After you have read my most clicked on article YES, YOUR TWIN FLAME CAN BE A CELEBRITY , and you awaken to the idea that your Twin Flame is indeed a celebrity, you are NOT just some superfan, what’s the next phase? What does it mean? What do you do? How do we go about it? Can we treat it like the other Twin Flame connections?


There’s not much out there on the web about this topic. Many people feel we are in ego by saying our Twin Flame is a celebrity. My heart loves a man that happens to be a celebrity. God put this love there. Going into the Twin Flame communities and we can be viewed negatively so we stay silent or never mention it. There’s something about our dynamic that triggers so many and we need a different type of support from the “regular” twin flames. Thats why I’m here. (Oops. My apologies if I sounded egotistical.)

Being in a celebrity/non celebrity dynamic sure don’t give you much support out there in the communities or other services that are being offered to the peasant Twin Flames (ok, I’ll stop). I hope to achieve filling in the missing elements that is needed between celebrity/non celebrity dynamic Twin Flames. Because once you reach physical Union, you are no longer a peasant. 😉

Are they aware?

Is your celebrity counterpart awakened to the reality of your connection? Are they aware in the physical world and not just in fantasy, dreams or in thought, also known as 5D connections? Are you both in vibrational alignment? Billy and I haven’t been in balanced vibrational alignment and it’s probably why I needed to go to him a few times in the past, unconsciously of what I was actually doing, to help give a little push to move things along, no matter how slow we were coming together. Then again, according to our Ultimate Timeline, we’ve always had some type of alignment. A Quantum Entanglement.

We first made eye contact in 2000. You can read about my story here: Chapter (05) ZERO-five: My Fandom and first meeting. You can say we have really dragged this thing out on a linear timeline, but it has served a purpose, because I’m now able to share this story. There would be no unfolding story to tell the world if we just started to get a little busy on the table as soon as we met! “Here I Am.” “There you are.” Boom!

With the blessings of social media, you can find yourself in fan communities or their own personal social media page(s) and perhaps physically do meet and greets and performances! You may need to put yourself out there a little so the celebrity counterparts physical body is aware of your existence and your not just a pipe dream to them. They could be so blinded by their own ego or stuck in a dark world.

A celebrity will most certainly feel drawn towards you in some form. In my experiences before social media, Billy Corgan most definitely showed signs that he knew my presences. You can read about my stories here on this blog My Twin Flame Journey with Billy Corgan

Some people might say that a celebrity might not show any signs of any interest whatsoever! I don’t believe that to be the case at all. They might be subtle and you could have over looked it, but I believe you’ll notice a interest. It just might not be so in your face with bells and whistles and confetti magically appearing from the sky and the entire world stopped and staring at you both with angels playing trumpets, cue the violinist and harp player filling in as a background track. That’s an artistic fantasy you’ll only read in romance novels or in a movie. I feel some of the ones who say that they didn’t notice their twin noticing them is not very good at people reading and a possibility of seeking out a romanticized love story. Brush up on people reading and body language. Pay attention! You could also be stuck in a negative thinking that you didn’t even notice the obvious body language presented to you.

Depending on your situations and where you are at along this journey, I am going to proceed with an assumption for this article that there has been some type of meeting between you and them, especially online and/or in the physical world. Online is where so much can happen in our modern society and how lucky we are to have evolved to these types of digital meetings! Twin flames can now be together more than ever!

Bait and Hook phase

There is this online game that celebrities play that is so passive aggressive. When you catch it, it might seem so cute and fun at first. The issue that can arise is how long it’s being dragged out! Indirect message? Are they “mirroring” me? Awakened or unawakened on their part, this can be a bit awkward, confusing, creepy and annoying!

You want to see if they will respond to a direct message from you but instead, you’ll be blocked and/or ignored. They will continually “mirror” you in some form, daily and even exhibited telepathy, but you can’t get a response from them. This is so frustrating! Just send a direct message! What gives?

