Billy Corgan has always been interested in a Twin Soul/Flame relationship for a very long time. He developed an entire storyline with the album Machina. The album was released back in February 29, 2000. I found the full story online. There are websites that examined a lot of his work on Machina, meanings of symbolisms etc, They don’t seem to entirely examine the Twin Soul/Flame/Divine Counterpart, that’s supposedly be between Glass and June. These are the websites I have found.


Pumpkin Net Form with Machina story

SP Freaks Glass story

I post these 3 sites as they are long standing superfan pages, at least, its how I view them. Someone has been paying for the domains and hosting for many years. I find them to be pretty solid sources of information.

My focus is only of Billy Corgan’s Twin Flame story of GLASS and JUNE. When you visit the other sites, you will see that the idea of Twin Flames has been left out. Many fans like to think all he sings about is the music industry and perhaps, the fan base. I will not be focus on anything else of this story. That’s what the other links are for. I will copy sections of the stories that relate to Twin Flames in particular and share my thoughts. The above links have the full story in them somewhere, if you choose to explore further in detail.

Anyone who follows Billy, should only take that this story is what a relationship should NOT be. Twin Flame or not. There is interviews where he speaks about a masculine and feminine energy, and so much of the story is about TWIN SOULS/FLAMES, even though I haven’t yet found him calling them that during this time period. It may well be, that internally, he knows this fable story relationship is a lie to Twin Souls. This story has nothing to do with Twin Souls. Its more of an obsession, narcissism, deception, conditional, unrequited love. I can forgive him because he was unaware at the time and probably didn’t truly believe in the concept. There is so much more to the Twin Souls than what he has attempted to present in this fable of his. He may as well added a talking guitar and a genie, because none of this is a true Twin Soul relationship.

Anyway, I did finally show up for the first time in March 2000 when they were touring and doing a signing. I HAD to see him up close, attending a show wasn’t going to cut it for me. We made eye contact and he did smile. I have that meeting written out on my other blog. Unconsciously, he may have sense of meeting his true reflection even though on a conscience level, he didn’t know. Perhaps maybe, it gave some influence to future writings.

William Patrick Corgan’s GLASS STORY

[NOTE: I’ve italicized and bolded key elements that point towards BILLY attempting to claim these characters as divine counterparts. I’ve bolded and underlined the toxic elements]

for years our hero has searched for his true love, the woman of his dreams, JUNE…he called her by many names hoping that there somewhere out there she waited for him too…so one night after a concert, he saw her, and right then and there he knew he had finally found her…JUNE was his perfect reflection, everything that he was not…she brings to him the universal truths of life and living, and a life he has never had… what he does not realize then is that he has fallen in love with a reflection of himself…she embodies the darkness he can only write about…she lives the life of flesh and bone, one he can only think about…so for one short period of time, our hero once zero feels complete and whole, with god and a woman by his side…

GLASS finds himself increasingly torn between his new love and his true calling as a messenger…he doesn’t realize that he really doesn’t have to make a choice between the light and her darkness…he tries to find balance between his humanity and his spiritual pursuits…unknown to GLASS, the hedonism and electric energy of GLASS’ accelerated world fuel JUNE’s ever increasing secret drug problems…GLASS comes home one night to find JUNE in a drugged haze, a vinyl record hissing endlessly on the out groove…JUNE is so out of it that she doesn’t recognize GLASS at all, as he calls to her to come back to him…the truth revealed, GLASS sits next to her and, in a rare moment of candor, reveals that god has been speaking to him thru the radio, knowing full well that JUNE probably won’t remember the conversation…despite that, GLASS reveals that he has doubts about the validity of the messages and wonders if he is going insane…


This right here, clearly not of a higher calling relationship. JUNE has a drug problem. I question who in BILLYs life at the time is JUNE. To me, it would be COURTNEY. Only 3 people from this time of his life comes to mind that could fit this description. His first ex wife, CHRIS, COURTNEY and YELANA. If you read up and are aware of BILLYs and COURTNEY’s relationship through the years, you can tell he carried some little special touch for her even as he was in the other 2 relationships. It’s almost like he wanted that relationship, that drama so much, he wrote an entire play about it. She is not his twin Flame. This person has a drug addiction, and BILLY also was involved with drugs, but he wanted to make him out to be innocent to the entire ordeal. While out in the world, his authentic Twin Flame, never did drugs. I never stabbed myself with needles nor put powder in my nose. I never smoke a cigarette. I’ve been exposed to second hand smoke through the years from my job, and life in general, but I never gotten involved with any of the “parting”, even though it was all around me with the job I held. And nope, I was never even a pill popper. I rarely take any aspirin. I must be hurting really bad if I have to take ibuprofen for something, like a toothache. I don’t normally take anything for menstrual cramps. I don’t have an addictive personality. I don’t even drink coffee! I have tried frappuccino and lattes, stuff loaded with milk because as a working mother I was trying to find something other then sugar to help me not fall asleep at the wheel driving! Not good, I know.

