Yeah, this is called the vow of silence.

I was being shamed in the community of twin flames because I chose to use the name of my Twin Flame counterpart. They all felt that I should be silenced. It’s forbidden to say their name. I have my many reasons of why I felt it was important and I wanted to learn more about celebrity-non celebrity twin flame dynamics, in which I was a part of this dynamic. I needed more information addressed to my dynamic situation. That’s the man my heart loves, why should I be ashamed and hide it? I think there’s something wrong with all of you to tell me to be so embarrassed to say his name. I never felt a need to be embarrassed. Yeah, I love Billy Corgan, so what? Also, I never knew I was some mythical twin flame creature to him before all of this. Why all of a sudden do I need to be silence when I was already in his fan community and they all know that I love Billy Corgan. And never-mind the fact, Billy Corgan, the man himself, knows that I love him.

Here is an article written by someone who doesn’t have a Twin Flame that’s a celebrity. Yet, they want to make themselves famous in the Twin Flame Community and get others to back up their judgements and subject us to bullying. Bigotry in the Twin Flame community.

Attention Famous Twin Flames (Link removed. But this was the title.)

Oh look! Image that. The site is down! Us non celebrity of celebrity twins are winning this discrimination and being bullied. Anyway, this post was written around this particular article. I’m not sure if I kept a copy anywhere or if I copied and pasted it somewhere. I doubt it. I guess I was naive to think these posts would be up as long as mine and didn’t even think they would take it down. Silly me.

Original Rant Post with some added edits:

Originally posted April 24 2019 on my journal blog, this post was a little longer, but some of the things I typed in it became another article called YES! YOUR TWIN FLAME CAN BE A CELEBRITY. The rest of this article below was based on those key points of the now disappeared article that was shaming us non celebrity counterparts of the famous celebrity.

Along this path, you’ll most likely be standing on your own. All by yourself. And therefore, you must learn to love being alone. I personally don’t have too much issue in this department as I learned to be on my own in my 20s. (I’m now in my 40s.) I’m probably more of an introvert as well and that’s another positive for me in standing on my own.

Many days are going to be harder than “non celebrity” couples. The non public life is safe. I can understand why someone would prefer not to name anyone. It’s safer. You can have more support in the twin flame community and even the spiritual community if you mention absolutely NOTHING about your particular dynamic or that you are a twin flame. Just play along with the tarot readers. Be vague with your inquiries.

To many of “them”, you are the enemy. It shouldn’t be this way in a spiritual community, but it is. Hearing about another celebrity Twin Flame has negative emotions attached to it by the “regular” Twin Flames. They despise you. They are envious and jealous. I envision what they must be thinking: “Oh, how do THEY get to have this world known celebrity?! I WANT a celebrity.” This is their negative projection. You’ll also find some Super-fans who’ll want to jump on the bandwagon and mock us. They will sense unconsciously something about you and you may be seen as a threat. Most people only want a celebrity for egotistical reasons. Gold diggers. Fame chasers. They do not truly love the celebrity. Many celebrities also don’t love each other but are only paired up for publicity. They even have full fledge fake relationships that produce children! Yes, even my own counterpart is guilty of this greed and publicity stunt. Here are some articles that talks about fake celebrity relationships.

15 Celebrity Relationships That Were Fake (And We Believed Them)

20 Couples That Will Make You Wonder if All Celebrities Fake Relationships

‘The Arrangement’ Will Satisfy All Your Curiosities About Fake Celebrity Relationships


In actuality, us non celebrity of the our celebrity counterpart become secretly envious and jealous of the non celebrity couples. “Well, they get to see their flame in person in everyday life and all I get is my Flames art and news media articles. Yay me.”

I get to hear the stories of my kids father and his non celebrity Twin Flame and all the real life interactions they have! They work together and see each other in the flesh! My children know her and see her as a second mother. It’s March 2021 and things seem to be moving along for them. Seriously, I sometimes hate my “situation” but must accept what is.

“Take him! I don’t want it! You can have him!”

Deep inside it kills you. You feel alone. Others can’t truly understand. To step forth and stand there while the world ridicules you. You learn how alone you are. To remain silent and never say who, can be comforting. You are safe. That’s the real truth for remaining silent. You can live your life without people judging you. Yet, your heart wants to shout from the mountain tops. This is not ok for the non celebrity counterpart Twin Flames, according to “traditional pairs.” Only they are allowed to speak their truth. Only they can shout the name of their beloved from the mountains. Your Twin is a celebrity? Shut up and remain silent! Now that you admit to not just being a Twin Flame, but that your Twin Flame is a celebrity! Without even saying a name, you start being the subject of bullying. Bigotry. Just play it safe and say NOTHING at all. For me, I’m flipping them my middle finger and saying FUCK YOU!