This is what I am calling the Bait and Hook phase. It’s very much narcissistic on the surface. Just know, you have their attention. it’s everywhere. You even decided to try my methods that I showed on this blog to determine the reality of the situation. You are not crazy! You feel it. It’s even there in your face with your timelines. Countless of synchronicities, dreams! You felt the bubble! There is way too many coincidences to cast it aside.

I’m going to tell you, even with all of this insanity, this is wonderful development! Why? They are your twin flame! This is it!

Now, you’ve met up, made eye contact, even if just a few seconds of time. They are showing signs in the digital world. You probably even befriended some superfans as digital friends. You probably also made enemies! And an added bonus, if they are like my twin, and still with a karmic, they will try and have a child on your birthday!

Talk about a stab in the back and smack in the face! Here he was showing signs indirectly and everywhere of wanting to be in Union! See this example!

This was a tough trigger for me in knowing he tried to have a child and create me! Twisted and sick but I try and view it positively (I usually end up on the twisted and sick side but I’m really trying!) Now there’s a child, a living being that he created for the rest of his life and a consistent reminder. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was due on my birthday, the 3rd of October. I have to remind myself, he couldn’t be with me and have children with me because he can’t handle the intensity of our energies together so he stays with someone he feels less for, if anything at all, and planned on making a child as a symbol of his true love for me. Yeah, talk about a slap in the face to the female in relationship with him. I guess she favors being treated like crap just so she can say she has his physical body in spite, for I don’t know what reason. This mindset some women have, I’m sorry, but I can’t process it. Especially since she is well aware of his feelings towards me and who I am. But she wanted to play this role of bat shit crazy and “trapping a man” by getting herself pregnant when he was just using her for sex. And now, since they already had one, if she’s this insecure and stick around, he’ll just use her as a vessel to conceive full blooded siblings!

I went to his teahouse for a few performances in 2016. This one day I stood in the back watching and every time he looked up he looked right at me. I watched Chloe standing off to the side looking back and forth at us. You would think she was watching a tennis match! Click here for my story.

It’s like, you know lady, you could have “trapped” a much younger and more famous celebrity rather than someone like Billy Corgan who’s not going to return to his popularity in the mid 90s and find someone more suitable for you and show you more love than he ever did or will! But, here we are! An insecure woman who wants a pity party for staying in a toxic situation.

Billy, is like Bill, the father of my children (and many other relationships). Bill once told me, he decided to marry his wife because he felt “it was the right thing to do” by getting her pregnant and so he stayed in a unhappy relationship for 13 years, regardless that it was “open”, he didn’t mess around while she did. I don’t know about Billy’s situation if they are open or not, but I believe he stayed “for the child” and now children.

So, here is how I am to view this surreal scenario:

It appears that maybe perhaps, the celebrity doesn’t know how to handle this intense situation. They behave like Superfans towards you, even if you were never like a Superfan towards them! I guess we can view it as, it’s all they know. This is very important though, in understanding what’s happening.


I examined the difference between Superfan and the non celebrity Twin in my other article. Here is a link in case you didn’t read it. This is where we get stuck as a community. We don’t understand their behavior because we aren’t the celebrity, we are living normal lives that they aren’t. But in their world, something like trying having a child on your birthday, is considered a high honor not a sign of mental illness. This is what Superfans do. They mirror what the Superfans do, to you. They could also secretly gotten a tattoo of you on them. Perhaps even a room full of memorials! Their karmic partner might even treat it as such, like in peasant relationships. Imagine going out to a show with your significant other as peasant relationships and your partner is all starry eye to the performer. They are projecting Superfan behavior to you! You are now the performer on stage and they are the starry eye fan!

Some disappointing news

This is where I’m going to have to give you some disappointing news! How exciting! I’m sure you have an inner sense of this of what must take place, for you, the non celebrity, for your growth. You probably already know in your heart. Are you ready to read the words as confirmation? Deep breath.

End the Fandom

Well, you made your presence known. You mingled online, maybe even made eye contact for a few seconds in the physical world, made a few fan friends along the way, and now you must stop being a fan. Yes! You read that correct. You must stop being a fan! I know. So simple right? This must happen. You see, this is a part of surrender, letting go and having faith in God and the unknown. Did your jaw drop? Your heart has probably been crushed. I know. It’s devastating! You’d rather die than pull away from their social media and turn off Google notifications.

