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Sociopathic tendency’s of the other divine counterpart? Indirect messages?

Twin Flames can Mirror each other so well, that it could come off this way. Especially in this day and age with the internet and social media. One can not tell what is pure nor if it was deliberate and intentional. For me, I’d rather find things prior to social media, before of our awareness. It’s so easy to look each other up and anyone else online, play some lame game I like to call a “Online Mirror Me”.

Its crazy insane and the mind wants to rationalize it. Is this some digital fetish? Online stalking? In-direct messages, parallel post after mine. It’s very Passive aggressive. Am I crazy? Are these the ways the so called Divine Masculines end up behaving towards their beloved Counterpart? Wouldn’t it be easier to just private message someone? Why make it more difficult? How is this even love?

Apparently, the claim is that the Divine Masculine is so damn scared and insecure to talk to their beloved Counterpart. They are so consumed with emotions that they never felt before, which is true love. To a rational minded person, it would make sense to just say hi or something. A Response back. Of course, it’s easier to talk to someone that you feel nothing for then someone who stirs every emotion in your system. And me and him can fight like crazy, I’m pretty sure. Maybe it’s why he unconsciously likes wrestling. Perhaps it’s best we stay apart.

I’m going to talk about what I feel this is all about, from my rational mind.


Billy started a website called People and their cars. This began in September 2015. Little did I realize what was happening when he started it. It would appear he was mirroring me through these images. It became more obvious to me after I was “informed” of being a twin flame and after I started a blog of my own documenting my experiences. He would find an image that seems to match what I was writing about on my blog. The posts were not immediate but within a few days. I thought it was cute though, like he was showing in his little way that he was listening to me. It felt like our own little “secret” game no one could figure out and right out in the open for all the world to see.

Recently he seemed to have pulled back from his big personal profiles. This was all when he was still using his official profiles. Considering his many online behaviors and outburst he’s been known to have, having someone else handle his public profile might be a very good idea. As he claimed that “management” has took over his accounts. . . Anyway.

While observing and moving along this “journey”, bizarre behavior seems to be commonplace with the Masculines, as I learned in Twin Flame groups. I have had a few people approach me with other behaviors of my Twin. Even they felt he was mirroring them on occasions. I dont know how true their statements and claims are, as I still havent seen physical world evidence from those few who made these claims. Also, those “others” could have been him as well, with fake profiles.

Anyway, after People and Their Cars website seemed to have been left in the dust, he would use In-direct messages through his Facebook and back to Twitter and another anonymous profile(s) that I can’t prove is him. But these are the more obvious ones. Considering this is all spiritual stuff, maybe it is his higher self that speaks to me. But since this man already knew who I was, I won’t put anything past his human form with cyber stalking etc. My real world signs/Syncs are a different story though.

What I feel is happening is, we are showing what is happening internally. There are times he seems to have picked up on some of my thoughts that I never even posted. The “mirrors” I’m able to show in the real world, are on these blogs. The mirrors are consistent. We are so intertwined.

I’m just here trying to teach others about real twin flame mirrors who might also be too much logical thinking, like myself. I just know the majority of you aren’t dealing with celebrities and their massive fan base.

Eventually, I would let his online social media go.

He also did this with his Twitter

I was sent a message

I don’t know who this person is/was or if it was him sending me this through a fake profile for his ego to misguide me. Here is a screen capture of my original post about it. I don’t think I have the original message. I would have to search through a lot of digital files

I believe this is called Mental illness. If this is all true, this seems some rather bizarre behavior, even if they were involved in an “open relationship.”

An update June 13, 2019

This is a consistent thing. It hasn’t stopped! I do believe he somehow stalks me via the dark web and it’s untraceable or perhaps he has someone else that does the job for him, because they have nothing better to do with their lives other than being his puppet and stalk my social media. I should feel loved and blessed. Thank you.

Considering it’s been well over 3 years and he even tried to have a child on my birthday, and still no real physical contact with me, this is very Narcissistic of him. Very immature. I can rationalize early on stuff, but this is very abusive behavior from him. The entire silent treatment and hiding behind a twin flame runner label. If any of you are experiencing this, please remove yourself. It will be the hardest thing, but you can do this.

I have reached out to him multiple times. I went to shows and sat in the front. I’ve done VIPs, I went to his tea house.

I found a few people that made videos about Narcissism on YouTube that I really enjoyed.

Here are two people that speak about Narcissism that I enjoyed

Ross Rosenberg

Vivian McGrath

Also, be-warned, if they are strong in their disillusioned and can send negativity energetically through their large ego mind, over their higher self, you need to learn how to ignore and not pay attention to or redirect your focus. That is not coming from their higher self but a lower vibrational mindset. If they have this power, we can ask to cut the cords from their psychic attacks and attempts to control us in Narcissistic ways. Learning detachment is vital for our own wellbeing. God is love. This is not from God. God lives in the absolute and has no enemies.

