My Introduction to this Blog


Are Twin Flames real? Just a direct and to the point question from a skeptical person, such as myself and perhaps you, the reader. The Twin Flame topic seemed to have taken the social media by storm. So many out there are now seeking out for this mythical lover. I am here, in this position, to try and show how everything they say it is, shows up in real life through my own personal journey.

Yes, apparently this is a real thing! Not only is it real but as long as you understand what a Twin Flame is, you can find them all over in Sacred Texts. The word Twin Flame is new, but not the idea of a divine counterpart. Here are some verses in the Bible in reference to “The One.”

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27 New International Version

He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them “Mankind” when they were created. Genesis 5:2. New International Version.

“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ Matthew 19:4 New International Version

I know what you are thinking, God crested a men and women, two separate bodies, separate people. No, it’s not like that. We were as one body. We were stuck together as one being. Hermaphrodites.

I feel, once you know what to look for, you can see it’s been there the entire time. There is only ONE Twin Flame. You do not have multiple counterparts. One person can’t handle the intensity of more than one. I find too many who romanticized every relationship. Every person someone is attracted to is being called a Soulmate. So now we have a new word, Twin Flame.

I’m currently studying to become an interfaith Minister. As I find things in my readings I have decided to make a note of it (a modern day version of taking pictures). If you want my continue research of a split Soul concept in scriptures, manuscripts, folklore, art, etc etc etc go here: Twin Flames in Scriptures.

Quick Summary

If you want full details of my life and full stories in a book formatted way, go here: My Twin Flame Journey with Billy Corgan

If you want up to the minute thoughts/rants journal and all that other stuff go here: My Twin Flame Journey with William Patrick Corgan

This is a quick summary of where this journey all began.

I was informed about being the Twin Flame of Billy Corgan by some rather bizarre online circumstances that seemed to have come from the man himself. One day he came to see me at my work. It was 3 months after I was being shown that I was his Twin Flame. I flew out to his tea house in Chicago after a few weeks of finding out because I needed to know the truth and didn’t want to be taken for a fool! My mind is very analytical. This was October/November of 2015.

I did see him when I went but it was not without his very pregnant girlfriend, that walked in with him. There was maybe a few weeks before that rumors were circulating about her being pregnant but not a single person can confirm and not a single article was found. How does one approach this when it almost feels like some sort of affair? Does she know? How do I explain some spiritual relationship without sounding psycho? I never said anything to him but I had a brief conversation with her. It was nothing related to this spiritual relationship because I would rather get to know someone first and feel things out. I felt mad at him because of the “secrecy” this all felt like. Maybe I’m crazy after all and it’s all in my head. Neither one of them said anything to me. That day is described on my Text blog.

I went back home, after a weekend stay in Chicago to my cat that was dying when I arrived. (In one month, I found out his son was born the same day, go figure!) I dived more into reading and learning about Twin Flames. He showed up at my work 2 months later at my work in January 2016.

Billy has been singing about it for many years through his music. So many people are seeking that “perfect” partner. This was not something I was looking for or even thought of encountering. Than I seemed to have been presented with a bomb! Over time since the “awakening” I decided to try and attempt to “show” how Twin Flames show up in real life through photography. What else does one do with an analytical mind while in the so called Physical separation phase? Well, this is what I eventually did. My Twin Flame is well known and I can easily look him up online for comparison. With all my research and what the numerous mirrors/signs/syncs and never mind the emotions I had since, that my Twin and I share, it appears Twin Flames are very real to me. We fall into this definition.

My twin, William Patrick Corgan, approached me (yeah yeah, via online) that he believed we are the real deal twin flames. I did not go to him claiming hey, I’m your soulmate/twin flame, but rather he approached me with this news, which to me, I also felt an inner relief to hear this “news” because I can’t understand why I felt a certain way towards him and no one else. The only celebrity that has ever held my interest. I mostly kept this “crazy” to myself through the years, even the very few times I came close to him. I did not “scream” “faint” or shake or whatever else associated with fangirlism. I never intended to try and “nail” him. I did express that I loved him and I don’t know why, I just know I loved him and no one else like this.