But when I say end the fandom, I don’t mean go and have a bonfire of all the albums, books, movies etc of physical world materialistic items. I mean end all the online stuff. Put all of your items in a storage bin, you don’t need a bonfire. This is Detachment.

The Detachment Phase of non celebrity counterpart

Remember, if you truly love somebody, set them free. Give them wings to fly. Rest assured, you’ll probably still somehow get information about them in the physical world. Their higher selves are always sending you information, especially if they are your true twin flame. (Yes, I hate using the word true Twin Flame but many like to say there are fake twin flames etc so I would like to clarify more with the word true.) Let go of the physical body. Let go of online stalking. Turn off notifications of articles. Unfollow all of their social media. Stop listening, watching movies, reading books or whatever is their medium. Drop all of it. Yes, time to let go of co-dependency. Stop using their art to connect or fill your heart space. As Twins, you are always connected and the physical body or their art creations are not needed.

You will fail probably many times during this stage. You will cry. You will experience such pain that feels like you are ripping your own heart out. You are cutting off a limb. You are pulling particles out of yourself. Perhaps even withdrawal symptoms. It must be done. It’s going to take some time. It is a process like everything else. That’s also why it’s called a journey. It’s all about the journey not the destination. You will fall a hundred times and get back up a hundred and one times. Fixing your crown and dusting yourself off. But, you can do this!

You are not a fan. That’s an illusion. You are them. You must learn to let go of the physical form. Their art is also a physical form for us, the non celebrity twin. But the end goal is physical Union, correct? Learning to let go and set them free is vital. You must free yourself from co-dependency, otherwise you are just a possessive Superfan. You are not a Superfan.

You are their Queen/King.

You don’t want to be a fan. You want physical Union! That’s why you must drop being a fan. You need to feel good inward without them. Learn to align yourself without them being with you or using their art to align.

The Massive Ego

There is also this idea about celebrities having huge egos. Does your twin have this? Do people say they have a huge ego when they meet them? Keanu Reeves is the most perfect example of a humbled celebrity. Unless your twin is like him, they will probably have a massive ego. This is what I believe that could cause a massive narcissistic ego for a celebrity counterpart. It’s because you’re a fan. You both share the same energy. You are one soul in two bodies. If your twin is doing their life and they are big rich and famous and here you are, them in another body, also giving them attention. They also have the energy from soul ties that the Superfans attached to them, people they have sexual relationships with, its not just your own energy. All this energy attention is so focused on the one counterpart. The energies is unbalanced. Envision a scaled. Are you dumping all your energy onto their side? What about your side of the scaled?

I know, but you love them! You just love sending them all of this loving energy! Pulling yourself away is death! But you must be reborn, into you. This is why I feel the one counterpart can have such a massive ego. They never learned to balance all of that energy being thrown at them with soul ties and sexual partners and other life events that happened during childhood. They became energy vampires! (Ah! See what I just did there? Billy Corgan was projecting when he voiced “The WORLD is a vampire. It was him all along, an energy vampire. His ego was probably growing so big during this time.)

You are unintentionally giving so much love to them. Don’t be hard on yourself. We are all learning as we go along. This celebrity/non celebrity, let alone Twin Flames is entirely new. Unions with twin flames is entirely fueled by the internet and social media. That’s what it actually is, when people want to call it a new template. As I mentioned in my other article about the history of love in humanity from the author Stephanie Coontz, marring for Love was extremely rare. So please, don’t beat yourself up over any of this.


When you fully let go, you need to accept and be ok with not knowing or understanding your connection. We are all learning. Be forgiving of your Twins unawareness also. The world is in an awakening and it’s a beautiful thing unfolding. Also at this stage, you need to learn your own intuition. Put all of that energy back into you. Read, write, learn something new, find interest that isn’t your twin or if your drawn to the same things, because they are your twin flame, develop the skill, but don’t learn their style because you want your own. You need to drop them like a hot pumpkin and focus on you! (Like my puns?)

