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QUESTION: I’m not famous or a celebrity, can my Twin Flame be a celebrity?


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Setting humor aside, you have figured out you are a twin flame to a mega world known celebrity. Congratulations! So, now what?


I am also a Twin Flame to a world famous celebrity. He’s mostly known as a musician and gotten his fame in the 1990s and is frequently linked with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Courtney Love. I was a fan of William Patrick (Billy) Corgan for nearly 20 years before I found out about our “connection”. How relieved I was when I learned about being a Twin Flame and it all “clicked” at that very moment and I didn’t feel so crazy anymore for my one long term celebrity “crush” that just never faded. I had to start learning all about Twin Flames by going into all the groups and reading articles online. I have to say that I’ve also been attacked, seen those videos, read the articles and have heard the naysayers that says things like, NO! your twin flame isn’t a celebrity! Here’s an example:

I created a Facebook group sometime in 2016 for celebrity twin flames. I had maybe about 300+ people during its course. I have since removed everyone but myself. I have no desire in keeping up with a group. It’s too time consuming and I need to focus on my own life. I have also deactivated my Facebook so I’m not in any other Twin Flame groups right now. This is what one person posted from my group and I screen captured it and posted it here. (Please note: I officially DELETED my Facebook January 30, 2021)

I also have to say, that I wasn’t attacked as bad as some others were, and I’m grateful for that. I don’t know if it’s because me and him are more believable to be twin flames than others, or that I was able to properly debate and win, or because I created my blogs or people realize that it’s a loosing battle to try and convince me we aren’t twin flames, perhaps they know I hit the ignore button, maybe laughing on the other side of the screen while saying nothing, or some other unknown reasons I can’t think of. I’m just grateful that I wasn’t slammed like some others I’ve virtually met.

Then again, I’ve had some weird online social media profile interactions a few times, but I wasn’t being criticized about William (Billy) Patrick Corgan being my Twin Flame from the Twin Flame community, per say. It was the super fan community where the bulk of mine came from, before I learned about our spiritual connection and after I found out. I placed myself in the fan community in 2014, before I learned about this connect. Considering a lot of his song lyrics seemed to have touched on the subject, I was amazed how many of them reacted the way they did when I began inquiring, or maybe I shouldn’t have been amazed at all! Perhaps only his Twin Flame can hear the sound of his soul calling for his beloved. There’s only ONE beloved.

People who say you can’t be a Twin Flame to a celebrity, when you, yourself, is far from being a celebrity, or even “broke as a joke” are not speaking truth. Status means nothing. Status is an Illusion. Love is love. Many of these people who are saying this will probably speak in the same sentence that distance, age, gender and race doesn’t matter. Since when did status, occupation or level of income matter about love? These people’s opinions that mega celebrity and non celebrity can’t be Twin Flames are part of a caste system illusion. Rich mega celebrities are still people, just like you. If time is an illusion, so is money.

Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end. – Bob Marley


Many people want a celebrity as a Twin Flame, correct? Why? Why would you WANT one in this position? With all the conspiracies and other things that float around about Hollywood, and things like MK ultra, pedophilia, etc etc etc, why be mixed up and associated with that? I’m going to start you off on your first Hell Ride, if you haven’t already. This is an example of a video that I have found that will sum up what many conspiracy theorists will tell you. The video is a little over 20 minutes in length. You’re welcome!

YouTube video: American Satan

Here’s another fine example of someone messaging me! It was from a fan and sharing with me her interactions with Billy Corgan.

These are only two example of many that you will experience with a Twin Flame that’s a celebrity. It comes from all directions. Media, Fans, groupies, haters, conservatives, fundamentalist, etc etc etc. There’s no shortage of rabbit holes to leap into with your celebrity counterpart. Rabbit holes are such fun! They are emotional roller coasters! Roller coaster are fun, right? At least the ones in amusement parks are! These things are also why it’s better off to stay offline!

Anyway, I think the people that try to force a connection with a celebrity are forgetting is that, this is not a romantic connection. Multiple people jumping on board claiming a celebrity as their Twin Flame are seeking “the easy path in life.” Money and fame attracts many green eyed people and manipulators. Many people crave attention and want tons of money to burn. It’s also how the celebrity got to where they are now, if not born into the illusional system. That’s also why there can be multiple claims to being a twin flame to one rich celebrity. There’s actually many reasons for multiple claims to one famous rich individual, but greed is one of them. Dig deep enough, you can see through many “false” twin flame claims. Like I just mentioned, you can’t force this connection. In time, the “fakes” will fall away. (Of course, truth is, the fakes that will fall away may have learned it was just an infatuation, or, were lead to their true partner who is right for them, or took another path)

When it comes to imposters, why would someone want to force a Twin Flame connection onto anyone, not just a celebrity? I never did just claim this man as my divine counterpart. I use to just considered myself as a forever fan. (This claim came from him in some rather bizarre way. I have these stories in my book formatted blog: My Twin Flame Journey with Billy Corgan. ) Narcissistic individuals will also use this tactic just to abuse others and if the celebrity you think is your Twin Flame falls into this category, and is a narcissistic, just be aware what you are getting yourself into. Make sure you understand what being a Twin Flame is really about before you truly head down this path believing your Divine Masculine/Feminine is rich and worldly famous. The path has very little to do with romance and living like a Queen or King of a country. Your heart knows the truth. The truth will eventually be revealed, in time.

There’s nothing new here written under the sun. Actually, if you read history, people just love going around in circles and repeating themselves, especially when it comes to “love and marriage”. He’s a quote from a book I read about history of marriages.

Today, when the marriage of a movie star or monarch unravels in public or feuding spouses detail their grievances on daytime television, people often lament the deterioration of standards of decency and heartken back to a time when couples didn’t air their dirty linen in public. If such a tradition ever existed, it certainly didn’t stretch back to the Middle Ages. The salacious details of marital disputes were everyday fare. And the main source of information, the medieval equivalent of today’s tabloids, was the church. Like modern gossip columnists, church officials tracked down the participants in marital disputes, hounded them for details of their sex lives, and became partisan advocates for one party or another. – Stephanie Coontz from her book: Marriage, A History.

So, let me repeat, there’s NOTHING romantic about being a Twin Flame either! World famous or regular local dude working behind a cash register, or someone driving a school bus, or a postal worker! Nothing! ZERO! It’s more about YOU, and your own inner spiritual journey than about romance. It’s not candlelight dinners and movies, candy, walks on the beach, watching the stars, fast cars, jewelry, and great awesome sex everyday of every night and happily ever after bliss! You are projecting your romance onto the celebrity of your choice that you think best fits you and your current romantic dream. Before Twin Flames can even come together, there MUST be some amount of inner healing because your intense energy will push you both away if you’re not aligned and balanced.