So, in what way is GLASS our hero? Because he’s a romantic? He’s suppose to be “waiting” for this special person, is he a virgin? Or is he busy adding notches to his bedpost as he’s being a womanizer and only using women sexually until he finds “the one” who’ll capture his heart? He plays guitar, so it makes him a hero? What about the firefighter that saved a child from a burning building? Why isn’t he referred to as a hero, but instead it’s some guy that can slide his fingers on a guitar string with soft hands that panics over a lady bug in his hotel room?

This relationship between GLASS and JUNE is toxic. It has everything for a failed relationship to thrive in. An authentic Twin Flame relationship, would not happen like this. Most likely, they both may be involved in a relationship already. Someone with a drug addiction has more issues then any relationship they find themselves into. JUNE had a habit before him. This relationship is not about JUNE, it’s about GLASS and how he feels about himself. GLASS’s obsession to find someone who can love him because he can’t love himself. GLASS is a woe is me, look at what I have to deal with, I am an attention seeking whore feel sorry for me type of person. He wants people to pity him. Woe is me, I’m a romantic.

This idea that BILLY has of JUNE, being his reflection is false. This is not what a reflection looks like. [As I shall be showing what real mirrors look like with this site.] She may have a few things that seem to mirror him, as with many other normal relationships, but she is not authentic. Twins go deeper then the surface. When authentic TWINs meet in person, if one of you, most likely both, isn’t balanced, they will push, run, and separate. Seeing your actual mirror scare many away. Hell, it scared the shits out of BILLY when we were up close and the mirror was seen and felt between us. It pissed me off because here he informs me of our connection. He writes and signs about it and creates storylines and plays and oh, how much he needs this other person who’s his twin Soul but when it came down to actually finding his authentic Twin Soul, his behavior is so far from the song “Stand Inside your Love” and “Honestly”. I’m going to tell you, boy, can that boy run! Yes, a boy. A man will walk in fearless, boys run. The song Run2me is a joke. Maybe he did have a fortune teller inform him of me, because that song ends up being about me. This meme and quote from the movie The Neverending Story best sums up what happens when you meet your true self. It’s the magic mirror!

In real Twin Soul relationships there is intense energy together. It’s felt much differently then what most other relationships currently are. Majority of what people know about human love relationships is more based on infatuation. That “love” needs work to survive. I think “normal love” is a more piercing felt in the heart center. With Twin Flames, you feel it all around you. The heart chakra, heart center is more of a pulse feeling, warm. It’s a much different energy feeling. This person is always on your mind. You can’t force someone to be your twin, you either are or are not. There is only ONE Twin, as the Quran stated, “we created them in pairs” it’s not a multiple grouping. The sacred union is 2 people. It’s not a choice by you, God chooses. God choosing is much better anyway, let God be the matchmaker. It’s how we were originally made. GLASS needing to decide to make a choice? GLASS will NOT be torn to decide to serve GOD or having a human love. His service to GOD will bring him his ultimate love relationship, in which, they BOTH will serve GOD. The relationship is divine, DIVINELY placed together so they can be of service to GOD. It is sacred.

Calling JUNE of many names, songs with multiple female names, makes him sound like he’s the one who’s a male whore (Ava Adore – you’ll always be my whore). He doesn’t sound like he’s waiting for anyone when using multiple names. Why must a name be mentioned at all? I guess he felt using terms like Beloved is corny or won’t make as much money. A bad investment. All about the money.

Anyway, if BILLY wants to be a true messenger of GOD, he needs to stop hiding behind some so called fictional character to validate himself to the world. Step more into his truth. But it’s so much easier to blame others because you are then not responsible for your own actions. And it’s much easier to create a character [GLASS] and say it’s just some story, when all you probably ever wanted to do was serve God, but he didn’t know how. How so much easier to blame others for your misfortunes and create art all around blaming others. GLASS could have easily walked away from this toxic relationship, but then there wouldn’t be this story. A story of a toxic relationship that isn’t divine. This is NOT an authentic Twin Soul story. It’s a story of drama not real love. Perhaps it’s my duty to “clean up” the mess my divine Counterpart has made or at least help him with his story he can’t get quite right?