I know you’ll never be 100% take your focus off of them, but most definitely, stop the fan attention! You giving them fan attention and they will treat you as they treat their fans, yet they also behave like Superfans. This can be viewed as obsession. Especially if they are known to have a massive ego, this situation can get a bit toxic. It’s the degree of energy being sent to them. Take your power back! Be ok, with not being in physical Union. Be ok with not knowing anything about them. Be ok to being blind to the physical body. Let them come to you. Let them start bringing focus to the other side of the scale. By you being a fan, you are not in receiving mode. You keep giving them energy and focus. Now that they know who you are, it takes time for them to learn to redirect energies. As the words you don’t want to hear, all in divine timing. Be patient with them.

Level Up

You can probably view ending the fandom as leveling up. Congratulations! You are now on a different path! You are now mastering you! You are taking the focus off of your counterpart’s physical form and their art to release co-dependency so they can also learn to balance the energies between you. I don’t know how long this stage lasts because I’m learning as a go along! I can let go of his physical form but I can’t get him out of my system. This stage is where you need DISTRACTIONS!

May I make some suggestions as to where to start your focus as you detach and recenter to balance yourself without them? Here are some ideas to also help assist with healings.

  • Make peace with your religion of origin. It was your foundation. Get back to God/Allah/the divine. You don’t need to be a full devoted person to the religion, but make peace with it. Stop throwing shade at it. I know many people throw shade at Christianity and Catholicism in particular in the spiritual community. I’m going to suggest, make peace with it, regardless of any negative experiences. This area needs to be healed.
  • Also, as you take focus off of your celebrity twin flame, make peace with your family bloodline. These areas also need to be healed. Be humbled.
  • Try using chants and mantras. I find many of these helpful.
  • Read things on manifestation and law of attraction like Abraham Hicks.
  • Take walks in nature. If your a parent of young ones, take them with you! Feel the energy and excitement of innocence watching them play.
  • Go to the gym. Run a treadmill! You’ll probably still have your counterpart on your mind but at least you’re not on the internet!
  • Find a video of a teacher that you like (it doesn’t have to be spiritual, it can be any topic, even mathematics) and transcribe it! (Hey, I’m offering ideas. No, I didn’t do this, but it might be interesting to do.)

There’s so much you can do to occupy your mind and take the focus off of your counterpart. Let them go. Surrender. Be happy knowing you are already one with them. Be grateful, even if there’s no physical Union. You are forever one. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination.


I have heard of non celebrity counterparts that have been receiving messages from their celebrity counterpart, but it’s done “in secret.” Don’t settle for this. Don’t be a emotional side dish. You want the main course. You want physical union. Don’t settle to being a “secret”. This is equivalent to being the other woman. They are keeping you a secret while being with everyone else. You are not made a priority. Tell them to hit the road and put your foot down. You deserve love. You deserve someone in your physical life. They are just taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride. All or nothing. Don’t be afraid to let this behavior and them go. Cry if you need to. Drop them and work on you. Raise your own vibrational alignment. Let them rise to you and meet you there. Be the Queen. Don’t settle for breadcrumbs. There is no almost, it’s either is or not. Let them go figure things out for themselves. I know you might view it as something is better than nothing. I’m telling you, you want it all or nothing. No secrets.

Hopefully, as time moves on and more people open up to the concept of twin flames, they won’t behave as bizarre like my Twin Flame with fake profiles and personalities, and they can be real and honest with you, with no mind games, you won’t need to be so stern with them. Some may have deep child wounds and need to be put into their place until they start being real with you. Don’t settle for mind games and only accept them being honest with you. Don’t stoop down to that level, make them level up to you.


In Gods time. Gods will, not mine. Some manifestation take time to unfold depending on where you are both at on your level of vibrations towards physical union.

I have created a private Non-Celebrity Twin Flame support group in Telegram. This is my flow page with many links to find me if you don’t want to message here through WordPress. Send me a message and introduce yourself and share a bit of your story so maybe you too, can also be added to the group.

Blessings to you on your path to wholeness.