Question: Can my Twin Flame be a celebrity?


So, you figured out you are a twin flame to a mega celebrity. Congratulations! So, now what?


I have also seen those videos and articles that says things like, No, your twin flame isn’t a celebrity. People who say you can’t be a Twin Flame to a celebrity, when you, yourself, is far from being a celebrity, are not speaking truth. Status means nothing. Status is an Illusion. Love is love. Many of these people who are saying this will probably speak in the same sentence that age, gender and race doesn’t matter. Since when did status, occupation or level of income matter about love? These people’s opinions that mega celebrity and non celebrity can’t be Twin Flames are part of a caste system illusion. Rich mega celebrities are still people, just like you.

Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end. – Bob Marley


Now, let’s be serious with ourselves! Many people want a celebrity as a Twin Flame, correct? Why? Why would you WANT one in this position? I think what these people WANT are forgetting is that, this is not a romantic connection. Multiple people jumping on board claiming celebrities as Twin Flames are seeking “the easy path in life.” Money and fame attracts many green eyed people. Many people crave attention and want tons of money to burn. That’s why there can be multiple claims to a single celebrity, Why would someone want to force a Twin Flame connection onto anyone, not just a celebrity? Make sure you understand what being a Twin Flame is really about before you truly head down this path. It has very little to do with romance and living like a Queen or King of a country. Your heart knows the truth.

Let’s repeat, there’s NOTHING romantic about being a Twin Flame! World famous or regular local dude working behind a cash register! Nothing! ZERO! It’s more about YOU, and your own inner spiritual journey than about romance. It’s not candlelight dinners and movies, candy, walks on the beach, watching the stars, and great awesome sex everyday of every night and happily ever after bliss. You are projecting your romance onto the celebrity of your choice that you think best fits you and your romantic dream. Before Twin Flames can even come together, there MUST be inner healing because your intense energy will push you both away if you’re not aligned. This is why I also believe a true Narcissistic can’t be in a relationship with their Twin Flame if this energy is between them. You will energetically push each other away. All that other stuff is icing on the cake when in alignment.

People like to bait and hook people that aren’t a celebrity too, so why should anyone care if someone feels a celebrity is their Twin Flame? There can only be one Twin Flame, so who cares if twenty false Twin Flames show up for one celebrity? It’s not like the entire world is fighting over one single celebrity. Maybe those people that say your twin flame isn’t a celebrity is jealous because they know theirs isn’t who they WANT it to be. Maybe their “Twin Flame” or significant other is someone that does HVAC and not an actor in a blockbuster movie and they rather have an actor in a blockbuster movie because they crave greed and attention. Be grateful for the person you have that has the skills to repair your heater when it’s below freezing and not someone who’s skill is entertaining people. If that’s the case, that person should be single and is probably not with their true twin flame if they are so insecure to tell other people their Twin Flame isn’t a celebrity. Who are they to judge?

Let’s bring up a few questions. Are you absolutely sure you have a soul connection, or are you just some obsessive fan and want to create a romantic relationship in your mind? Can you say you truly love this celebrity unconditionally that you think is your Twin Flame? You may THINK you do, but do you truly? Many people are attracted to rich people with status and power. The mind can be a powerful tool that tricks us also. Would you still love them if you knew who they were as a real person? Would you still love them if they went bankrupt or were living on the streets? Would you still love them if you were to never see them again and they chose another?

Not only are you sure you are a Twin Flame, but to a celebrity? Can you speak your truth without doubt? To actually stand in your ground and admitting to the world, standing naked for all to see, to be torn apart, not just by your runner twin flame who fears love, but you’ll be seen as a target by the super fan community and so many other people. You spend so much time in physical separation and physical world uncertainty because you aren’t with them. The world admires them while you are required to let them go and set them free. Who actually wants to claim being a Twin Flame to a celebrity? These naysayers should actually admire us to stand in such a position. It’s bravery.

You also need to keep an open mind because celebrities could also be a false to you Twin Flame. It’s no different then “normal” Twin Flames. As I mentioned before, just because you realize a person isn’t your Twin Flame, doesn’t mean they are evil or bad and aren’t a Twin Flame to someone else. Please remember to be open and mindful on this path.