WPC GLASS story continues

GLASS decides because he loves her so, he will try to save her as he is trying to save everyone else, with the power of his healing…GLASS is now on a crusade to save everyone in his life; his band, his girl, his audience, and consequently the world…the only problem is that he has forgotten to save himself…


This here is not an authentic TWIN FLAME relationship. First and foremost, the focus becomes on GOD in an authentic Twin Flame relationship. GLASS must heal himself before any soul reunion or going to get the girl story. Twins will repel each other if they aren’t balanced within. He will not forget to save himself. He MUST. Your mind becomes so consumed with this other person that even when your apart, you’ll receive so many signs and syncs in the real world that you can’t try and forget them. Consent reminders and maybe even dreams. You will start working on your inner self.

There this other thing in this story that’s not of an authentic Twin Flame relationships. The negativity. Negative thoughts can even keep you in separation. Meet and maybe you were together for a period of time, but then you’ll push apart. There’s even a time called a runner/chaser phase. It’s quite an astonishing phase to be in. There is nothing about this phase in this story of BILLY’s. One must work on negative thinking that could be keeping you apart also. They other part of you knows because they are you. There’s work to be done on yourself, GLASS. You’ll learn to save yourself from your inner demons. No one else can save you, but you. No external relationship can fill that void. A person only changes for 2 reasons, For themselves or God. Even JUNEs addiction problems presented here in this story shows how one person won’t change for another. She’s not changing for GLASS at all.


GLASS begins to lose his balance on both ends when he becomes over righteous and indignant in his beliefs, alienating those who already believe in him and turning off potential new converts…GLASS sees himself as some sort of cosmic preacher, and if he just shouts loud enough the message will somehow get thru the din…JUNE, finding the solace and power in GLASS that she couldn’t muster on her own, begins to believe that she does not need him anymore…she has taken her fill from his light, and like so many others that have taken from GLASS, question whether they ever needed him at all…GLASS begins to bitter at the prospect that he is being toyed with and used by god and JUNE… slowly, GLASS begins to lose faith in his seemingly unshakeable beliefs…he becomes paranoid, believing that everyone is out to get him…the new album is released and is not well received by the fans or the general public…for the first time since the band began, GLASS is publicly humiliated…he begins to question the validity of the messages, thinking perhaps they are from a false god or that his filters of perception are misaligned… he begins to descend into madness, accusing JUNE of disloyalty…in one final argument, she admits she never loved him at all, and that she did hear him tell her about being spoken to by god, and that she believes he is insane…she tells him goodbye for the last time and storms off into the rainy night…she loses control of her car, and is killed when it skids off the road…GLASS blames god for the loss of JUNE, idealizing his time with her because he can not let go of what her vision means to his faith…he blames the fans for their betrayal at not supporting and following the bands new direction…inconsolable, and without informing the MACHINES, GLASS impulsively tells an audience one night that the band is going to break up and will only play one more final, and sadly tragic show…


Well then……….

This here is nothing more but unrequited love, co dependency, narcissism etc. Again, not an authentic TWIN FLAME relationship. BILLY quickly builds a story in which, he sees her dead. This person that he presumes is his TWIN, he had this character die a sudden death in the story. Just out of the blue BOOM, she dies in a car crash, which gives no details about WHY her car crashed. It was a rainy night, does not equal to why she lost control of the car. Was she high? Was she speeding in the rain? What kind of rain? Drizzling? Hurricane? Was there flooding? Was there something wrong with her car? What kind of car was it? How long has she had it? Did she keep up with maintenance? Did she need new tires? Or perhaps a new control arm? Driveshaft? There’s just nothing about why and that she just skidded off the road. BOOM, you are dead to me (probably indirectly towards Courtney anyway.)

This relationship is so toxic, I can’t even begin to describe what he was thinking at the time he wrote all of this. He was supposedly in what seems to be a happy relationship at the time (Yelena) It only shows you what a mess BILLY truly was in, within himself that he blames others for his imbalances, misfortunes and creates stories such as this. “It’s because of HER, I’m such an asshole” blame game.

I think when I first read all of this, I was more like, I don’t know how to describe right now, but it was multilayered. My head is spinning yet I have my own inner peace and unconditional love towards him. This mess of a man, I can’t understand why I’m attracted to him and why I’m drawn to his music and art. I can’t fully relate to this. To me, I’d rather just be single than force myself to stay in such a relationship. Why do people stay in such relationships? Fear of being alone? I don’t understand why but it seems to happen. When Machina came out, I was already living on my own as a single woman for about 3 years. I couldn’t comprehend this. Yet, at the same time, I LOVED it/him. It made no sense why I loved this guy, I just did. I’d fight it for so long in my mind because I felt cursed that God had me fall in love with a celebrity, someone so far out of reach with a woman like me. I would hope that over time, this “thing” would go away. Of course, it never did. Why do I love you, Billy Corgan?!

