Updated: August 17, 2021

In light of the Marilyn Manson allegations , I thought I’d creat a post of all the things I’ve been told about Billy Corgan over social media since I became aware of being a Twin Flame. The things I’m reading about with Marilyn Manson sound similar to things I was being told.

I’m also including other items as well that are noteworthy. I will be leaving most items unedited, even if they are placed in a collage.

Take it as it is.

FYI: In case you’re wondering, I support Manson. I don’t believe he’s entirely innocent and perhaps is into BDSM but the allegations of what is allegedly being claimed is a money grab.

Also, I believe Billy was being set up. I can’t explain Chloe other than it was somehow forced upon him or someone he was awarded to reproduce with for joining the Masonic cult and being a puppet.

Comments I found from when Corey Feldmen made his post about Marilyn Manson on Instagram:

Questionable Relationship: Courtney and Billy

I’m starting this page with Billy Corgan and Courtney Love situation. Then I’ll be showing thing that we’re exchanged with me.

Why is he talking about Courtney when he was with Chloe from 2013? Chloe obviously never met anything to him. Again, he’s giving himself motivation to kill as a jealous ex boyfriend that can’t let Courtney go. The only “deep connection” is Trauma. . . and drugs. Mostly trauma. There is nothing else. I even read Courtney moms book. See this in my FINDING COURTNEY LOVE’S TWIN FLAME post.
He needs to really think about the obsession and not letting go and trying to make this person out to be “soulmates”. It gives him motive. Especially with some people claiming Frances as his biological daughter. Too much motive of a jealous ex boyfriend who continues to stick his dick into after the fact as well. You wore his jacket after he died. You headline Lalapoolooza after he died. You could be projecting with that story of firing your fathers shotgun. Not only that, but your original so called divine partnership of Glass and June, you killed June in a car crash, a story YOU written. Seriously, you need to rethink calling this woman a soulmate, unless it’s true and you are guilty. Or perhaps you are that dumb to keep going back to an ex and you’ve been set up. That’s why I go with trauma bonded.
Why does he keep associating with her?

The Courtney association isn’t a good look for him ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Is this your “deep connection” Billy? I already went through finding Courtney Twin Flame and you are definitely not even close to soulmate synchronicities because you don’t got much between you two. I can’t find a damn thing to even agree with your assessment about a “deep connection” unless it’s sexual because there’s nothing more. The only thing is Courtney parents marriage being witnessed by a woman named Martha, like your mom. There’s nothing more of synchronicities that is even significant to mention.

I still say FORCED upon him. These eugenics fake entity devil worshiping people that were doing selective breeding with him. He never cared for Chloe, unfortunately. HollyFake creating a fake ass family, again. Billy Corgan being set up. He was so brainwashed by the industry. Billy and Chloe seem to not even stand together like they even like each other. The relationship is just odd and don’t fit. He doesn’t even like to mention nor talk about Chloe. There’s other interviews that he talks about a son but not her.


This is all the mentions in Hanks book, Courtney Loves father titled “Love Kills.”

Here are some of the things I’ve been told about my Twin Flame. Probably just more of that fear crap that some of these fans like to stir. I can’t believe some of this. The actions of this isn’t divine and holy. If this is true, how can this man say he’s a follower of Jesus and even had the band Zwan which was “Christian” themed and he even said in an interview how he wanted to make music that he felt Jesus wants better music. He should stop the spiritual crap talk that he sings in his music and in interviews because he’s making a mockery of God if all of this is true. See the above article with his feud with Courtney.

Anyway, I’m asking, where is this person that I’m showing below? Why aren’t they coming forward with a lawsuit? Where is the metoo for Billy Corgan like Marilyn Manson? Is Billy better at silencing people? Or are these fabricated lies?

I originally made a post in my journal blog about this topic but I didn’t post all of the messages and I was kind enough to make edits. Even if they are indeed true, I have mirrors with them as well, unfortunately. The name Barb, my brother Bob, had a type of high school “sweetheart”. The issue for them ending is, they fought a lot. So, her name is significant.

A post I titled “Shit I’ve been told“, I have decided to not use a curse word in the title of this particular post. It was dated March 19, 2019 but I began writing it much easier and saved it as drafts. When I decided to make it published WordPress decided to mark the date that day instead of the date I first wrote it. It was a lesson learned. This post you are currently viewing, I had it as “private” and I only made it public on August 18, 2021, but you’ll see it dated the day I began writing this post, in February. I learned my lesson using this site, that I don’t want to save anything as a draft if I want the day I started typing it to document with time stamps. So, this post did not go to the top of the page. Anyway, let’s carry on with this post.

The bit about Chloe parents having her do topless pictures? If all of this is true, then what needs questioning is her parents and them enabling a grown ass much older man to be with their daughter and what kind of daddy issues she has. Just because this man is a rockstar? The family name thing?

Billy has a brother and has a son. And it looks as the name is Julian Corgan. I don’t know how many other kids his brother has I at least know of one. I don’t stalk his family profiles, you know, like other fans do. Maybe someone can fill me in.

You can’t play off she’s a twin flame or even a soulmate and that’s why they are together. Obviously she would be a victim because she was very young, if this is true, and who knows about the environment she grew up in, the fashion industry.

I’m concerned for their son also the mental state of Chloe. Staying together is not the best option. To me this just screams Toxic relationship. And I don’t even say it to be involved with this man.

The porn, I can see a possibility. He’s known friends with a porn Star, Sasha Gray and they appear mighty cozy in some pics. Much more cozy then the pictures I have seen with him and Chloe. How the hell they have kids? I’ve also mentioned some things in my JEALOUSY ON THE TWIN FLAME JOURNEY post.

Another fan sharing some information. No, seriously, I understand why we shouldn’t be dabbing in the fan community. . . She would later block me for no apparent reason that I’m aware of. But I deleted Facebook in January 2021. And Twitter. I was kind enough to remove her name and scribbled out her picture.

Many people like to believe having an orgasm will make things happen or hold some special power. Whatever she was trying to do here, I don’t know if there was any results. This can be seen as a form of black magic, sex magic. It doesn’t seem to work especially on a Twin Flame spiritual path. Yes, masterbate and orgasm people! You’ll cause Armageddon to happen when a small group of you “cum” together! 🙄 …. It’s been thousands of years, did anything happen through orgasms or just manipulation?

Created by me. Billy Corgan is NOT a woman.

Attracting some real gems:

What I do see is the Narcissistic tendencies between him and others. I went through this in my article NO! TWIN FLAMES ARE NOT NARCISSISTIC!. I have not experienced anything what these people are saying about him other then in my own mind. Could he have done any of these things….? He could have because I know he’s not entirely innocent.

I do find it odd though that these people went after Manson when I was hearing similar stories about Billy Corgan.

When in the Smashing Pumpkins online Facebook community

Perfect love casts out fear.

If fear exists,

Then there is not perfect love.


Only perfect love exists.

If there is fear,

It produces a state that does not exist.

A Course in Miracles