To an outsider, how can you tell the difference with the screaming fangirls and a Twin Flame? People who are truly obsessed and not coming from pure love? How can you tell that maybe there isn’t anything wrong with YOU? Are YOU crazy?

You are not crazy. You CAN have a Twin Flame that’s a mega celebrity. Don’t let those naysayers steer you off a path of exploration and growth. I will expand on this later in this article. For now, here is my attempt of discerning character traits between Superfans and Twin Flames.


1) Take Ownership

Many superfans think they own and control the celebrity. I’ve witness women who call my beloved their husband. They even try and claim his last name as their own on their profiles. These celebrities had no say in the matter, it was just thrust upon them that they are now owned. Would I like some random stranger automatically claim me as their wife? No. I’ve joked around with a few people over time but never taken it seriously. For example, I had a friend who did an online social media quiz and it came up that we would be married and we joke about it since. We sometimes refer to each other has husband and wife once in a while, but we know where we stand with that. We knew each other from collage, so it’s someone I knew in person, not online. He’s not a random stranger.

With my job as a stripper, I’ve had a few marriage proposals, but I let it be known, I have no interest in marriage with them. I don’t allow it to go any further, not even jokingly. Thank you for showing interest. Being a Twin Flame I can’t say that I claimed my beloved as my husband before. I just loved him from afar, never staked ownership. I loved his spirit. Since I learned I’m his Twin Flame, it’s taken me time to actually accept the idea of having a husband. I did feel comfortable with the idea though, from the start. My mind was battling with it, even though I knew that if I ever did get married, it would be him. The only man I will ever marry. Also, that this is a real thing, a husband from God, the Divine itself. My dream man is real.

2) Idol Worship and Materialistic 

Superfans worship these people. Their words are as if they came out of the holy bible. They will quote everything ever said. They also probably have many tattoos with quotes from them. They also must buy, buy, buy, which is perfectly fine from a marketing standpoint for the artist. They spent countless of hours developing their craft and putting things together for the final project and that’s how they make money. But even marketing is an enslavement on its own. Always wanting more. There’s nothing wrong with it. Superfan helps finance the celebrity and they put them where they are. Superfans buy all the merchandise, go to many shows, get other people to become aware of the artist, etc. The twin flame, not so much. They support and love from the heart. We buy some stuff, but it’s not our focus. I’ve seen a Superfan that bought so much “stuff” they created a musume. It’s almost kind of creepy if you think about it. It’s a very materialistic obsession. But from an artist standpoint that is selling it all, they will say, here buy some more!

Maybe this is symbolic of the dynamic. I was once told from another person that Twins of rich celebrities are opposite of their counterpart with finances. It is so much as a 80/20 percent. I’m guessing this is in part where Superfans come in with their idol worship. Superfans, through the years show their love and support of the celebrity to put the celebrity in their position and fame that they are in. The celebrity in turns shows that love to the beloved who may very well be struggling and can’t afford to do all the things the Superfans can do. Once in a while Twin Flames may pop in when we are able. Twin Flames of celebrities probably have very little to show materialistically, while Superfans like to “show off” and boast about how much of a fool, I mean, fan that they are.

3) Superficiality

Superfans only see what’s on the surface. Sure you may get some people that can see much deeper but overall, they only see what’s being presented by the person. Superfans don’t want to see what the celebrity is mirroring back to them about themselves. We are all mirrors to each other and they don’t want to see why they are being drawn to the art the celebrity has created. A Twin Flame will probably be psychologically analyzing everything on a deeper level and even if they don’t like certain things, they still find love and be able to love the celebrity and be drawn to them no matter what, because the love is unconditional. 

The celebrity may have wrote a few songs or presented their form of art that really touched a superfans heart deeply and changed their lives in a positive way. In all, it’s a very moving and heart felt story, in which is romancing the reflection, while a Twin Flame lives a parallel life continuously, it’s not just for “a period in my life”.

4) Cling

Superfans cling to the celebrity. It’s interchangeable with my other points that seem to all blend together. The celebrity could have moved on to something else and create some new piece of art that no longer speaks to the fan as their previous works. They take it personally and is some sort of an insult to the image implanted in their mind.

The celebrity can’t do another art form or style. The celebrity can’t change and needs to maintain their original persona. Some open minded people will embrace it, others want them to stay in their zone.