This is why I also believe a true Narcissistic can’t be in a relationship with their true Twin Flame if this energy is between them. You will energetically push each other away. See my article NO! TWIN FLAMES ARE NOT NARCISSISTIC!. Sure, they can be in many relationships that is a “false twin flame” and remain narcissistic and live in a toxic relationship without doing any inner healing. All that extra stuff is icing on the cake when in alignment and in physical Union. Of course, make no mistake, my Twin Flame may have also been this desperate pathetic narcissistic individual with others. I think he was being opposite of me as I have chosen to remain single in my twenties and not jumping into relationship after relationship. My apologies if you have ever been in this situation with someone. As history shows with him and we, the God force has kept us physically apart. We can’t be together with the Narcissistic energy. He went and became rich and famous while I stayed on the opposite end. I believe this may be the case with celebrity and non celebrity Twin Flames. I know many people want to teach you “what are they reflecting back to you?” They are reflecting that they are our opposite. They are reflecting who I am not. I personally feel that is a headache in itself and can keep us stuck. It also causes friction between the counterparts as they will battle who is more “woke”. The one who “runs” has an excuse for their behavior as they are “teaching you a lesson”.

We are day and night. I’m sure those people mean well, but if you are a Twin Flame to a celebrity, you’re going to find that our dynamic don’t fit in with this mold. Just take your power back and work on you. Turn to the divine God and go within. Don’t let “what are they reflecting back to you” bother you. They are experiencing who you are if you were to be them. You are poor, they are rich, how else can you explain what are they reflecting back to you? Your Twin Flame chose greed and worldly attention and is experiencing life as such. You chose the opposite path and experience life as such. When you come together, you create a Yin Yang effect. This is also why we have to let it (them) go and have faith in God.

Another side note, for me, I did had to learn a little about Narcissism. I realized that, it was indeed in my own family. My family expressed traces of it. It was in my parents. There’s nothing much we can do about it as children, because we don’t understand. What may only need to happen here is addressing it. It could be something as simple as becoming aware of it and where it’s at in your own life. It may not have to deal with you personally but another person, “reflecting back to you” doesn’t become about you but the people in your own life. So, don’t get stuck in of “what are they reflecting back to you” and keep thinking there’s something wrong with you when you can’t figure it out, and paying money to all these online Twin Flame gurus, driving yourself crazy and it ends up being a family member that has this characteristic. Do keep this in mind.


I have came across this other video that was narrated by an automated female voice with text on the screen. There can be some truth to what is said but to me, it’s still very negative towards the inquiry individual. There’s much to be said about an attraction towards another person wither famous or not. Our attraction towards someone reveals our inner selves.

“Somebody that they’ve only ever noticed on TV.” This is humorous to me. I never noticed Billy Corgan on TV! I first heard his music, his voice, a small image of the band on the Mellon Collie CD and I didn’t know who was who in the band but I felt drawn to his picture image with the band, then it was probably a magazine before I ever seen a video of him. This was in 1995, I didn’t have cable, and I didn’t grow up with it. I can’t recall the first video I seen of him. I’m thinking Vieuphoria, when I bought that VHS. It was probably 1996, when I did buy the video. It was 1995 when I “found” him.

“Never have a chance for your soul to evolve or develop, learn lessons” this is a false statement. Your celebrity Twin Flame may not have met you in the physical, but you have became aware of them indirectly through media. You may find that you both have been telepathic your entire life when reviewing both of your timelines. I can expand on this further and as I have shown with this blog, you both do some type of mirroring with these “learn lessons”. You CAN “learn lessons” through your fanism! In fact, many people learn things when they are a fan to a celebrity! I’m sure Superfans can say they learn lessons from being a fan! It’s not just exclusive towards Twin Flames. If Twin Flames are energiclly connected, why do we need to interact with them on a physical level, to “evolve” or “learn lessons”? In my observation of our timelines, we seem to have done plenty of mirroring without even knowing each other physically existed!

Well, I don’t know if these people that created this video are aware, but there is this thing called social media and the internet, where anyone can have an interaction with anyone. I’m almost certain that they must have some level of knowledge about social media considering this video was posted on YouTube.

The word “Rare”. Well, many people also say Twin Flames in general are rare and not everyone has one. So, what’s the point in saying that this particular celebrity/non celebrity dynamic is much too rare when generally speaking, Twin Flames are rare? But God created a partner for each of us, we are not some lonely singleton cast out in the eyes of God, thats a human illusion.

I can agree to infatuation, but there are many people that get infatuated with non celebrities as well. Most “love” relationships are actually rare. Over the course of human history, humans RARELY married for love.

Certainly people fell in love during thousands of years, sometimes even with their own spouses. But marriage was not fundamentally about love. It was too vital an economic and political institution to be entered into solely on the basis of something as irrational as love. For thousands of years the theme song for most weddings could have been “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” Stephanie Coontz from her book: Marriage, A History.

As Stephanie mentioned in this text, people considered love irrational for the longest time! In our current society, humans still don’t marry for love. Very few do. Also, just because a couple has been married for a long time, doesn’t mean it was love. The length of a relationship has nothing to with love.

I have that Twin Flame book they are promoting in the video. It’s a waste of money. Do NOT buy. I do NOT recommend. The cover is pretty. The book itself is very thin, 9×6, large print, lots of space, pages aren’t numbered , but I counted 26 for the actual content with a table of content, copyright stuff and says nothing new that’s not already on the Internet about Twin Flames. It’s just a basics level of nonsense to someone who just heard the term Twin Flame for the first time and looking at you with a blank stare. A quick search online and you’ll find a ton of information and without even buying this book. There are other books you can buy. If you are here on my page, I assure you, you don’t need the book, but if you want to have it, because you like to collect Twin Flame books, I myself have a nice collection, and unfortunately this became one of them, then by all means buy it!

What’s amusing to me, seeing this video and reading a quote from the book I quickly flipped to “You may be very different people, coming from different cultures, living in different eras and expressing yourselves in different ways.” Now, how do they conclude to make this video? The video was half ass, cut short and so is the book. This quote is from their page 4 of “Chapter” 3, which is 4 1/5 pages long. “Chapter” one is 3 1/2 pages. “Chapter” 2 is 2 pages long. “Chapters” 4, 5, & 6 are also about 3 1/2 pages long with a conclusion that’s a half page in length. No works cited page. That’s the book. This one blog post of mine is most likely longer if I had it printed out!