In general for me though, overall I actually find that people are more accepting. Perhaps it’s because I started my blogs, so I have something to show? Who knows, maybe they aren’t and are the smile in your face and talk behind your back types. Maybe the ones I encountered are actually two faced backstabbers.

Sometimes I wonder if the non celebrity counterpart Twin Flames have a grudge on other non celebrity Twin Flames. It’s like, maybe they are jealous of other celebrities? Or if someone says their Twin Flame Celebrity has passed on and is no longer in the flesh and living, so now they are bitter that they never achieved physical union?

I was already in the fan community AS A FAN, so everyone already knew that I love Billy Corgan. I was also cast out in the Facebook groups and the trolls were attacking me, so I left all the other ones I was still in. When you see articles such as the one I mentioned in the Twin Flame Community, to me it’s like, now all of a sudden, I must be cast off into the world of Limbo. A counterpart of a celebrity who is not a world famous celebrity themselves is going to feel stuck in Limbo. Do this. Don’t do that. GOD FORBID YOU SAY THEIR NAME!! But, I know I love him! I’m proud to be his counterpart! I’m proud to know this is real. I’m so happy and relieved to know and understand why things have been they way they have been for me. I’m happy to know that perhaps there is a real reason I feel so Jaded and a lack of interest to be involved in an intimate relationship. I thought it was work related. This gives me another possibility to explore.


The person from that one article called us arrogant. If you think I’m being arrogant, well, that’s not my problem of your judgments of me. As the saying goes, people are going to judge you anyway, so just be yourself. Well, I am being myself. There’s going to be chaos once you say a name, you best really know for certain if that celebrity is your Twin Flame and not some infatuation. I took this serious once I found out Billy Corgan is my Twin Flame, my divine counterpart from Source/God.

I can’t imagine knowing from the start over twenty five years ago, my “thing” is actually a thing. All of you awaken newbies that know and believe in Twin Flames and know it’s a celebrity, God bless you😁! I only came in awareness in 2015 after being a fan for 20 years! I never really came across too many fans in my own personal life through those years, so I just did my own thing and kept it to myself so to speak.

I was discreet in the beginning in the Twin Flame community when I began my research. I never said his name. I wanted answers as I was learning all about Twin Flame. Not only I wanted answers but I needed them more catered towards my dynamic. I also wanted to know if there were others. Maybe I’m crazy in the head. Maybe someone else feels the same way with Billy Corgan. I was finding others who said they were a twin of a different celebrities, a few multiples to one celebrity. So, maybe someone else thinks they are a Twin Flame to Billy Corgan? Should I find these people?

My Twin was singing about this subject for a long time. I started questioning if this is a form of womanizing. If he told me I’m his twin flame, how many others? Spiritual players? Oh, I really felt a need to say a name. I wanted to meet others who may feel a “connection.” I wanted to disprove this. I don’t want to be taken for a fool. I also tore my own heart and the pureness of the Love I had for him for so many years.

Call me arrogant, I think the person who wrote that particular article sounds like a jealous crybaby having a temper tantrum because their Twin Flame isn’t a celebrity. Perhaps they should see it as a blessing instead. They have their dynamic, I have mine.


Oh, the “they have families” argument on that list in the article I linked above (that is now gone!) That one is fun to tear into! So, a celebrity family is more important than a person who didn’t chase after fame? I have a family too! Are you jealous and judgmental people,actually eugenics? Once someone makes a certain amount of money a year, their DNA becomes superior? Here is my family before I found out being a Twin Flame

My Twin didn’t even have a child yet when I had both of mine. BUT the celebrities family is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT according to these people. This so called “perfect nuclear family.” I had to drop that idea for me once I hit 30. I was not destined to be in a nuclear family unit like the very one I was raised in. For a woman, you have to learn to let go of that idea once you reach a certain age. For a man, they can wait until they are nearly 50 and even older, and just find a young girl to reproduce with. They can have the ideal nuclear family late in life. They just keep dating younger and younger and avoid dating women who already have children, or they keep dating the same age bracket. The man ages, the women stay the same age. Argument can also be for my Twin that dated Courtney when she was a mother, yeah but he also never committed to her. He was raised in a blended family and now all of a sudden he desires a nuclear family late in his life. Just find a young virgin and have 20 kids with her. Boom! Nuclear family late in life for a man in his 50s. Me, well, I had the experience of being a step mother before becoming a biological mother. My biological kids have 2 half siblings from their father. A beautiful blended family.

In terms of a celebrity current partner they are with, if the relationship was stable to begin with, someone claiming that they have a soul connection to the celebrity shouldn’t effect their Earthly “Love” relationship. That’s that celebrity’s responsibility to address things, work with their earth partner and not ignore the claims. If they are strong in their heart and commitment to their earth partner, some “obsessive fangirl” isn’t going to shake their relationship. If the celebrity is showing interest to someone else other than their Earth partner, don’t blame the non celebrity “obsessed fan.” Women for many years love to blame the “other woman” and not the man. It’s the same thing here shaming the non celebrity to be silent. If someone truly loves you, they won’t be tempted to stray. You are a threat because out of thousands of screaming fan girls, you are “the one” and they know it.

