The list of MIRRORS/SIGNS/SYNCS in text format.

This list is nowhere near complete and things always show up. I’m currently not focused on it. I created many of these in pictures and collage formats that are posted on this blog.




KIMBERLY MARGARET HYNDMAN * October 3, 1976 (ANDREA – Confirmation)

My Children



His Children


My Family

Father THOMAS AUGUST HYNDMAN Sr (Paul – confirmation)

Mother JOYCE ANN TAYLOR HYNDMAN – church secretary (MARY – Confirmation)



Grandfather RICHARD FRANCIS TAYLOR – Navy, Firefighter, Plumber, boating, fishing


Grandmother’s sister, (Grandfather’s 2nd wife)


Mothers brother RICHARD

Mothers sister ANN LOUISE

Mothers sister DORRIS

Father’s brother William

Father’s brother Edward

Father’s sister Flossie

HIS Family



Brother RICHARD (Rick) CORGAN??? Motorcycle airbrushing decals.

Father’s 2nd marriage .

Stepmother PENNY ANDERSON – flight attendant

Brother from another mother JESSE ANDERSON

We both come from families of 3 children. He has 2 younger siblings. I have 2 older siblings. His youngest brother was born same year as me. Billy was born same year as my 2nd oldest brother.

William/Billy had a stepmother. I was a stepmother to a William/Billy and both their fathers are also William. Not sure of the age Billy’s stepmother entered his life, but Billy was about 7 when I entered his life.


Billy had a grandfather that died before he was born so he never knew him.

I had a grandmother who died long before I was born so I never knew her


Graduate High School 1985 Glenbard North High School

Me 1995


Williamstown, NJ



Elk Grove Village Illinois



I gave a list of names to my kids father as we were naming them. Probably would be something like 30 names. After we agreed to a first name, I started a list of middle names. He would eventually choose the names. Amazingly the ones he chose. “Patrick” and “Morgan”. He was not a Smashing Pumpkins fan.

He did not know Patrick was Billy’s middle name. It was an Irish name and we both have Irish heritage, as does Billy. I don’t remember why I wrote down Patrick. I think it might have been suggested in some naming app or baby name website and I wrote it down anyway. I wasn’t listening to music then. That’s another story.


I grew up in Williamstown. I also have family where the name William is very common. My father’s father is William. So, we also have it handed down. My uncle and my cousin. I also have another cousin I grew up with Kristopher and his middle name is William. A cousin on my mom’s side married a William and they have a son William. My kids father is William and his father. He also has a son William. I have another cousin where she married a man with the last name Williams. William is everywhere in my life. I think the name follows me. I can’t escape it.

**Kim Morgan**

Where my kids father and I live, we have neighbors who’s name were Kim and Chris. Kim spelled her name unusual and I can’t remember the exact spelling. Along the lines of Kimberleigh. Her maiden name was Morgan. They have 3 kids all with her maiden name, Morgan. My daughters middle name is Morgan and I didn’t realize about the neighbors kids names or maiden name when we named our daughter.

His son was born 11/16. My son 11/18.

Our first child was a boy. Their names also associated with the Roman Era.


Billy married a woman named Chris(tine).

My cousin I grew up with was named Kris(topher). I also had a cousin Kristy on my mom’s side. There was a Christine that lived 2 doors down from us.

Also Christian and Kim that lived next door to us in Quakertown.

Sister Chris. She died of cancer when I was very young. I don’t remember her much. But she may have been the reason why I said I wanted to be a nun in my childhood. If she stayed alive longer, it may have been so and I would have took that path.

Chris was a sun Libra in astrology. I am also a Sun Libra.

A merging of sorts with names Chris and Kim.


My one cat died the same day his son was born. Ironic?

It appears one of his cats died 2 days before his sons 1st birthday. 11/14. That’s my cousin Kristopher 40th birthday. Cats name was Mr Thom

Mr Thom, I’m sure someone has referred to my father as Mr Tom through the years. His name is Thomas.

From about age 14 – 18 we had a cat named Sam (Sammy) He was a runt. Half the size of normal cat.

Billy has a cat named Sammi.


Both of my brothers, kids father and him, are around the same age. My brother Bob, kids father and him, born same year, 1967.

Both William P Corgan and my brother Thomas A Hyndman are Jrs and oldest child.

My kids father, William WRIGHT has crooked bottom teeth. William Corgan has crooked teeth also. But, Corgans teeth isn’t as Crooked at Wrights teeth, as his is more noticeable on the bottom front.


His Father’s 2nd wife was a flight attendant.

I went to summer school one year. Travel school. Wow. What year??? Might have been 1995, right after high school. **** Seek out this info if possible**** I thought I could be a travel agent. I also thought I would like being a flight attendant but was discouraged after learning I was too short and a height requirements. Discrimination. 😦


My father worked at a glass factory in Glassboro NJ called Owens Illinois

My mother had a cousin that lived in Chicago. He no longer lives there. But we came to Chicago once when I was 12.


