not something that I worry myself over (my job) But I think for others who are like me, in a celebrity/non celebrity dynamic, this is the area we all must work on. We are dealing with a global amount of people. In the beginning, right before I started on this path and stumbled into the Smashing Pumpkins groups, I didnt let the jealousy thing bother me much. I know how people are because of my job. I’m able to flirt back. Other females that say my counterpart is hot and I totally agree with them! I was posting pictures of him and they were making flirty comments and I would like them.

I’ll just make my own cover with him on it. I don’t need the world telling me who’s hot and who’s not. I think Billy Corgan is HOTT.

I also understand how fake many women are and even if they are telling the truth that they would find someone attractive, not just my counterpart, they probably aren’t telling the truth. I mean, it’s no offense to my love, because let’s face it, he didn’t win the sexist man alive award, even though in my book, I thought he was. He won my vote. I totally put him as sexist man alive. He’s my kind of sexy and no one else compares. He doesn’t need to win some bogus award about external appearances for me to want him.

For example, I’ve been reading a book called Marriage, a History by Stephanie Coontz, most people are not actually in love at all but in lust, as I call it. It’s Infatuation. My twin becomes appealing to many women because he has all the security of wealth that women seek in a man, no matter what he looks like. I know many are fake and probably have “multiple celebrity crushes”. I only had the one and that’s pretty much it for my entire life, with only a few minor ones that came and left just as fast while he goes on and on and on.

For me and the other non celebrity counterparts, as I mentioned, I believe we must MUST work on the jealousy and have absolute TRUST in them. I won’t be the one posting stupid memes about “if you don’t like someone, your man should stop talking to them.” When you are dealing with the public, you can’t just cut the entire world off. I think my Twins “karmic partner” gets jealous and you just can’t do that. Then to try and hold them tighter? That stuff can only work for so long before it becomes problematic. In my opinion, as a non celebrity and a celebrity dynamic, I believe we all need to first and foremost work on the jealousy.


On May 8, I had another thought that was probably inspired by this question and more interaction with some of the Facebook Twin Flame groups. I posted this:

If I notice anything in the Twin Flame community is even though these people claim to be spiritual or authentic or as a sisterhood, is that this is far from the truth. They want union with a partner, one to have sexual relations with, a love connection, yet they can’t even connect with themselves. There’s still jealousy, sexism, classism, ageism, envy and everything else. It’s the unacknowledged aggression and sexism with other females. Females taunting and ostracism towards other women. How can we reach union with anyone if we can’t reach a sisterhood union with other women?


I’ve seen people posting those meme about if you, the female, don’t like another female, it somehow gives you the right to control your man and tell him what to do or who to talk to. These women that behave in this way are so very insecure. They are very petty. There’s obviously tension in the relationship. If there’s that type of tension in the relationship, it’s doomed to begin with. I don’t know why any person stays in a relationship that there’s obviously no love between them and they resort to manipulation to “keep” a person. Why does a man stay when a female tells him what to do? What power does this female have over the man? Is the man insecure himself that he sticks around and “puts up” with this control tactic? Maybe it’s a sign a man should listen to. If he’s paying attention towards other women and not his own, perhaps he should let the female go. That’s manipulative of men to keep a female around just so they can use them for steady sex because a female puts out. These people are in a toxic situation and should just part ways. If you ask me, a person fear of being “alone” is most likely equivalent to fear of not having a steady piece of ass and finding their next steady piece of ass.

For the people getting jealous over your Twin Flame connection, as long as they aren’t attacking your life in general and it’s online, you can just quickly “fix” that by unfriending or blocking and only add trusted people to your list of online friends. You can minimize your time on social media. You can also delete your social media.

In real life, as long as they aren’t interfering with your personal life and causing harm or stalking or whatever else that’s toxic, we can probably deal with each individual and situation accordingly. We can choose what to share or how much information or if we even continue to associate with them. Worse case senecio: restraining order.


Is Billy Corgan jealous and upset about my job? He has no right or say to make that judgment when you view his entire life, career and the people he’s been with and associates with. I gave these examples in my Relationships Mirrors/Syncs post. That man has no right to be jealous nor upset about my job. These two I’m aware of that were strippers. This is his own insecurities and probably a mirror he didn’t know he had until he met his true mirror, his true Twin Flame.

This female just looks so thrilled to be with him. Look at how enthusiastic her facial expression is! How much he paid her? This female is tall and wearing heels to be even taller. The way he’s dressed. That’s more me in public. I don’t dress like a ho/stripper in public.The people in the background and their reactions though. I wonder when this was taken. Her hair is up and in that photo shoot, I had my hair cut short.

We can probably take this idea about the celebrity counterpart attempting to create their counterpart in the people they date a little further. Billy Corgan, as mentioned a few times before is 9 years and 6 months older than I am. He began dating Courtney in 1989. This was the time period where I discovered Paula Abdul. Her album Forever Your Girl came out in June 21, 1988 when I turned 12 that October. Billy Corgan would have been 21 in 1988, a good legal age for men to start hitting the strip clubs. Courtney Love is 3 years older than Billy so, she could have also been dancing for a few years, if she started dancing at 18.

