Here is my story to add to William’s story.

GLASS, never truly healed his torn heart. It was all a temporary thrill but soon he started heading back to old thinking habits. He went sulking back into the dark corners inside his mind after the band MACHINES OF GOD, broke apart. He would form a new band that didn’t receive well with the public. He fully step into writing messages from the voice of GOD he heard through the radio.

GLASS would still endlessly seek externally the love and approval of others and of the Ghost Children. When the Ghost Children expressed their negative projection towards him, for they were never satisfied with any work he has put out, GLASS took it to heart and allowed it to consume him. He kept trying to please the masses and his beloved GHOST CHILDREN but it was never enough. GLASS would attack the very people who loved him, or did they? He also would question if GOD exist at all. His one love, taken from him, also living a LIE that the love was unreciprocated. Unwilling to admit defeat to the GHOST CHILDREN and to the public about his growing disbelief and doubt toward GOD and of JUNE, GLASS began leading a double life. His life in the public EYE and his life while he was alone.

GLASS grew increasingly skeptical and hateful towards GOD and blamed them for taking away his only love. GLASS began feeling empty inside because he still felt a part of him was missing. Surly he should be feeling JUNEs presence and love within him, but all he felt was empty and hollow.

The story of our ZERO hero, GLASS, missed his true love when they met, his true reflection. For in this true reflection, he couldn’t look at her. He cast her aside even though the magnetic pull towards her was too powerful for him to deny. The light inside her shone too brightly into his darken soul and the dark world he lived in. He kept looking at his past, of JUNE. No, this isn’t her. It was JUNE. JUNE was “the one.” JUNE is the one I chose and it is so! JUNE was so easy to look into her eyes. JUNE didn’t scare him so much. This new person caused such a stir in GLASS all he knew to do was run and push her away. GLASS was still with JUNE when they met. Their meeting was brief and she was quickly overlooked. Unbeknownst to the both of them, when their eyes met, a whole series of events started unfolding in GLASS’s world. These events even caused the braking apart of the band, the departure of JUNE and of her soul leaving the EARTH plane to move forward into another body of another life. Her mission was complete to help open GLASS’s heart towards the unconditional love of his true beloved. For it was not of JUNE’s heart that was surrounded by thicken bones, but of GLASS. As in the lyrics he sang as ZERO:

Cupid hath pulled back his sweetheart’s bow

To cast divine arrows into her soul

To grab her attention swift and quick

Or morrow the marrow of her bones be thick.

Sometimes GLASS’s thoughts would trickle back to the one he cast aside but he kept his mind busy and denied the other’s existence and entrance to his wounded heart. He’s been broken for far too long to trust another person. “I allow no body, no person in to this heart of mine”, he would go on to live by this motto. It would be a few years before he sees his true beloved again.