“Living in different eras” this idea about a huge age gap in Twin Flames, I see this in the community, and it always never sits well with me. To me it seems to scream out someone trying to validate pedophilia and using the term Twin Flame. It’s like a hidden agenda happening and this is its creative disguise. I will expand on this more further down this article.

These people, along with others, fall into a Twin Flame market scam. This book isn’t even worth the amount of money they are charging for it. I’m charging absolutely NOTHING with my blogs and I’m showing you everything. I spent so much time on this, probably more than they have on their skinny book with large print. This “book” can be read in under an hour.

I made a video showing this book. Check it out!

As we look back on history, there’s actually a few stories about someone with high royalty status and them marring a commoner.

When a king neglected a royal wife for a concubine or secondary wife of lower status, contemporaries sometimes lamented that personal emotions had prevailed over self-interest. Roman historians reporting on the origins of the war with Egypt asserted that Cleopatra had bedazzled Mark Antony, clouding his judgment so that he left his Roman wife, infuriated her powerful brother, and thus wrecked his political future. Similarly, in Aztec Mexico, a chronicler reported in consternation that the secondary wife of the king of Texcoco had somehow brought the king “very much under her domination,” even though she “was only a merchant’s daughter.” Stephanie Coontz from her book: Marriage, A History.

Not all Kings and Queens married other kings and Queens. People did not always remain in their illusion of a caste system. It’s probably ideal that a rich person marries someone of lower status, it’ll help keep them grounded. Also remember, it wasn’t always about love. Stephanie gives her conclusions about high status and low status marriages:

Yet there were logical reasons for a king to prefer the charms of a concubine or a merchant’s daughter over those of his highborn wife. A commoner had no powerful kin to dilute her loyalty to the king. Stephanie Coontz from her book: Marriage, A History.

With a Twin Flame polarity, high status and low status makes perfect sense as a Yin Yang balance. They come together as a whole. While history shows us how people rarely came together in marriage for love, can you now see, why someone might “run” from an intense connection and making such a commitment to feeling love in a marriage? “I got the feels, time to jet out”. How pathetic and sad humans are.

The lower and middle classes made decisions about marriage and divorces according to criteria different from those used by the upper classes. But in neither case were these decisions likely to be based primarily on love and sexual attraction. For thousands of years, beginning in the earliest civilizations, the economic functions of marriage were far more important to the middle and lower classes than were its personal satisfactions, while among the upper classes, the political functions of marriage took first place. Stephanie Coontz from her book: Marriage, A History

“THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE” – from the movie Highlander

People like to bait and hook individuals that aren’t a celebrity too, so why should anyone care if someone feels a celebrity is their Twin Flame? There can only be ONE Twin Flame, so who cares if twenty “false Twin Flames” show up for one celebrity? It’s not like the entire world is fighting over just one single celebrity. The entire world isn’t trying to jump on Billy Corgan. And I sure don’t want to be trying to jump on other celebrities like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or Russel Brand (I had to look up his last name!) There are many people who have status and money. Gold diggers and fame chasers will jump on anyone to feed their own ego. It’s probably a bonus to them if they were somewhat of a fan if they snatched a celebrity’s attention.

Maybe those people that say your twin flame isn’t a celebrity is jealous because they know theirs isn’t who they WANT it to be. Maybe their “Twin Flame” or significant other is someone that does HVAC and not an actor in a blockbuster movie and they’d rather have the actor in a blockbuster movie because they crave greed, attention and world domination. Be grateful for the person you have that has the skills to repair your heater when it’s below freezing and not someone who’s skill is entertaining people. If that’s the case, these grandiose people claiming average broke people can’t be a twin flame to a rich celebrity, have tunnel vision and probably not with their true twin flame since they are so insecure to tell other people that their Twin Flame isn’t or can be a rich celebrity. Who are they to judge? Get off your high horse!

Let’s bring up a few questions, for the case of infatuation as mentioned in this video. Are you absolutely sure you have a soul connection, or perhaps you are just some obsessive fan and want to create a romantic relationship in your mind? Can you say you truly love this celebrity unconditionally that you believe is your Twin Flame? You may THINK that you do, but do you truly? Many people are attracted to rich people with status and power. The mind can be a powerful tool that tricks us also. Would you still love them if you knew who they were as a real person? Would you still love them if they went bankrupt or were living on the streets? Would you still love them if you were to never see them again and they chose someone else?

Not only are you sure that you are a Twin Flame, but to a world famous individual? Can you speak your truth without doubt? To actually stand in your ground and admitting to the world, standing naked for all to see, to be torn apart, not just by your runner twin flame who fears love (because humans rarely married for love for THOUSANDS of years and is probably playing out in our genetics), but you’ll be seen as a target by the super fan community and so many other people (again, the lack of love expressed within marriages in history for what feels like eons!)? You’ll spend so much time in physical separation and the physical worlds uncertainty of your “claim to fame” because you aren’t with your beloved while they exhibit narcissistic behavior towards you with public ignorance and ghosting during physical separation (before physical union, however long that takes). The world admires them and interacts with them (there’s no pure love from worldly admirers) while you are required to let them go and set them free, walking the other way. Who actually wants to claim being a Twin Flame to a celebrity, let alone being a “ordinary/commoner” Twin Flame? These naysayers should actually admire us to stand in such a position. It’s bravery!

You also need to keep an open mind because celebrities could also be what I call, “false to you Twin Flame”. It’s no different then “ordinary/commoner” Twin Flames. As I mentioned before in another post somewhere on my blog, if in time you realize a person isn’t your Twin Flame, it doesn’t mean they are evil or bad and aren’t a Twin Flame to someone else. For example, my kids father found his twin flame 2 years after I learned about mine. (We never called each other soulmates or anything, but still. We could be considered a Soulmate or what some people want to label “karmic” or “false twin”. I have issues with that word “karmic” and refuse to call Bill [yup, same first name, William] that or think of myself as a karmic. Everyone is some form of karmic and soulmate to everyone. I think calling another person a karmic is a bit egotistic to me. We are Soul Friends, perhaps is a better term.)

Also, please remember to be open and mindful on this path. Don’t try and claim you have multiple Twin Flames because you mistakenly called a narcissistic partner your Twin Flame. And now you found someone else and to avoid appearing stupid that you give this next person some other label like a Twin Ray or that you are a part of a multiflame (polyamous/polygamous) unit. Admit you were wrong. There is only ONE Twin Flame. That’s why it’s called TWIN flame. Don’t try and make yourself sound so superior and special because you have multiple partners or celebrity crushes. I don’t feel superior to any “ordinary/commoner” Twin Flames just because mine has status. In fact, I think “ordinary/commoner” Twin Flames are more likely to unite before the ones with a beloved that has celebrity status. That’s what I’ve been observing. I hope these gaps in physical separation will close as more people become aware.