I can’t recall the first time I heard Paula Abdul nor which song I “found” her. The title track, Forever Your Girl, came out February 20, 1989. Perhaps I found her with Straight Up which came out November 22, 1988. I believe it was Straight Up that really made her, so I’m going to choose that one, and because of the date of release. Straight Up makes so much more sense and it would fit well to our current situation. It’s also significant because he released Run2Me on November 22.

Which one of us was putting dance into the Vortex? Was it my interest that took form with Paula Abdul or was it Billy Corgan dating a stripper named Courtney Love that had me become a stripper?

Straight up now tell me
Do you really want to love me forever oh, oh, oh
Or am I caught in a hit and run?
Straight up now tell me
Is it gonna be you and me together oh, oh, oh
Are you just having fun?

(Side notes: I believe around 1988-1989 I started getting more into music on my own. I also began liking Richard Marx, whom is also from Chicago, like Billy Corgan. I discovered him with his album Repeat Offender. I also just discovered the Bangles and as it so happened, the band would break up and I had to backtrack listening to their older albums. You can say I had a minor crush on Richard Marx. It didn’t last very long though. My friends were more interested in New Kids on the Block and I was developing on my own. Billy Corgan stood the longest for me. He took the cake and apparently eats it too.)


My divine counterpart also associated himself with porn stars. I have never done porn. I’ve had photographs done, but there is no video of me having sex with anyone. All the photos done of me were just me in them.

Interesting mirror here. Perhaps it’s saying that his Twin Flame is his personal porn star. That I’m even better because I wouldn’t be looking at him like he’s just some other John or stepping stone. WILLIAM, love, are you high in these photos? ….. And during this time for me, I was just learning I was pregnant with my son. Perhaps this is reflective in that I was single for a long time and I believe I was even celibate for a year and a half then all of a sudden I was having daily sex so now I’m like a porn star. Going home from work, dancing of course, and waking him up after I shower. Yeah, I believe that’s this reflection.

Someone on Facebook has told me that he has done porn, but he was wearing a mask. I don’t know how true that is but considering he’s been with Sasha Gray. I even found a photograph with him and Ron Jeremy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Who knows, maybe Ron Jeremy was a Smashing Pumpkins fan. Apparently the Ron Jeremy picture was probably from Machina era. I don’t watch porn, just FYI. I have never seen what is rumored about Ron Jeremy nor do I have a desire to. I am a stripper, an exotic dancer and I don’t watch porn.

If I think about it, I went to school for Video Production in 2000. I remember when guys asked me what I was going to school for and I’ll tell them. The first thing asked is, if I was going to make porn. Um, no. The club I was working at in this point in time was in what is nicknamed the Gayborhood in Philadelphia. I did just meet him for the first time that year. Now considering Machina era is 2000, should I be assuming since we are twin flames and mirror each other, that Billy Corgan was getting fucked in the ass by Ron Jeremy wearing a mask? The mirror seems legit.

There’s also a video I have watched but I’m not looking for now, where he had dancers on the stage during a show. I believe it was during the height of his fame Mellon Collie era. His eyes were wandering all over. If I come across again, I’ll come back and post it here. Also, I have seen a picture of him with a group of strippers, but I never saved it. Again, if I come across it, I’ll post it here.

As you can see, me being a stripper is most likely perfect for him as his counterpart. Did he get triggered? Well, can you see, he has no business on being triggered other then seeing his own reflection? He can only be triggered by looking into the mirror. He’s a hypocrite if he’s jealous or upset about my job.


If my divine counterpart is so triggered by my job, well, that’s simple. He already written the storyline. He can come and take me away from it all like in his music video Stand Inside Your Love. (Yes, in that music video, his then girlfriend Yelana was the dancer.) Otherwise, I’m going to do, what I’m going to do.

Yeah, so, if my divine masculine is so bothered by my job, I’d say shut the fuck up, you hoe! Quit your bitching and come over here and take me away from it all you little crying bitch.

Don’t forget my other body, I’m Forever Your (Girl) Whore.


Also, as I mentioned, most people throughout life for thousands of years, rarely married for love. There was a saying, you love your mistress, not your wife. It’s a sad world when you think about it. Marry for greed, marry for status, but never marry for love. It’s implemented into peoples minds. This is why I believe Twin Flames are here and why you’ll hear talk about a new template. Old template is marriage for anything but love. New template: married for love and not just love but your divine counterpart.

Many people put up a front. They are smiling through their teeth. Billy Corgan, with his past history, is an easy target. He’s easy. He’ll stick his dick into anyone who give him attention. He’s especially guilty of greed himself. If you have something for him to gain, even publicly, he’ll go along with it. My counterpart, most definitely was a whore. He whore himself for fame and money. All those celebrities did. He did too. Yes, there’s plenty of “cult symbolism” photographs of him. Black and white checkerboards. Does the devil horns. He had a ritual bath early in this career (music video Siva). It’s all there. It’s all there.