The needing GLASS part. This character is only happy if they feel needed. Respect and love sounds not important in this story. I always thought, the best compliment is when you don’t need someone. Even as a parent. Isn’t it a compliment when your child isn’t dependent on the parent? It means you’ve done your job as a paren. This is co dependency. She obviously used him for whatever reason and now, she’s done with him. Wouldn’t it be better to be with someone who actually wanted to be with you and not just use them as a stepping stone. JUNE used GLASS as a stepping stone. GLASS should have a sign on his forehead that says SUCKER. He’s easily gullible to a pretty face.

You know what was happening at this time when he wrote this? Courtney and writing music for her album, Celebrity Skin. The car part is actually a mirror for me as well.


love the constant signal that heals and promotes as our truth teller sleeps inside furious walls, thrice blessed and crimson cursed…his story is the same story, and as with all without ending…a boy and a girl, simple yes but eternal always…


Eternal my ass……

His story is not the same. Well, it is in a romantic boy meets girl and they start dating kind of way. This isn’t a twin Soul meeting it’s true self story. This love story isn’t a love story at all. it’s all abusive! Love that heals? Where’s the love in this story? I know many happy relationships, they require work though. Many people don’t put in the effort anymore.


glass plays, the machines shakes voltage, and the gaze is drawn again and again in uncertain lines…one ray catches a june eye, our angel who has waited so long…frozen to witness, we can walk around and survey this moment as close to perfection as any that have ever been, to see the joy, the exalt, the arrogance…with it’s sheer violence of embrace and release slowly offering teeth gritting awareness, the song ends, the lovers arc, and in this bliss there is hope, expectation, and yes, pure and indivisible love…the girl, his love, the light that would transform any story into the moon and it’s sister stars…she had no faith but that which destroys, and had only known herself in coarse mirrors, giving over and unto whatever moved her…opium eyed and gouge mouthed, she stalked a barren trail because she believed that all that was good had died long before she was named…she the reflection in glass, he in her that which he could not claim, her in him that which she so desperately needed, forever breaking…she had chased black holes of silence to find peace, and in turn that darkness swept into her a fever that was unshakable

…their fates had intertwined long before they were lovers, their moment extending back before a time their eyes first met, and that bond was eternal, thru fire and chard to meet again and again until this moment, our apex and conclusion…


Our angle who has waited so long? Was JUNE a virgin? Why is she fallen so far down that she’s hooked on drugs? Violence of Embrace? How are these words even together? I never knew embracing was violent. Violence would go along with hate. I would not be embracing someone if I hated them. I’d want to stab their eye out not hug them if I hated someone. Then again, I’m not very good at hating people.

Lovers arc? No, there is no love here. The only bliss is sexual infatuation. Lust. This is not love. This is NOT nearly an authentic TWIN FLAME relationship!

Oops, another word here that’s a no-no, EXPECTATION.

Pure and indivisible love? Again, what love? There’s absolutely NO love in this story. Stop making this toxic relationship so romanticized! Make this story STOP!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

In other stories of GLASS, BILLY has described what would be his true TWIN.

“….a child draws the perfect house with the perfect parents and the perfect hot rod car and the perfect dog, unwittingly signing into a contract bound to be broken…”

“….to match the eyes and the doll faces of the perfect parents with the perfect teeth smiling upon the perfect children.”

I grew up, in what he felt was a perfect family. My parents, as I currently type this, together married for 51 years and counting. Well, I can’t say we have perfect teeth, but we have visit the dentist. My family had a dog for 5-6 years. I remembered the name was Snoopy. My family got the dog when my oldest brother was about 5. They got him when they were at their second house. Then my family moved to where my parents have been living for almost 40’years. I was a year old. Sometime after they moved they got rid of him. The dog kept getting out and my father was working many hours so no one had time to take care of it. They believe he found a home on a farm to live out the rest of his life. I still have yet to find a picture of Snoopy.

After reading William’s fable, I have concluded that he failed to build his characters. There’s no background or any depth to keep a reader grasp in to the story. I love the idea though. Again, this story holds no truth to an actual Twin Soul relationship. It’s just another drama tragical story. I think a talking guitar should be added. Also, no description of what it felt like to kiss your true reflection? No description of what it was like to look into their eyes. What was felt, etc.

Love you babe. ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

But, in Astrology William is a Wolf. . .