“It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law,” Jesus replied. “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’ ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10: 5-9

And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought. The Qur’an Ar-rum 30:21


To an outsider, how can you tell the difference with the screaming fangirls and a Twin Flame? The people who are truly obsessed and not coming from pure love? How can you tell that maybe there isn’t anything wrong with YOU? Are YOU crazy?

You are not crazy! You CAN have a Twin Flame that’s a mega celebrity. I am also a Twin Flame to a celebrity. I just considered myself a forever fan and never even thought about him being a soulmate of sorts. I just knew I loved him. Even if your not an authentic Twin Flame to a celebrity, don’t let those naysayers steer you off a path of exploration and growth, because that person may lead you to your authentic Twin Flame. I will expand on this later in this article. For now, here is my attempt of discerning characteristic traits between Superfans and a true authentic Twin Flames to a famous individual who is not a celebrity themselves, with looking back and reflecting my own life for the 20 years that I thought I was “just a fan” and learning about the real fans from my online observations and interactions and life experiences.


In no particular order. They all blend together.

1) Take Ownership and Possess

Many superfans think they own and control the celebrity. I’ve witness women who call my beloved their husband. They even try and claim his last name as their own on their social media profiles. These celebrities had no say in the matter, it was just thrust upon them that they are now OWNED. Would I like some random stranger automatically claim me as their wife? No. I’ve joked around with a few people over time but never taken it seriously. For example, I had a friend who did an online social media quiz and it came up that we would be married and we joke about it since. We sometimes refer to each other has husband and wife once in a great while, but we know where we stand with that. We knew each other from collage, so it’s someone I knew in person, not online. He’s not a random stranger, like some guy from the club I met two minutes before.

With my job as a stripper, I’ve had a few marriage proposals over the years, but I let it be known: I have no interest in marriage with them. I don’t allow it to go any further, not even jokingly. Thank you for showing interest. Would you like a lap dance?

Being a Twin Flame I can’t say that I claimed my beloved as my husband before. I just loved him from afar, never staked ownership. I loved his spirit. Since I learned I’m his Twin Flame, it’s taken me time to actually accept the idea of having a divine husband in my mind. I did feel comfortable with the idea though, from the start. My mind was battling with it, even though I knew that if I ever did get married, it would be him. The only man I will ever marry. Also, that this is a real thing, a husband from God, the Divine itself. My dream man is real!

2) Idol Worship and Materialistic 

Superfans worship these people. Their words are as if they came out of the holy bible. They will quote everything ever said. They also probably have many tattoos with quotes and artwork from them. They also must buy, buy, buy, which is perfectly fine from a marketing standpoint for the artist. The artist spent countless of hours developing their craft and putting things together for final projects and that’s how they make money. But even marketing is an enslavement on its own. Always wanting more (this is another spiritual topic I’m not going into). There’s nothing wrong with it. Superfan helps finance the celebrity and they put them where they are. Superfans buy all the merchandise, go to many shows, get other people to become aware of the artist, etc. The non celebrity twin flame, not so much. We support and love more from the heart. We buy some stuff, but it’s not our focus to collect and own materialistic items. I’ve seen a Superfan that bought so much “stuff” they created a museum! It’s almost kind of creepy if you think about it. It’s a very materialistic obsession. But from an artist standpoint that is selling it all, they will say, here I have something else you could buy! I’d probably do it myself……(oh wait!)

Maybe this is symbolic of the dynamic. I was once told from another person that Twins of rich celebrities are opposite of their counterpart with finances. It is so much as a 80/20 percent. I’m guessing this is in part where Superfans come in with their idol worship. Superfans, through the years show their love and support of the celebrity to put the celebrity in their position and fame that they are in. The celebrity in turns, shows that love to the beloved who may very well be struggling and can’t afford to do all the things the Superfans can do. Once in a while us non celebrity Twin Flames may pop in when we are able, if at all. Twin Flames of celebrities probably have very little to show materialistically, while Superfans like to “show off” and boast about how much of a fool, I mean, fan that they are!

3) Superficiality

Superfans only see what’s on the surface. Sure you may get some people that can see much deeper but overall, they only see what’s being presented by the person. Superfans don’t want to see what the celebrity is mirroring back to them about themselves. We are all mirrors to each other and they don’t want to see why they are being drawn to the art the celebrity has created. A Twin Flame will probably be psychologically and spiritually analyzing everything on a deeper level and even if they don’t like certain things, they still find love and be able to love the celebrity and be drawn to them no matter what, because the love is unconditional

The celebrity may have wrote a few songs or presented their form of art that really touched a superfans heart deeply and changed their lives in a positive way. In all, it’s a very moving and heart felt story, in which is romancing the reflection, while a Twin Flame lives a parallel life continuously, it’s not just for “a period in my life”.

4) Cling

Superfans cling to the celebrity. It’s interchangeable with my other points that seem to all blend together. The celebrity could have moved on to something else and create some new piece of art that no longer speaks to the “fan” as their previous works. They take it personally and is some sort of an insult to the image implanted in their mind.

The celebrity can’t do another art form or style of music. The celebrity can’t change and needs to maintain their original persona. Some open minded people will embrace it, others want them to stay in their zone.

5) Attack

If a Twin Flame of a celebrity enters the scene online through social media and promoting positivity within the fan groups, superfans will tear down the non Celebrity Twin. A non celebrity of the celebrity Twin Flame may be sensitive to their Twins collective because they share the same energy. So confusion can happen for the non celebrity Twin with many other people’s soul ties attached to their beloved…. and them. A collective energy is formed through the celebrity’s fame and attached to the Twin Flame lovers aura field. Remember, Twin Flames are one soul in two bodies.

As a Twin Flame, I love my beloved no matter what piece of art he creates. I don’t cling and place him in a box. I love to see growth and expansion.

I don’t go out and attack the fans. I felt that I embraced them. I love the fellow Superfans, as I seen them all as a family to me. I’m not there to boast about my knowledge of the celebrity on the physical level or in some type of competition of how much “stuff” I’ve accumulated over the years; or how many times I’ve been to a show; how many items I have with their signature; or how long I’ve been a “fan”. All that seems so trivial. This is all physical world ego boasting for attention. I love him differently than that.