I don’t know if striped shirts are included with symbolism. If striped shirts are, I have plenty of those images as well. 2 colored striped shirts, if this is so. We could also include the flooring of his Madam Zuzu tea shop. I don’t know about his current location flooring but definitely the first location.

I don’t know if this falls in the so called freemasonry symbolism because it’s not checkerboard. And I don’t know if people would consider plaids as well. Strips and plaids, I don’t know. Perhaps in time I’ll learn about it and then I’ll update accordingly.

Billy Corgan most likely whored himself to get to where he is. Is that why he would be triggered if he is/was upset or jealous of my job? But, I’m the one that’s supposed to be all forgiving towards him and all the crap he’s done, right? Can you see why I say he has no right to be triggered nor upset about my job? None. ZERO! If he’s gotten pissed then he can only be pissed at himself.

Now, I don’t know how deep he went in. I can only hope that he reflects me with being a stripper / exotic dancer. I’m in that world but I never done drugs, I rarely drank in my entire career, etc. Again, if everything they say about being a celebrity is true, I don’t know how deep he has gone into it. Was he controlled opposition? Well, if he was, he’s probably not that anymore.

A very short video found on YouTube Smashing Pumpkins – They Sold Their Souls

All of the elite symbolism and any possibilities of the Satan worshiping and whatnots is between him and the Devine/Source/Great Spirit/God. I’m quite aware there is no opposite of divine source/God because love is all there is. I believe people that worship a so called devil entity are a bunch of fools.

I have found this person channel on YouTube. They seem to be collecting images and making videos of all the celebrities and other elites posing and using symbolism. Josh Sparrow YouTube

Actual Devil-worship continues until the positive power of good is recognized and man finds out by experience that the good, although it’s progress may be ever so slow, is always victorious in the end. It is natural that the power that makes for righteousness is by and by recognized as the supreme ruler of all powers, and then the power of evil ceases to be an object of awe; it is no longer worshipped and not even propitiated, but struggled against, and the confidence prevails of a final victory of justice, right, and truth.

The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil – Paul Carus

I see all this demons and evil type of things as nothing more but blaming externally for someone’s behavior instead of personal accountability. “The devil made me do it.” “He’s possessed by a demon” is just placing a blame onto a spirit. It’s a personal choice. And Hell is usually viewed as a lower world and Heaven is above. Hell = low vibration. Heaven = High vibration. Hell = lower chakras. Heaven = higher chakras. It’s why they say to embrace your “dark side” and balance your energies, Alignment.

My heart loves Billy Corgan even if he ended up being a low vibe dipshit dumb ass during his human incarnation like the rest of those so called elites. I have to accept his idiotic ways because my love won’t end for him. My love is Unconditional, but I also must love me enough to not tolerate his low vibrational behavior. Like I said a few times already, there’s no one else in this world who will love you, Billy Corgan, like the way I love you. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON.


None of those people putting up a front smiling and kissing ass are true nor will be true to him. They just want to use him as a stepping stone. Rich people do it to each other, all the time also. Don’t think for a moment that two rich people together must be “in love” or even Soulmates.

Two rich people attract each other because of the common interest in greed. So too do non rich people be attracted to a person with fame and wealth. Those Gold diggers and fame chasers, rich people probably shouldn’t be whoring themselves to just any person. It’ll come back and bite them. I believe they, of all people, should be practicing celibacy. But, that’s just my own opinion.

Whoever thirst for money is real victim of a capital illusion.

Toba Beta

If you follow Jesus teachings, you’ll know what he says that Rich people don’t enter the kingdom of Heaven. They are too busy chasing after fame and fortune, the illusions of the world. I’m pretty sure this also how you can have celebrity / non celebrity twin flames. If your counterpart has been chasing after greed all these years, they now must make a choice: Greed or Love.

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. –

Matthew 19: 23-26 KJV

As long as they keep choosing greed, they will never be truly happy. A rich man can be happy, if he chooses love. “With man this is impossible, but with God all this are possible”. Follow your heart, and God awards you. Resistance to God, you are not “saved”, you are not truly happy. You are not truly in alignment, at least, not high alignment. You are in alignment though, to that of your vibration. If you are greedy, you attract those same types of people.


Also for those who are jealous of my Twin Flame connection or any other Twin Flame connection, you better start praying and asking God, for your own Twin Flame and get your jealous ass out of other peoples business. There’s no need for this petty jealous games. They need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why are they so triggered over someone else’s love connection.

Even people who claim to be on a spiritual path or on their own Twin Flame Journey. If they aren’t supportive of you and do nothing but throw out negativity, drop them and move on. They aren’t helping your growth and keeping you on the lower vibration.