5) Attack

If a Twin Flame of a celebrity enters the scene online through social media and promoting positivity within the fan groups, superfans will tear down the Twin. A non celebrity of the celebrity Twin Flame may be sensitive to their Twins collective because they share the same energy. So confusion can happen for the non celebrity Twin with many other people’s soul ties attached to their beloved…. and them. A collective energy is formed through the celebrity’s fame and attached to the Twin Flame lovers aura field. Remember, Twin Flames are one soul in two bodies.

As a Twin Flame, I love my beloved no matter what piece of art he creates. I don’t cling and place him in a box. I love to see growth and expansion.

I don’t go out and attack the fans. I felt that I embraced them. I love the fellow Superfans, as I seen them all as a family to me. I’m not there to boast about my knowledge of the celebrity on the physical level or in some type of competition of how much “stuff” I’ve accumulated over the years; or how many times I’ve been to a show; how many items with their signature; or how long I’ve been a “fan”. All that seems so trivial. This is all physical world ego boasting for attention. I love him differently than that.

6) Copy, Imitate and Stalk

Superfans copy. Super fans stalk . Superfans imitate. Twin Flames doesn’t need to. Things just are. They don’t need to follow or know the whereabouts of their Twin. They also don’t need to follow every person the celebrity is an acquaintance with. Superfans need to follow every person the celebrity is seen with. This is stalking behavior.

For Twins, mirrors will happen not by force. Sometimes they even happen by “accident” with a situation for one twin, the other will experience in some way, For example, the one photo mirror that was unintended for me. The phone camera just randomly took a picture of me as my fingers somehow hit the button so fast. I picked up my phone to look at it for i don’t remember the reason, but I end up opening the camera application and I wasn’t planning on taking a selfie. When I saw the outcome of what the picture looked like and it mirrored a screen capture I took of my beloved recently, I decided to keep it instead of deleting.

Things are random for Twin Flames. Superfans will copy and imitate, on purpose. Especially, now with social media. People copy all the time. It’s also why I prefer photos before social media. For younger Twin Flames, that’s now harder to do. It’s so perverse now. There’s nothing pure anymore when fans do this and the ever expanding narcissistic mentality so prevalent on social media. It’s a sick obsession when they do this. The pureness and beauty is gone. 

Some may say that the highest compliment of flattery is to copy and imitate someone. Maybe, perhaps, but if they aren’t referencing or giving credit to the person that inspired them, this is like along the lines of infringement, is it not? You’re not acknowledging someone and taking credit for yourself. So, I can not fully agree to this idea of imitation being a compliment.

Twin Flames of celebrities most likely don’t want to show up for they suffer internally with Stalker syndrome. They don’t want to seem “obsessive” on the surface. Superfans will go through celebrity’s trash cans. Superfans save empty plastic water bottles. Superfans go up to a celebrity’s house. A Twin Flame is most likely sitting in the corner observing and loving their beloved from afar. It’s wonderful when the non celebrity Twin can come out of their shell for a bit and show themselves but again, we already have consistent thoughts of them, that’s why it’s not us that stalks. We are not the ones spying through windows. People who throw this out at us need to take a look in the mirror. They are projecting. There’s nothing wrong with showing love that’s pure when we do show up in their lives, once in a great while. We are not chasing the physical bodies of our counterparts around. We are doing mental and spiritual work. We are working on ourselves. After we make ourselves known, and we know that they know and we know, we leave the ball in their court. It’s their choice to become authentic with us.

7) Animalistic Instincts

With Twin Flames, the feeling is of unconditional love. It’s not based on Animal Instincts. We are not just ripping our clothes off each other just for sex. It’s so much deeper than that. It’s also treated as sacred. I’m sure we could have moments of pure Animal Instint sex, but I feel it will also always include that sacred deep connection. It’s not just a body experience, but body, mind and Soul. When it comes to all other relationships, it’s of the body. Superfans that are sexually attracted towards a celebrity will experience it as such, but with the Twin Flame it’s all about soul.

