Updated: April 2, 2021

I believe I started digging more deeply into astrology sometime around 2017, maybe 2 years since being on the Twin Flame Journey. I only knew very little, and never really followed it. I mean over the years I would read my horoscope and I admit, I have also read Billy Corgan’s Pisces horoscope as well. Why am I reading about this man’s horoscope? I even had both Libra and Pisces little book about our signs. Seriously, why did I not buy any other signs? Maybe reading his horoscope I was hoping to see “Pisces finds his Libra love and flys to go get her and sweep her off her feet” or something like that. Ha ha, yes, definitely something I kept to myself…….until now.

These are me and Billy Corgan’s charts and how we line up. Many people like to look at astrological charts and see if there’s anything that points to being a twin flame and of course, compatibility and what the charts say. I have seek out information as well. I was given information of some things that could point to being a twin flame in a chart by asking around and following different twin flame and astrology groups. I have included everything that I learned.

Also, as the case of our dynamic of a celebrity and non celebrity twin flames, it seems famous celebrity twin artists will give “clues” unconsciously, of course, in their art work. For example, song lyrics that may point to who the counterpart is. Always remember consistency is key. A few things here and there, doesn’t mean much. It’s the entire grand picture. The mirrors, synchronicities , signs etc etc etc.

After being on this journey for a while now and as astrology is brought to my awareness, I have started to fly off in my own direction. Anything else I find besides what I was being point towards by others in the beginning with our charts, I will post them here as well.

My Air Dominate Chart

My Aqua moon.




Native American astrology


Here is a comparison chart of William, Kurt and Courtney. Notice the similarities between the blue geographical shapes of William and Kurt.

As anyone who has vision can see the similarities between William and Kurt. Like anyone else born within the same timeline or year, will have most planets that are furthest away from the sun, in the same position. As I have shown between me and my kids father Twin Flame, me and her are about a month apart. Eventually I was shown something of interest with a relative of mine.

Seeing how both William and Kurt’s geometric similarities I then took it as, being related. But anyone who just looks at these things would think that Billy and Kurt were Twins. As even their last names start with the same letter followed by “O” and end in “N” with 6 letters.

Astrology, it’s like letting these “outside” forces control you. Something external of yourself. Are they significant? Hold any real truth? I don’t know. I don’t allow it to govern me or control me. I don’t read about ” transit” reports. I see the people on Facebook or other social media complaining about some mercury retrograde and why that is the reason to not do anything in their life or blame why something bad happened to them. Who cares? I don’t let planetary alignment dictate and control me. I might see some post of people saying how they feel crappy and I’m like, I feel great.

I think astrology can have people live in Ego. “Proud Pisces” ok, I’m a proud Libra. I’m a proud Dragon. Double proud because both of them are are unique to their astrology. Libra is the only object in the zodiac and Dragon is the only mythical creature. I Am super RARE. Also which, the Chinese consider the dragon as a divine symbol as well! So I can ride high on my own God complex.

To me, astrology is also like people putting themselves in a box. Go find your box and sit in it. Oh, you want to feel more special? Here are some other boxes for you. Now, do you feel more special? I am a triple air Goddess! YES! I am special!


I am showing the Twin Flame of my kids father. I know many in the past have been trying to figure out if Twin Flames show up in a chart. Bill doesn’t know his birth time. So, his chart can’t be more detailed. But in numerology they are both life path number 11/2. Both have Native American heritage. All 3 of us, born the same year. And you should see me and her charts. The geometric shape of our charts look almost identical. So, do False Twin Flames show up on a chart? Karmic? Prepper Twin? Would he have been open to this experience if I wasn’t in the picture to have shown him, even Indirectly? Would he have been open to it, if I hadn’t shared any of this and kept it to myself? To me, even if I jeopardize my own reunion, I benefitted by helping him or others. To me, I think opening others minds is more important then my own, selfish reasons of withholding what I’ve learned. Look to see how you feel, and if you notice many signs and Syncs, it might be a Twin Flame. But also, take notice of other players in your lives.

Bill said he never felt this way with another, not even me or his ex wife. I’m entirely happy for him. My ego might feel let down because I couldn’t make him feel that excitement I want him to feel while together. I gave you multiple orgasms and Im a good woman, even told me I was a great mother, but I still didn’t give him that soul feeling connection. Boo to my ego.

He also told me, he’s not running. To me, it seems he’s also striving to maintain a positive outlook in life. I’m happy for him. No, they aren’t in physical union. In time.

Anyway, we still have kids and will maintain a friendship for the rest of our lives. He knows I wanted to our mirrors together. I hope to do this soon. I know some people like to teach multiple ideas to the collective in their groups. I’m trying to show how it shows up in the real world. I still don’t believe in multiflames. Only one. You don’t need to go out and “test the waters” of having multiple sex partners to find “the one”. It just creates more karmic stuff. But, are false twin flames real? We could both be twin flames just not to each other. Therefore, False Twin Flames to each other. It doesn’t mean one is bad. Many people like to make them sound evil or something. There’s nothing evil about either of us. We just don’t belong together. We have to work together because we have children but it doesn’t mean either one of us should view the other negatively. People just need to communicate better. Overall. Open up others to this concept so no more runners happen and ego is dropped with more divine unions. I will jeopardize my own union to help the masses. I’ll take my life, to benefit the many. In the end, they say you can’t fuck up a twin flame relationship. Well, here’s my imaginary drink and a toast to my so called Twin Flame. Cheers! (I stopped drinking. Rare for me that I drank anyway.)