With little knowledge about Twin Flames, I had to fully immerse myself reading about it because I didn’t understand, if he felt we were a form of “soulmates”, why isn’t he with me? What’s the deal? He tells me to have faith (in that indirect online way) and I’m wondering what’s this? My mind is very logical thinking. He publicly once said he never read the Bible, yet he’s telling me to have faith. I had to examine it on my own and not just take someone’s word for it, no matter who it is, a public figure, or even the only human I loved most and for a long time, in some bizarre way I couldn’t understand. So, what I feel isn’t obsessive and fangirl like? I have since been observing fans and comparing myself with them.

I don’t believe in going into something with blind faith. Is this for real? Too good to be true? Claiming I’m some “divine aspect” of another person, which is him. Is this man mental? Is this some joke? During the few months I jumped in on the online fan community, I’ve experienced so much negativity from them that I can’t explain why there were many who were so nasty towards me when I didn’t say anything negative nor directed negativity towards them. Am I being targeted for some online twisted plot? I don’t even believe in soulmates! Is he taking advantage of me because he knows I’d be a sucker to believe this coming from him? Is this his game with women? Did he fry his brain so much through the years from drug use? I never done drugs! I don’t even smoke!

A thousand questions pop in my head over time after being “awakened” to this Twin Flame journey. So I decided to really look more “deeply” between us after I read a lot about it. Surly, I thought, maybe I’ll see it in pictures. I already had a list in my head I thought of that could be possible mirrors/signs/syncs. Let’s type it all out, find photographs and put it out there. After I began, I noticed how it was growing so insanely. I had a few pictures I made collages of, then I began really seeking out for more pictures of myself (since I already had developed an extensive collection of digital images of him.) Than I paired up life events. I searched for physical characteristics because, I didn’t see facial similarities before. Through the years I may have noticed some “coincidences” so I decided to use them as well. This “thing” is just too huge to not share with others. Everything that points to Twin Flames we fit into. It’s so surreal to me! Just the fact that Twin Flames are real! Status had nothing to do with it.

We are in, what is called physical separation. During our physical separation, I took it upon myself to do extensive research. I created this blog to fully examine our dynamic and share with others. He’s a well known celebrity, and me, well, I’m no where near that type of status. With his fame, I’m able to search the internet for information about him and compare them to my life. The way how our mirrors/signs/syncs show up. His mirrors/signs/syncs maybe more lavish but we still have them. We are completely opposite of each other, yet the same. We are yin yang.

Having a Twin Flame that’s a celebrity, I feel it’s important that they be the one to approach the other person. That’s just my opinion. Than again, there are some real nut cases out there that may be celebrities and will take advantage of asserting their power over others. They do deal with people on a large scale. Obsessed fans, gold diggers, fame chasers, groupies, publicly news stunts from other celebrities, and whatever else I missed. They should know what’s real and sincere. Than again, they could be so full of Ego they are blind to anything that’s real in their land of make believe. Our story happens to be very drawn out, but without it, you can’t see the mirrors/signs/syncs.

If you believe you “met” your twin flame, no matter if you do “feel something” I will probably still suggest to, fully examine this twin flame concept connection. If they are a celebrity, non celebrity, teacher, truck driver, anyone, it doesn’t matter. Look into it and examine it deeply. Don’t just go by blind faith. Some people like to feed off your energy. There are people who mislead others for whatever reason. You might be a little crazy for a period of time and I think that’s best to examine if you are Twin Flames or just infatuated and pray to God for answers. Any celebrity with status can probably cause a reaction to any person that they approach with sweet talks and love bombs. “I’m a romantic” what it really means, “I’m a womanizer”. Power of suggestion. Grooming. Mind control. I can’t say any of those had any affect on me or on our mirrors/signs/syncs. Years of being a fan and listening to his music didn’t fog my mind. I believe I was cautious entering this “possibility” of being his Twin Flame and figuring out if it’s real or a myth. No amount of “grooming” through song lyrics or music had any affect on me, nor our mirrors. It did not effect me to leap into bed with him when he did show up in my life. You know how many offers I get with my job? Oh look honey, a mirror!

You can’t force this connection. I had no intention of “forcing” myself to be some soulmate of a celebrity.


I created this blog in my hopes of helping others become aware of Twin Flames/Souls/True Soulmate. I also created it in my attempts to help those who share my dynamic of a rich world famous celebrity and someone who is the total opposite of such status. Also, I have created this blog because it almost felt like I’m able to show that God/The Divine DOES exist. I did not create this out of boasting like “ha ha, my Twin Flame is a celebrity” but to invite an awareness.