A friend of mine that I grew up with, Kim Divito. She ends up marrying a man with the last name LUTZ.

Kimberly LUTZ.

His mother appears to have remarried to a man with the last name LUTZ



His mother’s name was MARTHA. My mothers confirmation name was MARY. MARY and MARTHA of the Bible were sister. MARY was the one who was devoted, which my mother was devoted to the church and her husband, my father for many years. The church she worked was St Mary’s.

The church would later be named Our Lady of Peace as the Diocese combined churches and names were changed.


His mother’s middle name is LOUISE. My great aunts, my grandmothers sister and my Grandfather’s second wife after she died, middle name was also LOUISE. She preferred to be called LOUISE over her first name Beatrice.

My mothers older sister was named Ann LOUISE. Biblical MARTHA was older than MARY.


I was born in October. Autumn/Fall when Pumpkins are plenty!

Billy was born St Patrick’s Day. Green. As a kid, my favorite color was green


Years ago, I had some guy who was a wrestler with the ECW Asking if I wanted to be his ring girl. But he also wanted sex. I refused and that was the end of that.

It was Impact that sent him to my club.

I grew up leaning towards Tom boyish. I watched action/adventure movies which would include fighting. Cartoons like He-Man, Voltron, and Transformers. I hated romantic drama soap operas. 

Wrestling fits in with me being a stripper. We  both seek to profit off of the male Ego. 


The location o fb the Gallery Cabaret is in an area of Chicago called Bucks Town.

My 3rd Apartment and move out of my home state of New Jersey was in Lower Bucks County. Years later I met and moved in with my children’s father who grew up and lived in Upper Bucks County all his life. 


As a kid I remember drawing a huge house. But, that was before I grew up and learned…. well, I would envision all my family in one house. Aunts, uncles, cousins, my brothers, parents . . . Sort of like how Mexicans live with extended families. I wish I could find that image. It may well be long gone.


And also, as a child I use to tell people I wanted to be a nun when I grew up. Just because I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. FYI.


His first wife was a Libra. I’m a Libra.

It appears he loves petite women. I’m petite.


Billy was in his high school newspaper team

I was also in the newspaper team in middle school but I felt it was more dominant of the popular kids and I was there taking up space.


Billy was born with a wine colored birthmark along his left arm.

My oldest brother was born with a birthmark on his face. It covers his face but it’s not like the wine color of Billy’s. His just looks like rosacea.

I have been getting some type of heat rashes on my legs. Don’t know if they could be considered a parallel or mirror thing, but definitely I take note.


The length of our hair has been virtually identical throughput our youth. We even started to grow it out about the same time. My 8th grade year and his Gish days, the length mirrors. He would soon then cut it off as his hair was showing signs of thinning. My oldest brother was also thinning early in his 20s. Billy would then start to shave his head bald. This was also about the time I started dancing. But what was being shaved from me, was my vagina.


I grew up loving Transformers 1st Generation of the 1980s.


In 1996, the band won an music award.

In 2006, I won a music award.


I knew a guy back from high school and he ends up doing the same type of job. We contacted on Facebook and he wanted me to go down to where he was and work with him. Also he wanted me to be romantically involved with him. What a bitch that I am!! I didn’t feel anything for him. It was before me and kids father were officially done. I was even trying to work on his website. As I was doing the church website. I still have it saved on my computer.

** I would reject Joe, because I’m not supposed to be with Rick**


Billy’s first band he was in, he left because they wanted to play Christian Rock.

My mother was in the folk group of the church. I would leave the church when I turned 18.

My original guitar and vocal teacher now does Christian Rock at a church.


Billy went to Marquardt Middle School and Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, IL

Location of the church I grew up in, located on Carroll Ave.

St Mary’s Parish is the church I grew up in. The name would be changed years later when the state diocese closed down some churches and combined parishes. Name is now Our Lady of Peace.

I believe the title of Zwan album Mary Star of the Sea is based on a church name. Need to look it up. I first went seen him live as he was with Zwan, not Pumpkins. It may have been a subconscious thing.


Born same year as me. 1976

Jesse was born with mild cerebral palsy that caused him to walk on his toes, and Tourette’s syndrome (a neurological disorder that can cause nonsensical or uncontrolled speech). He also had heart problems and a chromosomal disorder that caused him to be slower than the other children.

At times, his speech was garbled, indecipherable to anyone but Billy, who tried to teach him to speak more clearly.

He ends up liking acting and writing plays.

I was born epileptic and had seizures a lot as a baby. I was also placed in special education as a child and had difficulty with speech. I had years of speech therapy in school. We had a neighbor that I would call my best friend as a child but she never really seen me in that light. But she knew I had a speech problem and even when I called the house and ask for her, I would say Tate. Her name was Kate. Her mother couldn’t understand but says, that’s Kim mom.

