Just because they aren’t YOUR twin Flame, doesn’t mean that they aren’t an authentic Twin Flame to someone else. Many people have different names. Karmic Partners etc. I’m just simply calling anyone who isn’t my Twin Flame Non-Authentic. I don’t like the idea of Karmic because everyone is Karmic in one form or another. Also calling them Karmic is basically denoting them as negative. It’s the impression I get when I hear the word Karmic Partner/Soulmate.

Well, it doesn’t look like Elon and Grimes ears match….. in case your wondering WHY I added Elon and Grimes, and you didn’t look through the rest of my blog, see my post What’s this about, Universe? Elon Musk? and Doppelgängers, Birthday Buddies and other significant people.

Residential Mirrors

This is a comparison of childhood homes. To view me and Billy Corgan go here: Residential Syncs/Mirrors

Here is more how me and Bill line up. Can you spot the difference between authentic and non authentic?

I don’t recall a 2 car garage. I believe it was paved and they had a basketball net on the inside of the fence. I really can’t remember, it’s been so long. I don’t believe it was there when we were growing up. Outsides are similar, but the insides are a bit different. In both houses the bedrooms were all upstairs. Kim’s house would have a hallway at the top of the stairs and you’d have to walk it to get to each room. In Bills childhood house, it’s kind of a open area at the top of the steps and you can see all the doors to each room. The bathroom straight ahead. Two rooms on the right, two rooms on the left. I believe the middle window and the one on the left was the master/parents bedroom. Bills room was the back right window. Kim’s room was also at the end of the hallway on the right side of the house.

Bill’s parents also had 3 children, like my parents. He has an older sister born the year before, in 1966, and a younger sister 13 years younger. She’s a few years younger than me and also the only one in her family that has a university degree, like I am the only one in my family with a degree. She went in the medical field. No children.

Bills oldest sister has 4 daughters and he had 2 children with the only grandson for his parents until I came along and now he has 4 children and two sons. Both his parents have been together a long time like my parents. (Bill will say, not happily married though, like my parents.) Our parents gotten along very well. Bills kids happened to be around the same ages as my nieces and nephews. He kind of parallel my oldest brother, Tom in this retrospect. The kids were born the same years. My brother Toms daughter was born same year as Bills daughter, Rachel in 1996. Also, all 3 of the boys were born same year. They also mirrored divorce and separation around the same time. My brothers wife wanted a divorce and Bill wanted a divorce. They were both not happy within their married lives. Also, both of their ex wives had a tubal ligation after their sons were born.

Bills mother name is Mary and my mother’s confirmation name was Mary and she also worked at St Mary’s as a secretary.

Bill and my father grew up on farms. Bill, a dairy farm, and my father, a fruit farm, mostly peach trees.

Bill and I grew up in the special education system. He attended a school named Gayman Elementary and my great grandmother maiden name was Gay. She was married to a William Joseph, my great grandfather, which is Bills oldest sons first and middle name.

Bill is a Sun Taurus, like my mother and my long time childhood friend, Robin. He’s at the end of Taurus and they are in the beginning. All 3 of them don’t know the time they were born so I can’t get a full Astrological chart of them.

Bill has Lazy eye, amblyopia, and so does my moms youngest sister. Her cross eye is more noticeable. (WPC mentioned that he has exotropia, walleye).

It never occurred to me with astrology and numerology before, but I have taken noticed. My childhood friend with the same first name, Kimberly (she is Kimberly Ann and I’m Kimberly Margaret) is also a Pisces. She was born March 15, 1977 so in numerology she is 33/6. ( My Uncle Ed, my fathers brother, is also 33/6) The street she grew up on was also a woman’s name (like WPC childhood home street name, Jill, all within Linear timeline). We were both in the same special education classroom. I could make a special collage up for this as well, perhaps. Her father was a police officer and I believe two of her brothers also followed in his footsteps.

Kim D. has 3 brothers and she’s the only girl. She was the youngest for a while in her family until her younger brother came along. I don’t think the age gap is like me and my brothers but, can you guess his first name? Go ahead, take a wild guess! If I could find out their birthdays, I’m wonder if the gap from her one brother is equal to the gap between Bill and his younger sister.



My non-authentic and his Authentic