6) Copy, Imitate and Stalk

Superfans copy. Super fans stalk . Superfans imitate. Twin Flames doesn’t need to. Things just are. They don’t need to follow or know the whereabouts of their Twin. They also don’t need to follow every person the celebrity is an acquaintance with. Superfans need to follow every person the celebrity is seen with. This is stalking behavior.

For Twins, mirrors will happen not by force. Sometimes they even happen by “accident” with a situation for one twin, the other will experience in some way, For example, the one photo mirror that was unintended for me. The phone camera just randomly took a picture of me as my fingers somehow hit the button so fast. I picked up my phone to look at it for i don’t remember the reason, but I end up opening the camera application and I wasn’t planning on taking a selfie. When I saw the outcome of what the picture looked like and it mirrored a screen capture I took of my beloved recently, I decided to keep it instead of deleting.

Things are random for Twin Flames. Superfans will copy and imitate, on purpose. Especially, now with social media. People copy all the time. It’s also why I prefer photos before social media. For younger Twin Flames, that’s now harder to do. It’s so perverse now. There’s nothing pure anymore when fans do this and the ever expanding narcissistic mentality so prevalent on social media. It’s a sick obsession when they do this. The pureness and beauty is gone, long gone. 

Some may say that the highest compliment of flattery is to copy and imitate someone. Maybe, perhaps, but if they aren’t referencing or giving credit to the person that inspired them, this is like along the lines of infringement, is it not? You’re not acknowledging someone and taking credit for yourself. So, I can not fully agree to this idea of imitation being a compliment.

Twin Flames of celebrities most likely don’t want to show up in the physical for they suffer internally with ‘Stalker Syndrome’. They don’t want to seem “obsessive” on the surface. Superfans will go through celebrity’s trash cans. Superfans save empty plastic water bottles. Superfans go up to a celebrity’s house. Also, Superfans will stalk the Twin Flame and try to hack into their profiles, follow their social media, stalk and/or harass them with unusual profiles. Not all Superfans are like this though. There’s good ones that are friendly and others that are, shall we say, have questionable behavior.

A Twin Flame is most likely sitting in the corner observing and loving their beloved from afar. It’s wonderful when the non celebrity Twin can come out of their shell for a bit and show themselves but again, we already have consistent thoughts of them, that’s why it’s not us that stalks. We are not the ones spying through windows. People who throw this out at us need to take a look in the mirror. They are projecting. There’s nothing wrong with showing love that’s pure when we do show up in their physical lives, once in a great while. We are not chasing the physical bodies of our counterparts around. We are doing mental and spiritual work. We are working on ourselves. After we make ourselves known, and we know that they know and we know, we leave the ball in their court. It’s their choice to become authentic with us as we learn to balance our own inner selves.

People who stalk, copy, and imitate are pathetic and insecure with themselves. They aren’t authentic being themselves.

7) Animalistic Instincts

With Twin Flames, the feeling is of unconditional love. It’s not based on Animal Instincts. We are not just ripping our clothes off each other just for sex. It’s so much deeper than that! It’s also treated as sacred. I’m sure we could have moments of pure Animal Instinct sex, but I feel it will also always include that sacred deep connection. It’s not just a body experience, but body, mind and Soul. When it comes to all other relationships, it’s of the body. Superfans that are sexually attracted towards a celebrity will experience it as such, but with the Twin Flame it’s all about soul.

I can’t say that I felt that animal instinct with my Twin. That’s a low vibrational energy and Twin Flames are beyond the low vibrational energy. I would see images of my beloved and I’m immediately drawn to his eyes. His body didn’t matter much to me. Some women seem to only care about if they can see a bulge is showing through a man’s pants. When I was in the fan groups, someone had to mentioned about his silver pants days (1995-1996) and a bulge in his pants when I can’t think of a time I even concerned myself about that! Whatever package God wrapped him in, I’m happy with because it was never about the body or animal instinct to just nail him, or being excited and masterbating to looking at silver pants. True, I have thought it was something I need to do, to “get over” him and have a one night stand, but as I have been shown, I am a Twin Flame and I’ll never “get over him” if we did have a one night stand. (Currently as I typed this we are in physical separation.)

8) Romancing the Connection

What I feel is another difference between a true twin flame and fan girls is that fangirls want the romance of making the celebrity their perfect fantasy partner. They wouldn’t love them for who they are, but what they want them to be for them.

I think many true twin flames of celebrities don’t go this route. We would rather it not be a celebrity, so we want to fight it. We know we love them unconditionally, it’s just the situation we don’t like, not them personally.

9.) Seniority. “I’m Better Than You Because. . .” mentality

The mentality of the Superfan seem to be they are better than anyone else, which leads to attacking others in the fan community because of their ego. They have more “stuff” been to more shows, paid more money to see and speak to the celebrity, been a fan the longest, has the most ink on skin, there’s an entire list in each persons mind that gives this false sense of identity. Can any of these people identify themselves outside of the celebrity or online community? I think they exhibit more co dependency than the actual Twin Flame of the celebrity. You need a lesson on co dependency, just look to a Superfan.

I also felt with this seniority of Superfans, that the community gives off a cult like vibe. The Twin Flame don’t operate on this physical plane level and doing these materialistic things. We can’t relate to this seniority of “special privileges” fandomism within the community. We are better off staying away and guarding our own energy.

10.) Profit off the celebrity

Within the community, there are people who sell stuff with the celebrity/band name. These could probably be also seen as bootlegs, and unofficial merchandise. While in the community, when I had a group, I once mentioned, hey, we should get shirts made up. It was a cute idea at the time, but as I’m also a Twin Flame, I could have picking up someone else’s energy as well. I never went through with the idea but apparently, another group sprang up calling themselves Sad Machines and would use this idea and created a group shirt. I’ve also seen some people sell things like Christmas Tree ornaments. I’m not complaining about people creating art but when I took time out to think about it my t-shirt idea, how would I feel if people just sold things with my image or brand without my acknowledgement nor permission and I won’t see a portion of money from that. Although it’s a bit of an honor and perhaps some form of flattery, but ultimately I would feel robbed. My art is how I make money and here someone else is selling my name or brand under the disguise of artistic expression. It’s nice to create something but selling it and profiting off of it is another.

Billy was seen wearing a t-shirt that they gave to him, but this creates a huge Ego trip within the community. Somehow that group is now “better than” anyone else. How do I get in on it so I can be one of the “cool kids”. Well, they rejected my request to join. Many people already knew who I was that were in it. It creates huge favoritism with the fans. The Smashing Pumpkins has a cult and operates like one with things like these. Billy Corgan doesn’t seem to care because he already has the money so maybe this is no big deal to him.