I can’t say that I felt that animal instinct with my Twin. That’s a low vibrational energy and Twin Flames are beyond the low vibrational energy. I would see images of my beloved and I’m immediately drawn to his eyes. His body didn’t matter much to me. Some women seem to care about if a bulge is showing. When I was in the fan groups, someone had to mentioned about his silver pants days and a bulge in his pants when I can’t think of a time I even concerned myself about that! Whatever package God wrapped him in, I’m happy with because it was never about the body or animal instinct to just nail him, or being excited and masterbating to looking at silver pants. True, I have thought it was something I need to do, to “get over” him and have a fling, but as I have been shown, I am a Twin Flame and I’ll never “get over him” if we did have a one night stand. We still haven’t had physical sex yet and my mind still thinks of him.

8) Romancing the Connection

What I feel is another difference between a true twin flame and fan girls is that fangirls want the romance of making the celebrity their perfect fantasy partner. I think many true twin flames of celebrities don’t go this route. We would rather it not be a celebrity, so we want to fight it.

9.) Seniority. “I’m Better Than You Because. . .” mentality

The mentality of the Superfan seem to be they are better than anyone else, which leads to attacking others in the fan community because of their ego. They have more “stuff” been to more shows, paid more money to see and speak to the celebrity, been a fan the longest, has the most ink on skin, there’s an entire list in each persons mind that gives this false sense of identity. Can any of these people identify themselves outside of the celebrity or online community? I think they exhibit more co dependency than the actual Twin Flame of the celebrity. You need a lesson on co dependency, just look to a Superfan.

I also felt with this seniority of Superfans, that the community gives off a cult like vibe. The Twin Flame don’t operate on this physical plane level and doing these materialistic things. We can’t relate to this seniority of “special privileges” fandomism within the community. We are better off staying away and guarding our own energy.


1.) Walking a Spiritual Path

As a Twin Flame, you should have found yourself awakened to follow a spiritual path after Indirectly meeting through media. I know I began a spiritual path sometime after my Indirect meeting through media

2.) Embedding traces of Superfans

If one is a twin flame to world famous celebrity, you are going to incorporate every person in their life. Romantic or friendship, so embedding some traces of particular fans in a twin flame, may also be a part of it.

3.) Embedding traces of their romantic interests 

Being a twin flame to a celebrity is no different than “normal” twin flames, you will find qualities of you in their partners. Perhaps not skin color but other features, interests and/or personality traits. Can you find you, in each of these people? 

4.) You don’t need Consistent Physical world contact

It would be great to have it though. You are able to truly love from afar. You love them in your heart. You can release them and let them be. You don’t need their art nor news media articles. You can have no physical world knowledge about them or even be exposed to their art for years and yet, you still carry a flame inside. Your constant thoughts is enough for you, that you don’t feel a need to know what their physical body is doing 24/7 in their own personal lives. Superfans are needy of the celebrity’s attention. They don’t share that connection like a Twin Flame, Instead they create soul ties with the celebrity.

With social media, there are many advantages and disadvantages. I’m able to see all of these Superfans that have been in these fan groups the longest. It’s the same people, usually. Clingy. With my own profiles on social media, to compare the “friends” I have on the platforms with a mega celebrity, and their super fans, I don’t cling onto my friends every word and post. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe there are best friends that turn on notifications for each other because they need to know when each of them sneeze or get a hangnail. How much time in your life can you give your real world family and friends as you do with celebrity social media posts? Many people need to cling onto something I guess. They cling and hold.

4.) Micro and Macro

With being a twin flame to a celebrity when you, yourself isn’t one, doesn’t mean that you aren’t. You look at the core of things. You are them in another body, experiencing the opposite yet parallel to each other. They may have reached mega stardom while you are more on a local level. They operate on the larger scale of things, while you, on the small scale. You may have have thoughts of things that you can’t experience yourself while your Twin Flame is “living the dream.” Your soul is experiencing things in two ways opposite itself. You can literally be parallel universes living in the same time period.

Your hobbies and interests could be a way they make a living. There hobbies and interests could be a way you make a living. This is also a micro and macro level. You both complement each other. One excels in one area, the excels in another.

5.) People jealous/envy us, while we secretly envy them

In actuality, us celebrity Twin Flames become secretly envious and jealous of the non celebrity couples. “Well, they get to see their flame in person in everyday life and all I get is my Flames art and news media articles and fan gossip. Yay me.”

