updated October 19, 2020

Just having some fun with our pictures. Many people in the Twin Flame community like to create a split symmetrical image of them and their beloved, like in many Hindu Gods/Goddess artwork. Because Twin Flame resemble each other, we can create a symmetrical face as one being. This could be the image of The Over Soul, when the two become one flesh, don’t quote me though.

NOTE: A picture of WPC I took in 2015 during VIP. My picture was from 2008. I hope to find the original image of Billy and take it in an actual photo editing program on a desk top as opposed to an app on my iPad. You can find the actual images on this site in the Picture Mirror section.

In a dream we are connected. Siamese Twins. At the wrist.

I’m not too focused on this. Just some things I threw together. Maybe one day I’ll clean it up and go more in-depth with the images.