This section deals more with things on the physical world level. If you want to get all metaphysical and such of a Twin Flame connection, that’s going into my new article NO! TWIN FLAMES ARE NOT NARCISSISTIC

Again, in no particular order as they all blend together.

1.) Walking a Spiritual Path

As a Twin Flame, you should have found yourself awakened to follow a spiritual path sometime after Indirectly meeting through media. I know I began a spiritual path sometime after my Indirect meeting through media. Of course, the spiritual path is more along the lines of non-denominational and mystic. Just a hypothesis in my mind, that Twin Flames who are in the limelight are more interfaith and mystic because we are dealing with global awakening and healing. Being open minded to all faiths and inclusive just seems to be logical to be.

2.) Embedding traces of their romantic interests 

Being a twin flame to a celebrity is no different than “normal” twin flames, you will find qualities of you in their partners. Perhaps not skin color but other features, interests and/or personality traits. Can you find you, in each of these people? 

3.) Embedding traces of Superfans

If one is a twin flame to a world famous celebrity, you are going to incorporate every person in their life. Romantic or friendship, so embedding some traces of particular soul ties fans in a twin flame connection, may also be a part of it. I’m not speaking of their obsessiveness, I’m saying some of their character traits.

4.) You don’t need Consistent Physical world contact

It would be great to have it though! Physical Union! Especially the longing during physical separation. But seriously, you are able to truly love from afar. You love them in your heart. You can release them and let them be. You don’t need their art nor news media articles. You can have no physical world knowledge about them or even be exposed to their art for years and yet, you still carry a flame inside. Your constant thoughts is enough for you, that you don’t feel a need to know what their physical body is doing 24/7 in their own personal lives. Superfans are needy of the celebrity’s attention. They don’t share that connection like a Twin Flame, Instead, they create soul ties with the celebrity. They attach themselves to their (our) energy field.

With social media, there are many advantages and disadvantages. I’m able to see all of these Superfans that have been in these fan groups the longest. It’s the same people, usually. Clingy. In comparison with my own profiles on social media, the “friends” I have on the platforms and with famous mega celebrity, and their super fans; I don’t cling onto my friends every word and post. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe there are best friends that turn on notifications for each other because they need to know when each of them sneeze or get a hangnail. How much time in your life can you give your real world family and friends as you do with celebrity social media posts? Many people need to cling onto something I guess. They cling and hold.

5.) Loving their spirit/soul more than the physical body

Buying materialistic items doesn’t satisfy the urge. I did prefer his music, so I can listen to him wherever I go. Looking at pictures of him is wonderful, but not needed. I love his spirit, his soul, not his human form. Superfans connect materialisticly on a body level. This is also why Superfans have more materialistic items to boast about and more interactions than the Twin Flame. I can see the Twin Flame owning/having most, if not all, the books/movies/music (insert your beloveds art here) but not obsessive enough to gather and accumulate so much STUFF. For example if your beloved is an author and they wrote 10 books but you have maybe 9. You know you will love the tenth book even if the reviews are 2 stars because you loved the one book that had a one star review and can’t process why it was so badly perceived by critics because to you, it was amazing along with their best seller! You just never gotten around to buying and reading that one book.

For me, I did not go to that many concerts in my life. I only went to a few artist concerts and only started to only want to go to his. I don’t find myself to like being a spectator. I need to either a) be the one on stage or b) a part of the background scene ( I studied behind the scenes work). I’ve been to more since after I became aware of our connection because I still didn’t fully understand it. Before I found out about being his Twin Flame, and my social media adventures, I’ve been to 2 concerts, a book reading and 3 book signings during my 20 years of being a fan! I already made the decision for no more shows for me. The last one was the 30th Anniversary show on August 2018. The most I ever did was 4 shows in 2016. Apparently, that’s called chasing in the Twin Flame world.

Another example for me is there was a period of time Billy was involved in the spirituality community. He was doing some guest radio talk show with Ken Wilber’s Integral Naked. I have never read any of Ken’s books. I was aware of Billy doing these interviews but also during this time I was in school for Digital Media Production. Still to this day, I have not heard any of these recordings.

I knew I loved him like no other celebrity and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. This man is in my heart and mind even without ever seeing him physically.

He was doing some stuff with this Tibet woman. I highlighted a noteworthy description in the descriptions section of this website. To me, I also find it amusing. Also, I don’t think I heard these musical pieces either. This woman is labeled as famous but I couldn’t tell you who she is or what she does for the life of me. She’s not famous to me, just like she knows absolutely nothing about me.

“. . . A kind of Karmic divine Union.” Can’t make this stuff up! As I look back now, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t hear any of this! You don’t want to hear what my human mind wants to really say. As I’m stepping away and letting go.

You can still find this online. Click here

This is my story about the poetry tour when I went to see him THREE times!! (2nd 3rd and 4th time seeing him in person. I felt like a stalker!)

6.) Micro and Macro

With being a twin flame to a celebrity when you, yourself isn’t one, doesn’t mean that you aren’t their twin flame. You look at the core of things. You are them in another body, experiencing the opposite yet parallel to each other. They may have reached mega stardom while you are more on a local level. They operate on the larger scale of things, while you, on the small scale. You may have have thoughts of things that you can’t experience yourself while your Twin Flame is “living the dream.” Your soul is experiencing things in two ways opposite itself. You can literally be parallel universes living in the same time period.

Your hobbies and interests could be a way they make a living. There hobbies and interests could be a way you make a living. This is also a micro and macro level. You both complement each other. One counterpart excels in one area, the other excels in another.

Just like William Patrick Corgan writes and records music, so have I. All music and lyrics written by me. Kimberly Hyndman on Spotify

7.) People jealous/envy us, while we secretly envy them

In actuality, us celebrity Twin Flames become secretly envious and jealous of the non celebrity couples. “Well, they get to see their flame in person in everyday life and all I get is my Flames art and news media articles and fan gossip. Yay me.”

We are not fans of being a Twin Flame to a celebrity, but there’s a level of acceptance we learn to embrace. There’s so much stuff out there about our beloveds and all the fears now associated with Hollywood. Seriously folks, if your Twin Flame isn’t a mega celebrity it could be because you may not be strong enough on this level, especially if you are insecure to attack people who are. Check your attitude and why you are projecting at us. There’s a reason why you aren’t a Twin Flame to a celebrity of YOUR choosing. You chose your dynamic, we chose ours before we came into this world. My heart loves who it does, we sometimes wish we were like all of you “commoner” Twin Flames, you have way more interaction with yours during physical separation. Be happy you aren’t dealing with a global conscience!