After becoming aware that I was a Twin Flame and being open about it, I found many negative people who say, no, you can’t have a celebrity Twin Flame and others who bully the ones who are true because they are jealous. I have also came across many people who are claiming the same celebrity as their Twin Flame because many “romanticize” having a celebrity as a Lover. This is the reason many who are like me, would rather stay in hiding and never say anything at all. Those of us that are True Twins of celebrities don’t want this connection while other people will happily put a twin flame label on one (or two or three.) I found it annoying and I wondered if I can somehow show “evidence” and create timeline of the mirrors and everything else associated with Twin Flames/Souls.

It is said, that Twin Flames/Souls mirror each other. They lead separate lives, in two different bodies, unbeknownst to one another, but their lives reflect each other. My Twin Flame/Soul is a worldly public figure. He created his fame through his passion for music. He’s been living in the spotlight for over 30 years and many photographs, videos, and articles were taken of him. His life is well documented. I have been open and out about who my Twin Flame is for awhile, so in my mission with this blog, I decided to take this opportunity to seek out everything between us and see if I could actually find mirrors and syncs through them. I wondered if I could find pictures, that was NOT with purpose nor intentional of coping each other, but actual true reflections. With the World Wide Web, many people can now copy on purpose, especially of celebrities. For some odd known reason, many people, especially, super fans, find an enjoyment in coping and trying to portray characteristics of their obsession of a celebrity. True Twins don’t even have to try, it just happens! And amazingly enough, many photos were taken, separately, unknowingly, within the same time frame or even during different linear times, of my twin Flame/Soul and I. I search through many things of my own, fully examined and compared everything in my life to his. This was not easy. It’s on going.


Timelines can be different but still mirror. Ours have mostly been Linear Timeline as opposed to Nonlinear. When time is nonlinear and it would appeared some things happen around a particular age rather than a time/date. We live different worlds yet the same. The essence, the core of it all, binds us together. No matter where in the world, our mirrors don’t stop, even while still physically apart from each other.

I love when I’m able to find photographs before he became world famous and match up the ones of my youth. These are my favorite mirrors! When I can find pictures of myself and match his, and I’m able to figure out a date of when they were taken. We are 9 years apart. Many photographs that happened, I didn’t know was happening and none of these were intentional pictures of myself, mirroring him/him mirroring me, we knew nothing of each other. I grew up in South Jersey, Philadelphia area, long before social media and he the Chicago area. Our paths never crossed, complete strangers.


As I mentioned before, my Twin Flame is a celebrity. His name in this lifetime is William Patrick Corgan, known from his band the Smashing Pumpkins. I have not achieved his level of success. But I have been highly attracted towards the entertainment industry throughout my life in a family of non-artist. It may be his essence that is embedded inside of me because each twin has a piece of the other inside of them.

You may find pieces of many people and form connections with anyone in this world. I know I have. It’s also why I couldn’t believe in soulmates before. I could create a romantic story with everyone I met and how we are “meant to be.” With Twin Flames/Souls, it so much more than that. I am here with this blog, attempting to demonstrate that. I’m even attempting to show my non-authentic Twin Flame/Soul that is the father of my 2 kids.

I am forever grateful to have my Twin Flame here with me, on this earth, in this time. These are the mirrors my twin and I share. Even on a different budget, different status, we still reflect and mirror each other. This is our journey of Mirrors Through Photography.

On a side note, it doesn’t matter to me what his human ego thinks of this page. On a Soul level I believe he’s happy. To me, I feel like I’m showing the work of God/the Divine through these. I believe doing the work of the Divine and showing God, supersedes that human ego, if his ego has a dislike for this page. That would be my own fear anyway, but at the end of the day, I say, who cares. I already made such statements as “I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think, I love William Patrick Corgan.” I have no intention of gaining anything. If it destroys physical union, so be it. I just hope I can help others and maybe even the celebrities who may have a ton of people claiming Twin Flame status that they never met in hope that other Twin Souls find each other. It can get confusing and overwhelming. How can you tell if someone is true or who could be an obsessed stalker? Are we making it up, or is it real? It all starts in the Eyes.

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