I had problems with saying my cousins name Kristopher as well. He became known as Foe Foe then some years was Krisfer.

I remember in elementary school a kid named Frankie Smith. Once in awhile he might pop in my head and I would wonder what happened to him. He was picked on. He also, walked on his toes. Tippy toes Frankie.

I was always strong in Math and would be in a “normal” classroom since 2nd grade. In 5th, I must have been doing better because they wanted to try and mainstream me in Science and Social Studies. I was then placed back into special ed.

The classroom I was in, they called it Communication Handicapped. The names would soon start changing when I was in Middle school. But by that time, I was doing better.

In 6th grade I tried to test for Pre Algebra. I failed but passed in 7th. In 7th grade I was doing school much better. I was placed in mainstream classrooms all except History and English. They called my little room resources room. The between area. Not good enough for mainstream but too good for special needs. In high school I was completely out of special education room all except for English. I was also doing Algebra, geometry and Algebra 2. I was proud of that achievement even when people say they hated math.

I didn’t further my math career unfortunately.

I took up some dance classes. Then in senior year I was part time vocational for Drama. It was a 2 year course and finished post secondary.


His life path = 7

My life path = 9

Therefore the song 1979.

If you add up 1979, it’s 8. 8 is an infinity symbol.


Sierra Swan

My first Stage name was Sierra.

Both Sierra and Cheyenne were given to me. I didn’t name myself. Also the name Cherry was given to me.


Let’s start by saying, I’m aware. I blink too much.

Now Billy wrote a poetry book. About 2004.

I had another year of school left.

Back at the end of my last quarter from school in Video Production, I had already decided to stay for a bachelor’s. I also did an internship, with one of my instructors. He was a video editor, he and a partner were writing a book. I was helping with the book. My job was the cross reference section. I was to dig through books and find the names of each item and the keyboard shortcut. Fun times. 🙂 They signed my copy. My name was mentioned in the book. Yay! This was back in 2002. Times have changed I’m sure.

I had a poem published in a collection of poetry book. It was about 2005 or 2006. My poem was the first poem in the collection.


There are moments in my life, where I would try and quit dancing.

One of them, is working in a furniture store. Discount furniture store. JC Penny to be exact. Wouldn’t you know, I never liked the company since?


A guy I met, from the Red Raven, was district manager of a few stores, or something like that. He offered me a job to help me out of trying to get out of dancing. I wasn’t there for long, maybe 3 weeks??? When something happened, he might have been doing illegal stuff, and the BIG people from Texas, came in. They didn’t like that I was a stripper and fired me. Thought the stigma was bad for business.

Yup, that sums up my hate for JCPENNY. Never bought anything from there again since.

Also, the Video commercial. I went to the Art Institute of Philadelphia for video production and stayed for my bachelor’s in digital media.

Trying to think if I wrote something…. I think I wrote a script that was a bar fight! Should have a digital copy somewhere…..

**DOLL WRESTLING and 2009**

The date of article written OCTOBER 23 2009

I was still pregnant with my first child.

Wrestling seems to be symbolic with God and spiritual stuff, and nothing to do with the actual sport.

Wrestling with God, a higher calling, etc.

Wrestling with my spiritual calling.

This is a doll. And wrestling. He may have a sense of his other twin with child and therefore wrestling with that idea.

He also wrote a song that year called Song for a Son.


Church related, obviously.

I finally signed up to become an interfaith minister. When this is complete, I’ll be a Reverend for interfaith ministries.


My brother Bobby played guitar for most of his life. He may have started sooner then Billy, as they were born same year. Could have started at 9 or 10. There’s pics of him playing and me as a baby. Billy started at age 14 even though his father is a Jazz musician.


Billy started writing a spiritual book. Started many years ago and never finished.

It appears I have as well. He may have been unconsciously waiting for me.


My estimates so far for his major depression….

??<<Aug 92 to March 93>>??

??<<Oct 92 to July 93>>??

I also hit a low point around the same time. Wasn’t as extreme sounding as his.



I caught Kids father Bill looking at porn of petite teens.

Billy starts dating a petite teen and eventually has a child with her.

Mirrors/signs/syncs has no limitations nor boundaries. There are things in the rabbit hole, I don’t want to know or dig into but I may have no choice.


I was a vegan for 7 ½ years. I gave up on it when I realized I wasn’t finding anyone worthwhile I wanted to date that was Veg. Everyone I found interesting were meat eaters. I end up with a man who was raised on a dairy farm and is all about steaks and eating them medium rare.

Not sure if Billy was total Vegan but he’s supposed to currently be very animal activist and he ends with someone who grew up in the fur clothing industry. His tea house serves vegan food.

So we both ended up being with someone and having offsprings with, that has grown up in an animal cruelty industry. So unvegan.