8.) The non Celebrity Twin Flame counterparts are hardcore

From the ones I’ve met, and interacted with, we are hardcore stubborn and for certain about our connection and commitment with our celebrity twin flame counterpart. We don’t mess around with mediocre soulmates for karmic lessons. It’s not that other people are mediocre themselves, but to anyone who isn’t our divine other that God has created us with, isn’t the path we choose to take, other than platonic friendship. That’s our twin flame, our divine sacred love create by the hands of God, whom we choose to be with. We don’t go around claiming more than one, or creating new labels for every person we get the “feels” for. Once we awaken to the connection with our beloved, it’s a done deal.

Many non famous Twin Flame counterparts of a Celebrity most likely become celibate/chaste. We only want to be physical with our beloved. It doesn’t mean we don’t get tempted with other offers. We know how to say no and stand firmly with our love for our divine lover. I also feel over time, this gets easier.

His disciples say unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry. But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

Matthew 19:10-13

I will go more into the false multiflames idea in another article. Work in progress. Here is a video I’ve made about this topic sometime in 2018.

9. “Nothing but a body, in my mind” – William Patrick Corgan from the song Solara

Feeling connected while performing. I can dance to anyone else’s music that isn’t his and still feel as I am him as well. The music could be a different artist like Bon Jovi playing but I still feel I’m singing karaoke Billy Corgan to a Bon Jovi Song. Dancing to other artist and their music with a Billy Corgan body (in my mind), but it’s my own body, yet I feel as I am him too.

Even when not performing. I smile and I feel as him smiling too. Sure some people can say they put on an article of clothing, and feel as they are this person, You could probably describe it like an actor doing character development, except its to the extreme and the mind being hijacked. I stand naked and feel as I am him. I think I have an invisible penis sometimes. Stand in the shower. Cook. Drink. Eat. I don’t need to listen to his music or watch videos of him, yet I am very much drawn to him. i can sing along to other songs or talk and I think its him that comes out. I feel as I am him, 24/7. He’s like tinnitus, I can’t turn it off no matter what! It’s just there. You want to fight it, turn it off. Noise and distractions can disguise it, but it’s still there sometimes it really forces you to notice it because the sound became louder or changed pitch. He’s in my veins. I can’t turn it off. Maybe we can flush and smoke him out. . .

This screen captured image was from the Smashing Pumpkins music video Solara released June 2018. It’s layered with multiple symbolic meanings. I have made my analysis from our Twin Flame and spiritual perspectives along with other meanings. You may view it on my other book formatted blog: Chapter 25: Solara – Silvery Sometimes

When I look out my eyes, do I feel it’s really me or does he see out my eyes? Is what I’m feeling me or him? When I’m happy, is he happy too? When I’m sad, does he feel it too? Is it on the same timeline or another? If I am him and he is me, but in a parallel life. He is me and I am him through the looking glass. He lives inside me. The yin yang symbol. The small circle is within the larger portion, it’s not outside. I am him. He is exactly who I would be had I lived his life. I am who he would be, if he lived my life.

10.) I did not choose this love; my heart, mind and soul did

It would be great to have a choice when it comes to the matter of the heart. “Oh that guy is smoking hot, he wets my panties! I claim him as my twin flame” is what it seems like to me for many people, especially when it comes to a famous rich celebrity. If I had a choice, which, I don’t believe I know what that’s like actually, because he ended up being my only choice anyway, no matter what since 1995, when I became aware of his existence. I had interest with other “normal people (non famous)” but usually once the sex was had, the interest diminished. Billy Corgan is very stubbornly consistent in my little world.

The beloved is not chosen, it is just recognized- Mooji

I’ve felt he made this much worse then what it was after “awakening” to being his Twin Flame. At least living, not knowing, seemed sooo much better. I know I was lying to myself though. I just don’t ever talk about it. I can’t be with anyone else if I keep thinking of him while with them. This person who’s a celebrity and I’m not, is always on the back of my mind. Always trying to keep busy. Distraction. Need distractions. Need to find someone else. Maybe I’ll find someone else to love. No, it never happened, and it never will. After “awakening” I see many of these others, whatever name you choose to call them, as distractions and “fillers”. Distractions/Fillers/Temptations are choices, Twin Flame/Soul are not choices.

I expand on this idea in another article. Work in Progress


This is another area that needs addressing. As mentioned before there are so many people that are drawn to fame and wealth. Even celebrities, if not born into a wealthy family, they were attracted to that lifestyle to be a part of that world. They did whatever they did to achieve their wealth and fame. Now that they are in this lifestyle, other people want to bait them to be a part of it too. These people are not Superfans. This is another category. They also don’t truly love the celebrity. They’ve managed to get a celebrity’s attention, didn’t matter who, and bait and hook them. These people are only for themselves and attention and money. They use celebrities as stepping stones and probably jump from one to the next.


In this part I’m going to expand on my previous thought about celebrities being a false Twin Flame to many others who think they are a True Twin Flame. These others jumping on board the Twin Flame path that are not a Twin Flame to whom they are claiming as their beloved. Many people don’t know the difference between lust and love. Many are romanticizing their self created soul ties towards the celebrity.

I had to read a book for a ministry class I was taking for summer reading in 2019 and it broke down in details about lustful fantasies. It was in the book called the Ten Challenges by Leonard Felder, Ph.D. On the cover is a summary describing the book as “spiritual lessons from the Ten Commandments for creating meaning, growth, and richness every day of your life.”

I went through this self analysis in my mind over the years and why I’m being drawn to this celebrity. It wasn’t obsessive in itself as if I was constantly racking my brains out. I would look in his direction and figure out if maybe I had an interest in things like, play the guitar (so I took lessons), singing (also took lessons) maybe I’m interested in making music videos (went to school and got a degree). No matter what, I would still felt drawn to him. It’s more of a subtle type of thing. Soft, peaceful, not so hard and in your face. I don’t feel it distracted me from living my life. I took it more as guidance. This book describes what I felt I was subconsciously doing in my mind in relation towards my attraction with Billy Corgan.

In psychotherapy, the lustful thoughts are not viewed as harmful per se. These thoughts become windows into the person’s psyche, indicating an underlying problem, worry, or longing in his or her life.

This wasn’t something I talked to people about. I’m aware that many people are drawn to others and have crushes. I had one celebrity crush, why don’t I have others like other normal people? Or perhaps I’m the only normal person out there? I think I have issues if I keep thinking I might have a chance with him. This is something you keep to yourself. I’m sure I’ll eventually find someone else out there……

I don’t know why I wanted to be with someone that seems so unattainable. I didn’t have enough ego in me to just use people to try and reach the level he’s at. I’ve had offers over the years where I could just have slept my way to the top but it was not something my conscious mind could do. I didn’t want money and fame, just love. Or, at least an answer to: why him?