We are not fans of being a Twin Flame to a celebrity, but there’s a level of acceptance we learn to embrace. There’s so much stuff out there about our beloveds and all the fears now associated with Hollywood. Seriously folks, your Twin Flame isn’t a mega celebrity because you may not be strong enough on this level, especially if you are insecure to attack people who are. Check your attitude and why you are projecting at us. There’s a reason why you aren’t a Twin Flame to a celebrity of YOUR choosing. My heart loves who it does, we sometimes wish we were like all of you “regular” Twin Flames, you have way more interaction with yours. Be happy you aren’t dealing with a global conscience.


This is another area that needs addressing. As mentioned before there are so many people that are drawn to fame and wealth. Even celebrities, if not born into a wealthy family, they were attracted to that lifestyle to be a part of that world. They did whatever they did to achieve their wealth and fame. Now that they are in this lifestyle, other people want to bait them to be a part of it too. These people are not Superfans. This is another category. They also don’t truly love the celebrity. They’ve managed to get a celebrity’s attention, didn’t matter who, and bait and hook them. These people are only for themselves and attention and money. They use celebrities as stepping stones and probably jump from one to the next.


In this part I’m going to expand on my previous thought about celebrities being a false Twin Flame to many others who think they are a True Twin Flame. These others jumping on board the Twin Flame path that are not Twin Flame. Many people don’t know the difference between lust and love. Many are romanticizing their soul ties towards the celebrity.

I recently read a book that broke down in details about our attraction towards a person. I will probably dig more into this with further reading, but as the them of this blog, I made a collage with my self analysis experience. This topic is about lustful fantasies. It was in the book called the Ten Challenges. I will eventually type more of it out, but please take into consideration these thoughts about our attraction towards another human being. I believe I went through this over the years and no matter what, I would still have thoughts of him etc and they just won’t go away.

So I would like to suggest, before people go making claims to being a twin flame to anyone, go through a mental checklist. Take time to self analyze why you are being drawn to a person. Is there something that needs your attention? Before you attack another fan in the community, make sure you aren’t projecting a deep hidden wound.

I believe we should go and meet them, in person. At least once.

I still believe that others who feel they have a celebrity Twin Flame, you need to somehow meet them in person, at least once. As long as they are true and not narcissistic players, they will always show an interest if they sense your presence. There was a show I went to years ago, long before social media and me being aware of being a Twin Flame, I stood far in the back but off to the side, alone and it looked liked he was looking in my direction. I decided to just look up. I was looking up at nothing and I guess he noticed me because I remember him taking a look up and slowly put his head down and thinking to myself, haha made you look. I wrote out that story on my other blog. So, it appears he knew I was there. They will “sense” you “out there”.

There may be some females in the Twin Flame community that feel they should do nothing and remain so passive. I’m not so sure how I feel about that, but with social media now, people find each other online, so, it could work. I’m one who likes adventure. At least in my opinion, a celebrity travels a LOT so if we were going to be with them in the 3D, this is something we need to embrace. Why sit on the sidelines staying home? If you’re inspired to see them in person, go do it! We have one life to live. Be free. At least you’ll have a story to tell and you’ll know if you feel that energic connection and have a peace of mind. I also sometimes wonder, if someone is so passive that there could be an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy within them. Say for instance, to much feminine. I feel many male celebrities have more feminine energy and it would make sense for us to go out there and meet them. I mean seriously, you see my babe wearing a dress? Yes, I know you have. If not, I can make that collage for all of you!

Mega Celebrities as False Twins

Yes, it can happen. You see signs, sync and feel drawn to them, but they aren’t your Twin Flame. I can get these things with other people as well. My kids father and I have a good amount of signs and syncs as well.

I came across a few people who felt one celebrity was their Twin Flame but turned out to be someone else. They followed a path for themselves and went along with it. Sometimes a celebrity might led you to someone else. This is why I also like to point out to keep an open mind. Perhaps your beloved ended up being another fan. Perhaps your beloved ended up being someone that worked for the celebrity. Maybe they have an interest in something else and you decided to look into it for yourself and found someone through that. Whatever the case may be, as long as no one gets hurt, there’s nothing wrong with following your heart. The celebrity was just someone pointing you in a direction. This is also why we need to self analyze what sparks our interest. One of the strongest methods the universe uses to grab our attention is sexual attraction. We need not to be in a sexual relationship with them for self growth. There just may be healing that needs to happen so you can raise your vibration.

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