They are attacking us because of their own self hate. We must rise above that. Work on our own self love. There may be childhood wounds you didn’t know that still needed healing and nurtured. You think, I thought I was healed from that, but perhaps it’s still there. Like a toothache and you find out you need a root canal, that tiny hole causing so much pain, needs attention. You have to dig deep to reach it and plug it up. To dig deed, other parts need to be removed or cut through. Once you reach it, you have to fill that new digging space. It’s a pain, much pain and we can numb it, just for some damn microscopic hole you can’t see. When you see the x Ray and the dentist shows you, you look at it like, “that tiny ass thing is causing all of this pain??!!!” Apparently, some microscopic hole is still causing us so much pain. And like getting a root canal, once repaired there is the recovery time.

If your twin is behaving in such a narcissistic way, removed yourself. What else can we do? Nothing. What we can only hope, is that, once this is healed in you, this aspect they are showing, will fall away. Love is a Choice. Choose self love for yourself.


My new conclusion with all my research on Narcissism, Interfaith and this whole twin flame thing. This is what I came up with. If there really is “the one” would Narcissism be a form of demonstrating that? Say, people behave in this way because they haven’t found “the one.” Narcissism is just teaching us that “the one” is true.

I’m Not saying that a twin flame can heal a Narcissistic if the beloved is a Narcissistic. If you’re truly being abused in this matter to stay with them is not ideal. True healing comes from within and the divine. You must separate yourself from them and allow healing to occur. I still think one should learn about Narcissism on this journey to be more fully aware. They do say some Narcissistic’s can heal while others don’t. I would love to be optimistic and think someone can heal, especially a Twin Flame.

There are some teachers that say a Twin Flame is NOT a narcissistic. I just want to present a rounded view.

I can’t unlove the man. The love is true for me. I can’t for the life of me get him out of my heart or mind! One does not choose who the heart loves. It’s an acceptance. Surrender.

This is where we take everything that is outside ourselves and just love the beloved from within. It’s not a focus on the physical body, I can keep away with social media and just love him from the heart and love Allah. That is how we connect. If I never seen him nor hear him sing or watch another interview or read an article ever again, I know this love, will go on and remains ever strong. Be a lover, like Sufis. My heart longs for you, my beloved.

Separation from the beloved, is in fact feels like death. We may as well treat physical separation as if the other has actually physically died. Happy times that live as memories. You love your family and friends who has crossed over in your heart, so too does one love the beloved within, with no physical body. My heart fills itself ever more and forever more without anything from him in the physical world. It grows in the heart. Even if his ego is Narcissistic, being apart and I still love thee. Curse this world that creates Narcissistic people!

Could it be possible that someone who is Narcissistic is only Narcissistic because they haven’t connected or met “the one” and is a prisoner of their illusions? We released them and love the beloved within our hearts.

The Whirling Dervishes

I still like to believe that God/Divine Source truly wants us to be happy. But even if Billy is indeed a Narcissist, then I must let him go and only love from my heart. I cant play this pathetic mind game. I have other things to worry about and other things to do than waste my time with a over grown man child who can’t communicate or refuse to because “he’s scared.” I must walk away. I know I’m worth so much more than this nonsense. I deserve a man who will fight to be with me not some lame ass running away like a loser. So, this is the love of my life. I have no intentions to seek out another relationship and play the game of “let’s make him jealous with me sleeping around with as many people as possible” because I’m such an attention seeker and need many penises to enter my vagina to heal myself. I’m so much better than that game as well.

Satan came to me dressed in the man I ever loved. I’m telling him, get away from me. This whole thing is a distraction from the true purpose and that’s a connection with God/Divine Source.

5 Dating Mind Games Men Play And How To Always Win.

I want union with Him and He wants separation, thus I leave what I want so that His wish comes true. – al-Ghazzali.

I know I dont deserve this Narcissistic freak show and I deserve something and someone so much better! But the heart loves who it loves and I’d be not 100% with anyone else.

I still dont know how I feel about Law of Attraction but I’m sure there’s a reason behind this and maybe God is sparing me and saved me. I know I’m supposed to feel blessed, but I’d be lying and it doesn’t always feel that I am, but cursed. Perhaps I need to also come to realize that the other person and/or people that my beloved is with is only being used, therefore, I am blessed, to be not apart of his personal dramas.

Are Twin Flames narcissistic towards their beloved counterparts? This is why we need to walk away. If the person is your true twin, we step away from the physical body and work inwardly.

Cassidy has written an article about this. So, here’s another perspective The Twin Flame Narcissistic – Spiritual Issues, Abuse, Myth and Solutions

Overall, I may lean more with her view when it comes to Twin Flames and Narcissism.


After some time along this path, I came to realize, when it comes to celebrity and non celebrity dynamics, this is actually a stage. Even though I may have agreed with Cassidy, as previously written that I leaned more towards what she was saying, something still was missing especially, when it came to non celebrity and celebrity dynamics.

If you have experienced any of this, I have created an article called HELP! WHAT DO I DO IF MY TWIN FLAME IS A CELEBRITY? It makes no sense to have this dragged out. In my case, I feel as if I may be planting seeds to our collective and making sense of how our dynamic work so I may assist others. As author Neale Donald Walsch has said, life is not about you.