In nearly every case, the outcome is not that the person goes out and has an affair but rather that the fantasy turns into a wake-up call to attend to something that is out of balance or missing from his or her life.

In this list, I would find myself as number 3. This author gives a better explanation of self-analysis of attraction towards another person than I could, so here it is:

1.) If you keep fantasizing about lovers who are much younger than you, you many want to talk to a counselor, or a friend or a clergy member about your mixed feelings regarding growing older, your desire to be a guide or mentor for someone who is young and impressionable, or your regrets about not being more loved or sexually comfortable when you were in your teens or twenties. Instead of acting out your fantasy on a vulnerable human being, you can learn a great deal about what’s stirring inside your psyche if you use these fantasies for self-analysis about your inner life.

This was never me. The youngest I’ve been with was 2 years younger. My interest in men would age as I age. When I became 30, I’m not attracted to guys in their 20s like I was when I was 18.

2.) If you keep fantasizing about someone who is much older or who seems to be more successful at life than you are, this could be an important opportunity to write in your journal, talk with a friend, or seek counseling about your secret desires to be nurtured and cared for by someone on whom you can lean. Or it could be a desire to find a supportive mentor or coach who can guide you in an important growth phase of your life, rather than a sexual partner or a physical relationship. 

This could be me, but I would not find too much interest in men who are much older than my oldest brother, who is ten years older. So, I don’t feel I was ever attracted towards a father figure type. When I would hear these lines from the club like needing a daddy, I would snap back that I have a wonderful father and I don’t need someone being daddy. I don’t have daddy issues.

3.) If you tend to fantasize only about men or women who are married, in committed relationships, or in some other way are unattainable, then you may want to explore why you are unable or unwilling to fall in love with someone who can reciprocate fully. Do you feel you deserve to be loved? Do you need time to heal from a prior painful relationship? Do you somehow feel safer when you know you won’t have to build an actual relationship with all its complexities? Do you want to say the other person wasn’t available? 

This would be me. My attracted to Billy Corgan, someone in some way is unattainable. I tried dating other people. I even settled and had 2 kids with someone. Well, and social media was booming and I decided to surrender and become a fan girl in the groups and the rest is history and documented on my blogs.

4.) If you keep fantasizing about someone who seems more fun and lively than your long-term partner, it may be an indication that you secretly desire to regain the excitement and freedom you once enjoyed with your spouse but don’t know how to recapture those lost feelings. You and your partner would do well to find a counselor, a book, a workshop, or a creative friend who can help you brainstorm on ways to put the fire and enjoyment back into your relationship. ONe book to consider is Hot Monogamy, by Dr. Patricia Love and Jo Roginson, which offers specific guidelines on how to rebuild the excitement in a long-term committed partnership. 

I am the fun one. I spent more time single than in a physical body relationship anyone.

So I would like to suggest, before people go making claims to being a twin flame to ANYONE, go through a mental checklist, like this one. Take time to self analyze why you are being drawn to a person, not just a celebrity? Is there something that needs your attention? Often, the universe will use sexual chemistry to draw your attention to an inner wound that needs to be addressed.

This book mentions about fantasizing age gaps. I have created a separate article questioning age gaps between Twin Flames: AGE GAP BETWEEN MANY TWIN FLAMES

I believe we should go and meet them, in person. At least once.

I still believe that others who feel they have a celebrity Twin Flame, you need to somehow meet them in person, at least once. As long as they are true and not narcissistic players, they will always show an interest if they sense your presence. There was a show I went to years ago, long before social media and me being aware of being a Twin Flame, I stood far in the back but off to the side, alone and it looked liked he was looking in my direction. I decided to just look up. I was looking up at nothing and I guess he noticed me because I remember him taking a look up and slowly put his head down and thinking to myself, haha made you look. I wrote out that brief story on My Twin Flame Journey with Billy Corgan. So, it appears he knew I was there. They will “sense” you “out there”.

There may be some females in the Twin Flame community that feel they should do nothing and remain so passive. I’m not so sure how I feel about that, but with social media now, people find each other online, so, it could work. I’m one who likes adventure. At least in my opinion, a celebrity travels a LOT so if we were going to be with them in the 3D, this is something we need to embrace. Why sit on the sidelines staying home? If you’re inspired to see them in person, go do it! We have one life to live. Be free. At least you’ll have a story to tell and you’ll know if you feel that energic connection and have a peace of mind. I also sometimes wonder, if someone is so passive that there could be an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy within them. Say for instance, to much feminine. I feel many male celebrities have more feminine energy and it would make sense for us to go out there and meet them. I mean seriously, you see my babe wearing a dress? Yes, I know you have. If not, I can make that collage for all of you!

Mega Celebrities as False Twins

Yes, it can happen. You see signs, sync and feel drawn to them, but they aren’t your Twin Flame. I can get these things with other people as well. My kids father and I have a good amount of signs and syncs.

I came across a few people who felt one celebrity was their Twin Flame but turned out to be someone else. They followed a path for themselves and went along with it. Sometimes a celebrity might led you to someone else. This is why I also like to point out to keep an open mind. Perhaps your beloved ended up being another fan. Perhaps your beloved ended up being someone that worked for the celebrity. Maybe they have an interest in something else and you decided to look into it for yourself and found someone through that. Whatever the case may be, as long as no one gets hurt, there’s nothing wrong with following your heart. The celebrity was just someone pointing you in a direction. This is also why we need to self analyze what sparks our interest. One of the strongest methods the universe uses to grab our attention is sexual attraction. We need not to be in a sexual relationship with them for self growth. There just may be healing that needs to happen so you can raise your vibration.


Kabbalah teaching:

None of it is easy. Not for us, and not even for Him. In fact, an authentic soul-mate relationship can be known at least by part in the difficulties that attend it. The sages taught that a man’s soul mate must travel across an ocean to reach him. As always with Kabbalah we should avoid a merely literal understanding of this. The expanse to be crossed may be one of language, social class, or physical distance, but obstacles are part of the experience of soul-mate bonding. – The Essential Zohar: The Source of Kabbalistic Wisdom by Rav P. S. Berg

Don’t be deterred by naysayers. Obstacles are a part of the experience for Twin Flames, and also use discernment as there are many wolves in sheep clothing in the Twin Flame Community.


I am aware of EUGENICS. If you like to hear my take about this, read the bottom portion of my JEALOUSY ON THE TWIN FLAME JOURNEY post. It’s a “controversial subject” so if you have any issues with viewing this page, let me know.

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