Disclaimer: If you found this page through a search engine, this page is a part of my entire blog which was a focus on the Twin Flame topic. I was made aware of being a Twin Flame to this man and decided I was going to dissect us. One of the topics I thought about was Doppelgängers. Do doppelgängers point to someone’s Twin Flame? Would they have a mix of both? I found with the ones I have viewed, even though they could resemble Billy Corgan, I did find things that would point to me. But I’m not doing a full life dissection of these people. I’m not drawn to them to focus that many hours,

When you become aware of who your Twin Flame is, Doppelgängers and birthday buddies seem to have features between both twins, kind of like a blending together of the two.

I feel Doppelgängers can have qualities, sync and mirrors that point towards our beloved. they seem to be a road map of sorts to our true beloved. Of course, not their entire life story will be one hundred percent, but there’s some threading like maybe they are a part of our soul family. There’s still much to be torn into but this is some of the things that I have found.

I have decided to dive deeper into synchronicities with Elon Musk and created his own page. What’s this about, Universe? Elon Musk?