Stalking a celebrity’s house?

As I mentioned in a few other blogs, those are obsessed Superfans. I never once wanted to go to his home address. I think there was a few small moments when I was in his area where I thought of “touring the area” and if I happen to “discover his house” but, then again, I know it would be in a form of speed-walking pass the house and not go up and knock on the door type of thing. I could have a radar sense of it, yet I would go in the opposite direction, because we do an avoidance thing. People who go to celebrities houses are obsessed Superfans. I’d speed walk past the house because it just doesn’t feel right to go without ever being invited. For me, I need to be invited over.


The article mentions about Tricksters. Yeah, well, how do you think I feel? Too good to be true? I don’t like being lied to. The man of my heart, the one I loved for so long, that he actually feels the same way or more? Is this the works of the devil? Is this for real?


Spokesperson? No. I do not like to make such claims. I’d be the first to say, I don’t want telepathy with a man! I don’t want to hear or know every person they want to stick their penis into. I don’t want to know about their “All Day I Dream About Sex” thoughts. I have enough of that at work that when I leave and go home, I usually want nothing to do with sex!

Perhaps these people are the spokesperson. They are projecting. They want to play some “Good Samaritan” to the celebrities and put words in their mouths and shame the spiritual seeker. Let the celebrity speak for themselves. Don’t get involved in their responsibilities. Let the person seeking information on their personal journey discover if they end up being a Twin Flame to a celebrity or a karmic or just a part of the spiritual family of the celebrity. It’s not your place to judge. You are just getting in the way of someone’s spiritual evolution.


Yes, there is a point. As with the metoo movement has shown us, there are spiritual womanizers. Plain example is priest that sexually abuse children. Naming a celebrity will bring others to you that may have had some experiences that could have happened before you if your celebrity counterpart has been emotionally and mentally abusing people. There are plenty of men that will tell a woman that they love them in order to have their way with them. I get it at work. Some guys thinks they can sweet talk to me so when they get a lap dance, they can do whatever they want or tries to get me to go home with him later. I had a guy who was what I call a semi regular, and he told me he loves me and I don’t ever throw out the word love unless I meant it, but he’s an example of a man that just says he loves me. Why? He’s probably desperate and thinks I’m easy, but guess what! My heart has been owned by someone else, named Billy Corgan.


I love my Twin Flame and I already said it in the fan community before I found out. I felt like I finally surrendered when I started admitting online that I love him. I know many women would just use the word love and throw it out there like it was nothing. For me, I meant every word of it. Why do I need to all of a sudden hide it just because now I’m a Twin Flame? The most that can happen is we awaken more people to this idea. Saying a name draws attention, yes. Go ahead and follow me, I’ll still hold true to my word. I leave these blogs up so I don’t need to repeat myself. I know I deleted things before, but after some time, I feel I have become so much stronger. I think it’s a part of the process. These people are celebrities, they can’t have someone who’s insecure. To silence us, is a fear. A fear to not stand on our ground. Eat shit naysayers! I will NOT be silence because of your jealousy.



What I also have to say, is that since I’ve been totally open and pour my heart out and have these blogs, I feel more free and able to let go. I can detach from the physical body of him. I also find all of this texting and being on social media as a distraction from connection within.

Loving you like I have before social media.

All the world must know. That I loved you so. -William Patrick Corgan from the 1995 Smashing Pumpkins song Pennies; A Mellon Collie B side.




Apparently someone was upset that I decided to put this article on my main page. As mentioned I had this post on my journal blog and it was copied and past. I decided to feature this article because I seen a few people were viewing my blog and seemed to have been seeking out this original post. I seen they viewed my home page and only viewed this post. It’s not like I get hundreds of views a day on my journal blog. I made that page as like taking notes and perhaps in time to turn anything in particular to something larger and more detailed and in depth. As stated, it formed the basis of my other article that actually does get clicked on daily. Sometimes I wonder if actual celebrities and other public figures have read it because I would see something, some article from other celebrities and I wondered why I seen it and question if they did come across it. It would be nice if I got acknowledged but it is what it is. I posted the link to the original blog that’s now removed because I don’t know where to find these people. A simple hey, I’m glad I inspired you or something but I get something else. Because I’ve noticed a few people seemed to have seeked out the post, I thought I just move it over here. Made it look more pretty and some edits and anything else. I guess some people still like to hide and keep secrets. I am no man’s secret. Haven’t we had enough of secrets in 2020 by politics? And another note, what click bait? Do you see anything for ad revenue here? Am I charging anyone money for services? No. But, haters are going to hate. And as twin Flames, I thought we were on the same team? Have a wonderful day.